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Fine Ass Cholo

I was visiting my cuzins in long beach during the summer. Everyone was out of the house, and I was home alone. I was kind of hungry so I decided to walk down to Ralph’s supermarket to pick something up to eat.

When I was paying at the register, I seen this fine ass cholo, bald about 5ft. 10 smooth as can be. I looked back at him, and he just winked as he looked at me. I winked back at him as I walked out.

I figured I would sit outside and wait for him to come out. When he came out, we started talking and he walked to my cuzin’s house with me.

When we got there, he said me, “Me quieres mamar mi verga papi?”

And I said, “I thought u would never ask.”

We went in and started kissing. As I was reaching down his pants, he started undressing me. I then started sucking his 7 inch uncut cock. I kept deep throating that juicy cock.

He then said, “Let me stick this in ur tight culo.”

He started rimming my ass. Then he fucked me good and hard. It hurt so gooood!!! I was moaning and just as he was about to cum, he stuck his cock in my throat and I swallowed his cum. It wuz soo gooooood. We still see each other when I go see ma cuzins.

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