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my sexy italian

It was one day after leaving from school early that I had went
to catch the bus but had missed it. Waiting for the next bus took
forever but it was worth waiting for.

Once I stepped on the bus I was looking for a seat but before that
my eyes were directly on this
sexy Italian that was sitting listening to his CD player. I had found a
seat, two seats behind him and once I sat down I began to stare at
him. He was one of the many guys that I died to have in bed, but this
one just had something better. I couldn’t help but look at him I
was looking at him from head to toes. At the time I had my eyes
straight to his dick when he catch me looking. I was beginning to get
extremely hard I was closing my eyes and imaging him with me making
love. Once I opened my eyes are eyes meant and he smiled at me, this
was then when the bus broke down. Everyone was desperately waiting to
go home or to their jobs. I was actually happy that it broke down
because I wanted to stay looking at my Italiano .

Everyone in the bus began to look at one another, while I was still
looking at him, he then took of his headphones and looked me in the eye
and ask “Hey where you going” and then said
“I’m getting off around South Bay”. At this moment I
knew I had a good chance in getting to talk to him so I asked him
“ Where you going “. he then replied “ Andrew Square,
hey you want to walk because its not far”, I then replied
“Lets go”. While I waited for him to walk out before me I
noticed the big round ass that he had.

As we went for the walk he had introduce himself now I had got his
name which was Kevin. I then gave him mines and the conversation was at
first about school and about are careers when I suddenly just wanted to
go straight to the point. I had asked him if he had a girl he then said
no, then asked me the same. Once after I had replied no, he said
I’m not into girls. This was when I had a smile that I
couldn’t resist. He then immediately looked at me and I said
“so have you been with guys before“. I had told him I had
done things when I was young and that I always wanted to more things.
While we were still talking I had told him how sexy he looks and how
much I wanted him. He then had asked me if I had to go right away to my
house I said no, and he said just come with me I have room mates but we
can still do things.

Once we got to his house I had notice he had a cat which I’m
allergic to. I noticed that he lived with 4 girls which were all
lesbians. I was sitting waiting for him to come back from the bathroom
when Jena one of his room mates had came out a room. I was speaking to
her about the bus while I had my other ear listening to Kevin pee. The
sound of his urine was loud and heavy I knew he must have a big dick.
When he came back Jena had told him she will be back that she was the
only there any ways. I was exited because were going to be alone. Kevin
then grabbed me by my hand and took me to his room. He took of his hat
and his coat and I was sitting on his bed just watching him get ready.
Before anything he asked have you ever watch Gay Porn I responded no. I
had told him I always wanted to watch some. He then just hit play and
had put some Music. Kevin then asked me if I wanted a kiss and so I did
his tongue hit mines and it was sensual. The way his tongue was moving
had gave me a hard one and I was pretty sure he was hard himself.

Once we were done he immediately stood up and took of his pants and
his dick was poking out. He had took out the K-jelly from under his bed
and applied some on his 8 ¢³ dick. He sat back down beside me and began
to jerk slowly while I was just watching. It wasn’t long when I
had reached out and began to jerk him and later started to suck his
dick. It was so good the smell of his dick, the taste of his dick had
me going extremely crazy. Kevin then stood up and told me to get up so
he can returned the favor. He sucked me off until he had each inch of
my cum in his mouth. This had always been my dream and I didn’t
want it to finish to soon. This was when the phone rang and it was his
mother, it had to be an emergency because he said he had to run off and
see her. I was putting my pants back off and he was getting ready.
Kevin then had said to me that to write down his number so I could give
him a call, so we could meet up tomorrow. I was happy then the next day
when we had fucked three times and we sucked off each other all day. It
was my first time and I enjoyed it, I still could smell his smell and
imagine him fucking me.

Submitted by Xloco

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