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My first time
by Manuel,

I always had an attraction for guys, but I never had sex with another male, not until I was 18 yrs old.
One day I was in the yard of my house playing soccer with my friend Carlos. He was 18 years old back then too. After playing together for a while, he called me over and told me, "Let’s see who pees the most.”

I was like, “OK, let’s do it.”

Of course he won me, but when I saw his big brown dick, I got motionless and speechless. He asked mem "Are you ok?”

I just told him, “Yea, I was looking at that lizard right there.”

Well, that night he stayed at my home, and my parents left the home early to go to a club. I remember that Carlos and I were watching TV in the living room. He was wearing boxer and I wore shorts and a muscle tee. He asked me if it was ok to watch some porn. I told him, “That’s fine.”

After ten minutes of watching porno, he sat next to me and started touching my ass. At first I thought he was just playing, but later on I got horny, and I asked Carlos to fuck me.

He didn't think about doing this, he just did it. I moaned so loud when I he pushed his animal into my tight whole, then it was nice feeling him on my back, lying on top of me, and cumming inside of my culo.

After this day he used to fuck me every single day till I came to Houston. I miss him so much now. Even though I have a girlfriend now, I will fuck with Carlos again.

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