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Homeboy in elysian Park

Once I discovered Elysian Park, I had a hard time staying out of it. It’s hands down the best place to go in Los Angeles to meet hot Latin men who are looking for sex. I’ve had more hot encounters there than I can count, but one experience stands out among all the rest.

One October night in 2001, I went to the park, just as the sun had almost completely set. I parked my truck along a road near some bushes than ran down a hill, where there was always action. I saw one hot Papi wearing a wife-beater, but he was chillin’ with his friends, and though he glanced over at me, he never came over. It was getting really dark, and I was worried that the rangers would close the park before I got any action.

Then I noticed a homeboy wearing a white football jersey and shorts walking around in the area. He was about 5 foot 8, with short dark hair and a moustache. The homeboy approached the guy in the wife-beater and seemed to be talking to him, and my heart sank, figuring these two hot guys would end up with each other. But for some reason they separated quickly, then the pelon saw me, and started walking slowly toward me.

He looked so down, I figured he was gonna do one of two things: fuck me up or fuck me. I decided to show him right away what I was there for, so as he approached me, I sank down on my knees and looked right at up his face.

In seconds he was right in front of me, his crotch inches from my face. I looked up at him searchingly as he pulled down the waistband of his shorts and fished a big uncut dick out of his boxers. I wasted no time putting my mouth on it and getting it wet and hard. His dick was beautiful and kept getting bigger as I slurped and sucked it down, tonguing out his foreskin. We were fairly out in the open, so I suggested we go deeper into the bushes for more privacy.

Once we moved over behind some thick bushes, and I bent over and started servicing his dick again, which was now fully hard, at least eight inches long, and thick. He started reaching down the back of my pants and fingering my crack as I sucked his pito, so I knew what he was thinking! After awhile, he pulled me up and started groping my crotch, and leaned in and started kissing me deeply, holding the back of my head with one hand, as we tongued each other’s mouths passionately.

As if that wasn’t surprise enough, he pulled my shorts down and freed my dick, which had been rock hard since the moment I started sucking on him, and began playing with it. I was shocked when this hot homeboy bent over and started sucking on my dick. And he knew what he was doing! I didn’t let him suck me very long because I wanted this to last as long as possible, and I was so turned on.

Then the stillness of the night was interrupted by the park rangers announcing on their megaphone that the park was now closed. I didn’t want this to stop, so I asked the pelon where he lived. He said, "Echo Park." I asked him, "Do you live alone?" and he replied, "No, I live with my family. Do you have a place?" Now, I almost never take guys home from the park, and this one, while hung, handsome and horny, kind of scared me, too. But since he was so hot and we were already having sex, I said, "Yeah, we could go to my place." "Where do you live?" he asked. "On the Westside," I replied cautiously, figuring that he would probably not want to go that far away just to have sex. "Can you give me a ride back?" he asked suspiciously. "Fuck yeah!" I said, excited that he had agreed. "What’s your name?" I asked. "Richard," he said. "You?" "Michael." "Okay, Michael, let’s go."

We jumped in my truck and drove out before the park rangers hassled us. He fished Santana CD out of my glove box, and we listened to it on the stereo while we made small talk all the way to my place. He was 22, and had a girlfriend, but said that once in awhile he liked to be with guys. From what I’d tasted so far, he liked it a lot, and probably hadn’t gotten any of it in awhile!

As we walked up the steps of my apartment, he reached for my ass and started rubbing it. We came in, I opened a couple of beers, and we sat down. He took off the jersey and I saw he had a bunch of tattoos, which he started showing to me. (They were very cool, but I don’t want to describe exactly what all of them were, because sex with guys was definitely something he did on the down low and I don’t want to get the guy in trouble.) After showing them to me, he paused for a moment, looked at me with his big brown eyes and asked, "Can we go to the bedroom?" "Hell yeah!" I said.

In no time he was sitting on the edge of my bed, and I was kneeling in front of him, taking off his shoes and socks. He slipped off his shorts and his wife-beater, and then I saw that he had large tatoo in three inch tall letters across his belly. It’s not often that a gay white boy like me gets to be with a tattooed homeboy like this, so I was totally turned on.

He quickly pulled my head toward his dick and asked, "Do you think you can take all of this?" I answered, "I bet I can!" I placed his hands on the back of my head and started licking his verga all over to get it slick with my saliva, then opening wide and taking all 8-plus inches down my throat until my lips were nestled in his pubic hair. "Wow, you took the whole thing!" he said, grinning. I continued servicing him, sucking him with gusto, when he pulled me up onto the bed. He rolled on top of me, wrapped his strong arms around me and started kissing me with his big wet lips, slipping his tongue in my mouth passionately.

I couldn’t believe my luck, but after kissing awhile, I begged him to put his dick in my mouth again. He did and I sucked him some more, then he turned around and started sucking on my dick in a sixty-nine. The boy knew what he was doing, and liked it!

I knew what would come next, so when he asked me if I had a condom, I grabbed one from under the bed, as well as a bottle of lube, because I knew it was not gonna be easy taking that thick pinga up my ass. I suited him up, greased up his dick and my ass, laid on my back on the edge of the bed and begged him to go slowly until he was all the way in.

He aimed his dick at my hole and I pushed out my ass muscles while he pushed his cock into me until all eight inches were in. He started fucking me slowly, and got a good rhythm going. Then he got up on the bed, and did something I’d never seen a guy do before: he squatted on the bed with his legs open, pulled my legs up and wrapped them around his waist, grabbed his dick, and pushed it back into me, holding both sides of my waist with his hands and pulling me towards him as he fucked me. It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.

I moaned and groaned and he leaned down and kissed me some more. Then he started pounding me harder and faster, and soon he shot his load deep into me as I jacked off and shot all over my belly. He exhaled deeply and as he pulled out of me, I saw the condom was full of his rich leche. I only wished that he would have shot it down my throat!

We washed up and got dressed, then I drove him home, dropping him off not too close to his house. I gave him my phone number and told him that if he EVER wanted sex, ANY time, 24/7, to call me, and that I would pick him up no matter what time it was. Unfortunately, he never called. I wish now that I had thought to give him some money or something, because even a year and a half later, I still think about this experience and jack off.

So Richard, if you are reading this, let’s do it again! (I changed your name so that I wouldn’t get you in trouble with your homies, but if you’re reading this, you know who you are!)


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