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my first kiss and more

Let me start off by saying that i was on the "DL" when i first met Jose. I had just started working in a hotel. It was probably a week into the job when I first saw this guy. He worked in the the kitchen roomservice dept.

Jose was tall and handsome like me as well as straight acting. I'd seen him briefly in the hallway but we never spoke untill that night. He came into the office with one of the girls from the front desk. I had a "vibe" that he might be. Then again his demeanor showed to be different. Still he manage to take my breath away, and I became somewhat clumsy in front of him. I managed to compose myself in a professional manor.

Soon after that we were left alone in the office and we began to talk. He asked if i like working here, and I replied by saying "yes". Meanwhile inmy head I was thinking "DAMM!!! he's finnnnnnnne... "

But somehow without even noticing I began to flirt with him because I felt such a connection (a connection that has never led me wrong).Somehow i told him that I was gonna go eat after work (just to see what he said). He said "coo" Then I got a phone call and it was the manager from the kitchen and he asked if "Jose was there".

Meanwhile, I looked at Jose with this look (you got caught!!). So being the nice person that i am i covered for him and told her that he wasn't there. Immediately he thanked me and said "I"ll be back." Soon it was 11:00 PM and my shift was over it was time for me to fly home. So I never saw Jose until after I was walking towards the parking lot . Little did I know that he was waiting for me . He was like "Are you going to go eat?"

For some reason it slip out of my mouth "Yeah-Wanna come?"

H e didn't even think for half a second when I asked him. He replied "Sure". In my head I was like "Shit- Now what?". He asked if we could stop at his house so that he could change. "Sure!". Meanwhile I thought "What the hell is open at this hour?". After we went to his house he changed and we went in my car. I remeber he smelled so good. Is that "Coolwater?" I asked. "No it's Clubmed". To me they smell the same to this day.

But anyway I drove the long way thinking I could find out if he was "gay" or straight. We drove along Ventura Blvd heading towards Studio City. W e passed this Gay porn shop that I have gone to in the past, and Ithought i would shock him by asking him if he would go there. He replied by saying "I"ll check it with my friends one day". I thought
to myself I mentioned that it was a "gay Porn shop".

So we finally arived at Bob's Bigboy. We ate and we talked about everthing. We were there until three or four in the morning. Soon it was time to leave and we began to drive to his house. I remember being tired of talking and I really didn't have any clues to know if he was gay or straight (I was very naive and gave him the benefit of the doubt). So out of nowhere I asked him "What's the wildest thing you've done. " He replied by saying "I jacked off a guy before!" At the time to me this seem like such a big thing (I was very ,very,very naive and new to this "being gay thing". I immediately thought "wow" he likes to have fun). I immediately felt such a hard-on that i couldn't hide. I asked If he.... he said "yes".

By now this night could not get any better-I'd never really spoken to someone who is openly gay. I never told anyone this but I replied that I was "gay". It felt like such a release for me-Something that Ididn't want anyone to know came out in one breath.

So now we were on Sepulveda and Roscoe near the Budweiser company. He asked if I was hard and I told him that I wasn't (but I was BIG TIME hard). So then he touched my leg (y asi comiesan las cosas) (and this is how things begin). Soon I asked if we could (YOU KNOW!!!) so on the corner of Roscoe and Hayvenhurst I pulled over and I asked if we could kiss. He replied by grabbing me and going for it (I just wanted a peck).

Soon after we were making out and touching ourselfev. It was alot for me to take at one time but hey i made the best of it. I had never seen another man's penis other then in a porno. He was about 9 inches and about 1/12 inches thick (Damm that shit was big for me). I began to stroke and play with his balls. He decided we should continue this in the back seat and I was on my knees and I remember being nervous. I told him that I've never done this before. He just looked at me and we kissed and he told me to just kiss it and pretend it was a thick popsicle with sweet cream in the middle.

So with that said i was sucking his cock and loving every inch of it. I remember him moaning and I never wanted this to end when all of sudden he shot his load of sweet leche in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop. He shouted "Damm your Good". We kissed and kissed until he told me that we had to go because he had to go to work again at 6 AM. By now it was 5:30AM . Sadly to say Jose and I fooled around on and off for a year and soon we've parted ways and now we really don't talk any more. But this has not discouraged me from going on to better things(?????). So this was my first, but certainly not my last.

Submitted by Jesse

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