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Verga Gigante

By Nivek,

I went walking early one morning. As I was walking some hot!!! Latin guy ask me if I had a cigarette.

I said no,  but I could suck his dick. I did'nt say it loud enough for him to hear me but he heard what I said and he ask me where.

For all you vatos out there, he started off small, but he definately is a grower. I told him, as I was greasing his pole, that he had a very big dick and his response to me was that it gets even bigger as I suck it.

Guys, his dick was at least 11" in length. I really enjoyed sucking on his dick, and I have become a regular suck and swallow for this guy’s early morning fix.

I forgot to tell you I suck and swallow cum, and I am a black man who just loves uncut Mexican dick. I used to live near Elysian park where if you want Latin dick that is definately the place to go.

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