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Learning While Teaching

My first teaching assignment after I graduated college was at
a high school in a less-than-great section of Los Angeles. The school
was a bit run down and many of the students paid little attention to
their academic lives. The students were majority Latin, with some
black and Asian students and very few white students. As a new, white
teacher I stood out a little. I also stood out because I was still
idealistic and tried to reach students who were struggling.

One of the students I tried to reach was Javiar, a smart (and very
fine) senior who had never really applied himself to his studies. One
afternoon, I caught him outside and reminded him of an upcoming
project. While I was talking to him, a car pulled up and he tried to
ignore me. The driver of the car, though, told him he should listen to
his teacher. I smiled my appreciation and the driver nodded back. The
physical similarities to Javiar made the driver his older brother and
what a fine speciman he was: not incredibly tall, but very well-built
(and easy to see with just a tank top on), with a close haircut, a
tightly trimmed mustache and goatee, and deep brown eyes.

A few weeks later on a Friday, I was leaving the store closest to my
apartment and got out of the way of a running little girl only to bump
into a very tall, muscular man. He was pissed and looked ready to
pound me to a pulp. A couple of words in Spanish behind me stopped him
and he just glared and went into the store. My savior turned out to be
Javiar's brother.

"Thanks a lot," I told the man who had just saved me from becoming a
sad statistic. "Let me know if there is anything I can do for you."
He peered into my bag, saw that it contained a healthy dose of beer
(after a week with high school students, you would need alcohol too),
and told me that a few of those bottles would be just fine.

"You near here?" he asked.

"Just a few minutes up the street," I replied.

"Wait for me."

He went into the store and emerged a few moments later and we took off
for my place.

"You know? You get more out of Javiar than anybody else at that
school. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was there."

I was surprised and happy to hear that. "Thank you; it is nice to know
I have some effect. I'm Jay," I said and awkwardly gave one hand to
shake as I held my bag with the other.

"Diego," as he took my hand.

We arrived at my place and walked up to my apartment. I left him in
the main room as I put the beer in the refrigerator. I took two
bottles out and popped the tops. As I walked back into my main room, I v
saw Diego rearranging his (obviously large) dick in his loose shorts as
he looked at a map on the wall. Apparently I did not look away fast
enough because he smiled as he took the beer I offered him.
"What do you think of that?"

"Um..." I could not think of anything to say. How would he react if
he knew I really wanted a much closer look?

He took a pull on the bottle and pulled he shorts down far enough to
reveal his cock and balls.

"I think you wanna piece of this, doncha? C'mon."

I did not need a second invitation to one of the least probable but
most welcome scenarios of my life. I put down my bottle of beer and
dropped to my knees. Diego's dick was beautiful: decent length, pretty
thick, and uncut. He balls hung down low. I got the head in my mouth
and went to work. He immediately began to get hard and it soon filled
my mouth. I pulled it out long enough to do some work on the balls and
revealed a nearly perfectly straight dick of a little under nine
inches. It was almost as gorgeous as it tasted.

I got back to that wonderful cock and began sucking it with more gusto.
Diego had finished his beer and was now moaning.

"Damn, man, that's good." A comment like that only got me going more.

After only about ten minutes, Diego suddenly pulled out his now
rock-hard dick. I thought I must have made a mistake somewhere, but
that was not the case. Instead, he half led, half pulled me the few
feet to the sofa. He bent me over the armrest and reached around front
to undo my belt. I could tell where that was going.

"Uh...I'm usually a top. I'm not sure I can take you..."

"You'll take it."

It was plain that Diego was going to fuck me whether I wanted it or
not. But I did want it. While I usually played the role of fucker
rather than fuckee, I desperately wanted this stud to get inside me and
fuck me hard. He did just that.

Once my jean we around my ankles, Diego spat on this hand and rubbed it
into my crack. He cock was already slick with my saliva and his
precum, so he immediately sat the head between my cheeks. Then, in one
movement, he shoved more than half of his cock into my ass. It hurt so
much I stopped breathing for a moment, but I did not have much time to
react before the rest of the monster dick found its way in. I thought
for a moment that I would pass out, but instead I focused on the rhythm
that Diego was beginning. After a few moments, he got a good beat
going and began to give me the best pounding I had received up to that

After he established a rhythm, Diego really started abusing my ass. He
would pull almost all the way out before slamming all the way in, with
his balls bouncing on my butt. It hurt, but I soon found the wonderful
sensation outweighing the pain. Diego had hold of my hips and pulled
me toward him as he rammed himself into me. I was being used just for
his pleasure and I was liking it almost as much as he was. Diego was
teaching me how to be an appreciative bottom boy.

All too soon my ass-pounding ended. Diego grunted as he began spewing
his load into my ass. I tried to grip his dick with my ass cheeks, but
the ramming I had received left those muscles less than effective. The
hot man impaling me did not seem to care: he dropped enough cum into my
ass that it continued to drip out after Diego pulled out his tool.
Diego tucked his still semihard dick into his shorts and finished off
the beer I had barely touched.

"Thanks--you were good. I'll be back sometime." He let himself out
before I could reply; I was still out of breath.

Happily for me, he kept that promise. I later learned that he kept
quiet about his activities with the guys, but had decided early on to
take my ass. We got together a lot after that, but of course it
managed to get out. That is a tale to relate at a later time.

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