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Popping My Homeboy's Cherry

By: Ese Criminal, THUGGIN68@LIVE.COM

The story I’d like 2 tell is based on true events which took place about 07 while I was still living in the hood, gangbanging, causing desmadre n shit, tu sabes. I’m no longer an active member but still visit the hood and speak to some of the homies now and then.

The names I use will be fake to protect the not so innocent ja ja ja. God, I miss L.A. My name will be Ese Criminal and the homie’s Ese Wicked. Ese Wicked was 19 at the time, 5’8”,165 lbs., pelon, dark brown eyes, tatted up, med brown skin, full lips, a hard headed lil homie always looking for trouble.

I was 23 at the time. I’m 5’7”, 155 lbs., pelon, goatee, 1 tat, dress casual, 2 g’d up, a laid back homie with the bizness.

The year was summer 07. I was bored at the time, not working so to get my frustrations out, I would do robberies with the homeboy, getting fucked up with the homeboys, and smashing on all enemigas.

Me and my homeboy {Wicked} became tight. We would get drunk most of the time, sometimes blaze. Once in a big while we would fuck with crystal, more coke though. Weed wasn’t my thing though. I preferred beer or uppers n shit.

My pad would get shot at once a month on average minimum. No one ever seriously got hurt though cuz we was always on it, ready to return fire. The cops hated us, and there were always patrol on the pad. Nobody coming in and out.

Alright now 2 get to the real story, just giving a lil backdrop of the CHAOS in my life at the time jajaja. It all started one hot summer’s afternoon. Me and Wicked were on a sick one from some crystal, trying to catch a come down and get some sleep.

Foo asked me if I wanted to blaze so I said, “Yeah fuck it, foo. We been up since yesterday.”

Things were chill that month not 2 much BS from the cops or enemigas, so all was going good. We blazed. Everybody left our pad that day for some reason. Wicked stayed with me. He was like, “Nah, I don’t wanna go. Catch u foos later, homie.”

I had this feeling something was about 2 go down. I just wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I wanted this lil homie since he had got into the hood. Our paths had never really crossed though until the last year and a half.

Wicked got up from his chair in the backyard, went to make sure the gates were locked and the door to the pad. Everybody was gone. That foo came back. It was just me and him in the backyard, just talking about bullshit, smoking weed. Nothing crazy just small talk.

Everything got quiet after a while. I thought the weed was begin 2 bring our high down or some shit. He looked at me. We stared at each other. He was like, “Foo u watch porno???”

I was like, “Yeah foo. What vato doesn’t ey?”

We talked about str8 porno fucking bitches for a while, all that shit. Then we got quiet again. It was weird. He was like “Ey, I gotta ask u something homeboy, on the real ey, but don’t trip?”

I felt nervous and excited at the same time it was weird. I said, “Go ahead foo, shoot it. What u got 2 ask homeboy? But ey, whatever it is, this shit stays between me and you, alright??????”

Wicked, “Yeah foo, don’t trip. Ey foo, u ever fucked around with another vato?

Criminal, “WTF foo! Why u ask me that shit?”

Wicked, “Nah just foo, don’t get mad. I had some gay neighbors when I was a lil kid. I used to see them jerk off n shit, but I never done shit. Just wondering. So have u foo?”

At that point, I felt like I could trust him, and the mood changed n shit. So I said fuck it. “BETWEEN ME AND U HOMIE, YEAH A FEW TIMES.”

He looked surprise, but at the same time like that cabron was up 2 something.

Criminal, “Yeah foo I don’t know ey what it is homie, but like 2 of my friends when I was younger all tried to fuck around with me, grabbed my dick and shit.

Wicked, “Nah, serio foo? What u do?”

Criminal, “The first vato, nada. We never got the time to be alone. The 2nd vato wasn’t really my type, but caught me off guard when I was sleeping and shit, touching my dick and I woke up hard. I wasn’t feeling that foo like that, so I just let him suck me and it ended there.”

Wicked, “Oh alright foo. What does that make u homie, if u like vatos and hynas or think u do? Not gay homie, huh?”

Criminal, “Means ur bi ese, but that ain’t nobodys biz. The rest is up 2 u what u do or how u handle it.”

Wicked, “OH (pauses) ey foo lets go watch that porn u had. U down hom eboy?”

Criminal, “Fuck it ey. I’m down. Let’s see whats up.”

We both got up, went in the house to find the porn. We looked in the house for the dvd, but fuck ey, we couldn’t find it for shit. After looking for 10 mins, we said fuck it. Tired of looking for it, we just sat on the couch. Talked a lil more. The homie started grabbing his crotch. I said, Fuck it. I did the same, but we was both quiet. I felt weird. It was quiet so I told the homie “Lets jack off foo.”

He was trynna play shy n shit. He was like, “I dunno foo.”

I was like, “Alright foo, it’s cool. We ain’t got 2, but I’m just saying cuz we can’t find that dvd u know, plus I’m horny foo, talking about all this shit and the weed gots me on hard (grabbing my dick from my basketball shorts).

The homie started rubbing his shit, didn’t say no or yes , so I was like fuck it. I grabbed that foo’s crotch from his sweats. He pulled away a lil, but stopped. I stuck my hand in his pants and felt his warm uncut dick. While I was grabbing my shit with the other hand.

He moved my hand and took off his sweats and said, “So whats up foo? Let’s see u.”

I pulled down my bball shorts 2 the floor. He kinda look surprised, but tried to change his facial expresion. My dick is 8 uncut, dark, hairy, thick when hard, fat balls to go along with it. His was smaller, about 5 uncut, a lil lighter. Lots of pubes round his shit like mines, but I was more hairy.

I grabbed his hand, put it on my dick. He started stroking me while he stroked himself. It felt so damn good. We did that for about 10 mins when that foo said, “Ey foo, suck my dick???”

I told that foo, “WTF homie, what I look like ey? I’m a top foo, u trippin or what?”

He was like, “Nah I don’t wanna suck ur dick foo. I don’t like cum.”

Criminal, “I aint sucking ur dick homie either, then so let’s just jack off n bust.”

Wicked, “Let me fuck u then foo.”

Criminal, “I only been fucked once foo. That shit aint really my thing. Plus it hurts. What’s in it for me???” (I was remembering this lil fine foo was a virgin from the culo)

Wicked, ”I dunno foo, but I really want to fuck u then.”

Criminal, “Fuck it, ur fine homeboy, so u can BUT only if I get 2 fuck u 2”

Wicker, “Alright foo! But I’m first and u gotta go slow on me.”

Criminal, “Koo, we got a deal, homie.”

We move 2 my bedroom. Foo was all ready. He was like, “Bend over, homie.”

I was thinking, Fuck, here it goes. Glad this foo is smaller than me shit. I bent over the bed a lil, standing up. That foo pulled down my bball shorts started rubbing my lil round culito. We didn’t have no lube, just rubbers, so it hurt a lil bit. I told him, “Slow down fucker.”

He slowed down for a few seconds, finally got his dick in. I was adjusted by then, so I said, “Alright homie, hurry up foo, bust cuz this shit feels weird.”

That foo pumped me like a rabbit with his hands on my waist for a few minutes, then came. I was glad that was over and it was my turn. I told em, “Alright foo, it’s my turn now homeboy.”

 He came back from the bathroom washing his dick so his hyna wouldn’t notice later on. I told em, “So how do u want it homie?”

We were in a hurry cuz at anytime my family or the homies could stop by. I told em, “Foo, I suggest ur first time lay on ur back. Let me fuck u like that.”

He was like, “Nah foo, just bone me the same way I boned u.”

I was like, “Alright then foo, don’t say I didn’t tell u foo. Bend over homie, doggy. Let me have that brown culito” (Wicked pulled down his boxers n sweats down to the floor)

I grabbed his brown culito, started caressing it, pointing my big dick 2 his hairy virgin hole. I started pushing the head against his tite hole he said, “FUCK FOO..fuck, a lil slower.”

I pushed a lil more, then stopped.



I stopped for a bit with my dick more than half in, then he said, “ALRIGHT, FUCK ME FOO.”

I pushed in slowly, sucking on his neck.Wicked started moaning and said, “YEAH FOO, FUCK ME GOOD NOW ESE. I’M YOURS, ONLY YOURS.”

That foo was looking at me from the mirror sideways all the time. I started pounding em hard n fast n I think he was enjoying it cuz he was moaning. I came after 5 mins cuz we had 2 hurry.

 But that was one of the greatest moments ever. That foo went home after I went 2 sleep. He did 2 to get rest.

Next time I saw him after he was drunk, he asked me out on the low. He was like, “I DONT WANT U MESSING WITH NO OTHER FOOS, JUST ME.”

We were together for a year on and off, but he was 2 much drama, and I think he was fucking one of his lil younger homeboys now in the ass, but foo would lie 2 me. He would try to scare all my regular friends who weren’t eses away and most of the time he did.

After all the drama in the end, we ended up getting down. Since that day, we don’t talk to each other much. Life goes on but that was that.

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