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Left Me Standing

This is a fucked up story of when I was left standing in the
back of a house with cum dripping down my legs...alone...

My friends and I one night were drinking in the upstairs of my
friend's house. I was about 16 years old...we were drinking and chilling, you
know, having fun. Tired, I fell on the bed on my stomach. My friend-
who has a huge fucking cock and a great, dark skinned body-
tried to pull my pants down with aggression as he said to my other two
friends, "Let's fuck him...He's ready." But my friends said no.

So they went downstairs, and he told me to sit up. I sat up, and he pulled out
his brown, Aztec cock and stuck it in my face. I couldn't resist; I began to suck
his juicy cock. As I sucked it, I began to get hard, and very horny. I
stopped, looked at him, and said, "Fuck me". He said, "Ok, lets go
outside..." So we got up, rushed downstairs and told everyone we
were going to the store.

We walked out of the house, and looked around...and notice a little pathway
to the back of my friend's house...we walked into it, and walked to the back
of the house. He pulls out his cock and I started to be honest, I loved
it with my life. It was the best cock I have ever sucked.

So I was sucking, and I saw the full round moon up in the sky, and it was gorgeous.
so he started to pre-cum, and I was sucking...juicy fuckin Aztec cum...I love it!. He
then told me to turn around, and pull my pants down. I did it, and he stuck his
enormous Mexican cock inside me; it felt so wonderful. He
and out, in and out and in and out...i was moaning, he was moaning...I
then asked him, "Are you cummin?" and he said, "Almost..." He was
grabbing my ass and opening it more for his cock to penetrate...He
stopped. For a if...cumming...he came. He pulled out, pulled
up his pants. and told me he'll get me some paper...he never
returned...I was left standing...

Hope you liked it guys...write me!!

Submitted by Jorge

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