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My sexy dominican homo thug

Hello how is my g-unit people doing? (For those of you that don't know g-unit stands for gay-unit.) Well back to my story, this story takes place in Stamford, Connecticut. My name is j-ho, I am a 21 year old, drag queen.

One day I was walking down the street when my homegirl Carmen came walking up to me, she said what's up baby girl, I was like nothing, I am chillin. That is when I first spotted my babies daddy, he was looking so sexy, that long hair and corn rolls, I asked her, who that sexy Hispanic boy was. My homegirl was like that is my cousin, I was like my bad. So I would walk down the street tryin to be all cute and shit. He would never pay attention to me.

So like 6 months later, it was 4 days before my 21st birthday, I went to the mall in a limo, for a shopping spree, I was looking real good, I wore some cute mudd jeans (size 1), with this halter top, and a fur mink coat, and stileto heels. Everyone thought I was j-lo, I had some sun glasses on, and I was signing autographs, so later on I was walking with my cousin, when this boy was like ma, can I holla. I turned to my cousin and was like he is talking to you. She turned around to say what's poppin. and the boy told her, bitch I ain't talking to you, I am talking to the girl next to you, so I turn around, and he recognized me, he was like what's up dawg, I didn't recognize him at first, but then I realized who it was, it was the boy of my dreams, so I told my cousin to go into are group, and that I would be there, so we was just chillin, and he told me that he liked me, and that I look cute, I told him that I was feelin him.

He told me to meet him later on the block, and so I did. I asked him what he was getting me for my birthday, and he was like I am giving you some dick! I was like holla. So we went to the hotel and we were wrestling, and he was feeling me up, so I looked down and saw this Dominican sausage start to grow instantly. So I was like damn, this nigga got dick for the gods; I got so excited that my dick popped out of my ass, because it was tucked.

He instantly noticed, and started kissing me, so then things got real hot, he eat me out for a good hour, and things got real passionate. He knows how to work that tongue, that's what's up. So I decided to return the favor, I gave him head. so I drop to my needs, I didn't know how I was going to fit him in my mouth, but he was my dream, so I would have to figure something out, I started playing with the tip, and then I licked the base, and gave him head for a good 30 minutes, it felt so good, that I started getting wet from my azz. He was moaning like crazy to.

Then he flipped me over, and started working me, he asked me if it hurt that we could stop, he went to put it in slow, and I just backed it up, because I wanted that dick for 6monthes I wasn't going to let it get a way. So I attacked my prey. I loved it; it is true what they say Dominicans do know how to work it. Well he gave me his warm juicy leche, and he gave me the answer to my dreams, we are still together to this day. He still loves the way I please him.

submitted by j-ho

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