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Guerrito part 2

This shit wasn't suppose to happen like this. Here I was in bed with this cute little red head. A kid who had only kissed a guy before last night, and me? I usually fooled around with guys and kept it really quiet. Yet here I was in bed with him. Fuck, give me a little X and my friends wake up walking funny!!

I hadn't really planned on just taking off, but looking around and seeing this? Shit, I knew I had to bolt. So I gathered my cloths and took off.

When I got home there was a message on my machine.

"Vato, waz up? This is Angie, you call when you get a chance."

I dialed her up.

"Girl, what's up?"

"Nothin, I just got fucking bored. You should come see me."

"Ok bitch, wait till I get a shower, I just fucking woke up."

"I'm surprised you up already, I got cryin kids waking my ass up"

"That's cuz you're a bad mother and a bad wife."

"Fucker, I ain't your wife, now get your ass over here!!"

At least Angie was a smart as bitch as always, gotta love her! I took a shower, got dressed and went over. Now I don't want nobody to over analyze my actions. But Angie and I have been "Fucking Friends" for a while. So one thing led to another and she and I fucked like bunnies. You could say I was tryin to prove something, but there ain't nuthin to prove so fuck you.

So once we're done, we go to the kitchen and I talk to her while she is fixing lunch for the kids.

"I'll tell you what see" She said while tossen me a tortilla fresh off the comal. "You look so fucking sexy on the dance floor as always. Fuck, seein you fuck around dancing with your boy Red, shit that makes me think all sorts of nasty thoughts. You know that's what a girl fantasizes about."

"Bitch, you the only one who gets off on the thought of two guys!" I laughed.

"Ya, well Jose told me the same thing. You boys ain't no fun."

I about choked on that one. But I knew I was just being paranoid. Angie and I just hung out for a while. Occasionally I would take off cuz my beeper called me to business. I figured I just wasn't going to fucking worry about the whole Red thing. So it got late and Jose and some of the other boys were over with Angie and drinkin and just hangen. Then out of no where Jose pipes up.

"Venga conmigo, we'll grab some videos and shit. And fuck, we ought to go get Red, unless he's out already."

"I'll go get movies, cuz you have no fucking taste."

"Ok, I'll go get Red." He replied.

"No, you’re my bitch and you'll make some fucking food for us while I go and help pick movies" Came the reply from the kitchen. Angie was a bit more butch than most women, what can I way the bitch is Mexican like the rest of us.

So we're in the car, bump'in Kid Frost and talkin and headen for the store when she says.

"So are we picken up Red or what?"

"No, I think he's got plans of his own"

Ok, so I didn't know what he was doin. I wasn't bailing I just needed some time to think, I didn't need that shit up in my face. Fuck what I really wanted to do was go beat the shit out of somebody. At least then I would feel better. But fuck, it's all good.

So here we go, watchin Sleepy Hollow for the fucking 3rd time (Angie's choice), some violent flick I never heard about but it as nudity and violence (my pick), some sci-fi violent flick and more 40's. By the time the night was over me, and everybody else, was fucking drunk. I passed out on the couch (a regular occurrence).

When I made it back to my house (duplex) the next day, there was a message on the machine for me.

"Uh, um, (long silence), Fuck. I don't know what the fuck to say. Fuck."

I recognized the voice of course, it was Red. Didn't I just say I didn't want to deal with this shit right now? It was early, at least for me it was early. But fuck, it was 5:00pm some where right? So I poured my self some rum. I always have a bottle of rum in the freezer for fucked up days. I just like it cold. What ever else I may or not be, I'm not stupid. I decided just to wait to call him. It's Sunday and he always goes to the Campus Ministry Mass at 9pm. I would call during the Mass and leave a message, then I wouldn't have to talk to him but wouldn't be fucking him over. It would buy me some time.

By the time it was late enough to call I was pretty drunk (seem to see a pattern here?) I was definitely drunk enough to call him.

"Jesse, um Red. Look I know you called." Ok, fuck now what was I going to say. "I don't want to take up to much time on your machine, look don't worry. Um, fuck. I'm sorry. Dude this is my fault, I hope I didn't just totally fuck up your life. Fuck. I'll take care of this."

Oh ya, that was real fucking articulate. I didn't realize what it sounded like. When I sobered up the next day I realized I made it sound like what we did was wrong. And I'm not sure what it really means, but it wasn't wrong. Fuck that. I just couldn't figure out if it was sex like with everybody else, and what I had done to this poor kid. I finally decided that I couldn't stack the deck by trying to figure out what the fuck was going on, I should just go talk to Red before I made things worse.

So Monday afternoon I ditch the crew and break into the dorm (again) and wait in Red's room. So there I am sitting at his desk when his roommate comes in.

"What are you doing here?" He sounded kinda surprised, understandable I suppose.

"I'm waitin for Red."

"Well he's in class for a while"

"I can wait" I said very simply and straightforward.

"Ok." He then starts putting his stuff away from his pack. He then sat his ass down onto his bed and began to read. I guess he started to feel a bit more comfortable, or cocky, cuz he put his book down and started to talk to me.

"So you’re like a gangster huh."


"I don't know, I was just wondering. I mean I see you come in and out of here to get Jesse. And sometimes some other guys come and you all just look, well I don't know."

"Look what?" I said not so calmly.

"I don't know" I think I scared him.

"Look whitey, I ain't in the mood for no shit today. If you want to take this opportunity to say something stupid I'm going to have to assume that your mama must not have beat your ass enough when you was a kid cuz your asking me to do. Now don't get me wrong, I would be happy to help your mama out like that. But if that isn't what you’re askin for then you better choose your next words very carefully or be able to scream real loud." Like I said, it had been a rough couple of days, I was just dealing.

"Dude, I didn't mean. I mean, no. Shit I didn't mean to piss you off. I was just wonderin if Jesse was in trouble, it’s just..."

"What? Trouble, what kinda trouble is Red in?"

"Well, I mean I heard that message and it sounded like you got Jesse into some kinda trouble and were goin to fix it. You ain't gonna kill no one are you?" Fuck, little naive white kids I could fucking do with out.

"I may have to beat your ass on principle. Red ain't in no trouble that I know about, and you should keep your fuckin nose our of other peoples business." I said as I got up and moved towards him.

Well, I guess God has a sense of drama, cuz at that moment Red walked into the room.

"What the fuck?" He yelled.

I turned around, "It ain't no thing. Just playin." And I headed for the door.

Red dropped his pack and followed me. We didn't say anything; he just followed me to my car. I walked by the passenger side and opened up the door and then got into the drivers seat. He got the message and got in. I drove for a while and we just listened to the music. 2-pac followed by some Latino Velvet. Finally I broke the silence.

"Look, I'm sorry if I scared your roommate."

"Don't worry about it."

"Um, fuck."

"Ya, I know..."

"Look Red, just tell me this. Did I totally fuck this up?"

"No I'm just... Fuck."

"Does this scare you?"

He turned and looked at me finally.

"I just don't want you to look at me as some pussy boy cuz I grabbed my ankles for you. Fuck ya I'm scared."

"Oh, vato. Na, don't even go there. It's all good. Don't worry about it. Your still one of the boys. Fuck don't freak."

"Do you do this with the other guys in the clique?"

"Fuck no! I've don't that shit before, but not with any of my friends. I've just met a couple of guys every now and then who sucked my dick. But fuck, it wasn't like that."

"Ok. Fuck, so you ain't mad at me?"

"No, I ain't mad. I'm just really confused. Like, what does all this mean dawg?" About this time we ended up at my house.

We went inside and I flipped on the TV and got on the phone real quick and ordered a pizza. I sat on the couch and he at on the chair and we just kinda talked and watched TV. I slowly dawned on me that I really liked this kid. Fuck, I hadn't drug him over here to try to get with him. But fuck I never planned it the first time either. I was lookin at him as he was talking about what a fucking pussy his roommate was and I thought "fuck, the last person I fucked that I actually really liked as a person was the girl had my baby."

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that. I have a kid. And outside of Amber (the
mother) I can't say I ever had anybody in my life that I really liked like that. Angie and I have a thing goin, but she and I ain't really together. With her it's a friendship thing and sex on the side. I mean we both fuck around with other people. But fuck I think I actually like this kid.

When the pizza came I put it on the floor and moved down in front of the couch. Red moved down too so the pizza was in between us. We ate and watched TV. Once the pizza was done I pushed the box out of the way and moved close to him. He looked surprised. I put my arm around him and pulled him close, and we just sat like that for a while.

"You ok with this?" I asked.

"Ya, it kinda feels nice."

"Kinda? Well, maybe I can do better than that."

I slowly kissed his neck, and then I licked his neck. Red turned and kissed me on the lips. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he sucked on it aggressively. Keeping him basically on my lap, I slid his shirt off of him and placed kissed all over his back. I continued to move my head around and placed small kisses on his chest and nipples. It was something that always drove Angie wild; I knew it would work here too.

He just had the most beautiful pale skin. I normally wasn't into white people at all, but Red was beautiful, I just couldn't deny it. I leaned back and pulled him onto me. Running my fingers through his hair I said,

"You still ok with this?"

He just looked down and me and kissed me. With that I rolled him over and got on top of him and kissed my way down and flicked his belly button with my tongue. When I tried to open his pants with my teeth, you could barely hear the zipper going down over the sound of his moaning.

"Damn boy..."

Before I got his dick out of his boxers he sat up really quickly.

"Hey, let me suck your dick."

"You think I'm gonna say no?"

So he helped me out of my cloths and licked my chest up and down. He quickly made it down to my balls and licked them and that spot between my asshole and balls. Then he went down on me. Damn, that boy sucked dick pretty well. I guess we all have our God given talents. After a while I shifted my body around and took his dick in my mouth so we could 69. I slipped my tongue between his head and foreskin, just licking right around it. I just love foreskin.

He started to get close and began to twitch his dick all around my mouth. He spit out my dick long enough to gasp saying,

"Fuck, you gotta stop that, damn. Hang on. I don't want to cum yet."

So he pulled away from me and said.

"You still have lube and stuff?"

"Ya, in the bathroom"

The words were barely out of my mouth and he tore down to the bathroom and made it back with a condom and KY. He looked at me and smiled as he opened up the condom and slid it onto my dick. He slid some KY on to his hole while he leaned forward and kissed me. I pulled my upper body up to meet him and kissed him passionately. His eyes closed as he slowly placed my cock into the notch of his asshole and pushed down.

"Fuck, your dick is big"

I just laughed in response. "No, man your just fucking tight." and then I kissed him again.

Soon enough I was all the way it. After a moment Red let his weight go, and relaxed. Then he started to ride me. At first it was slow and I just relaxed and put my hands up to his nipples. But he gained some momentum and I was meeting him thrust for thrust, and cheering him on.

"Ok baby, take it. Fuck ya, ride me!! Guerrito you’re so fuckin tight"

His voice added to mine as he yelled,

"I'm gonna cum!!"

Damn, now I was impressed cuz he hadn't even touched himself. He came all over my chest and got some on my face. I wiped it up with my finger and licked it off. He kept ridding me.

"Baby, ya, oh fuck, here it comes!"

And I did. I filled that condom so fast and hard that Red told me later he could feel it when I came. He didn't let me pull out, but just leaned forward placing his head on my chest. I ran my fingers through his hair. When he got up, I yanked the condom off and through it away. I went into the bathroom and started a shower.

"You better get your ass in here little white boy, cuz the water is ready!"

"Yo, you’re gonna wash me? I ain't had that done since I was in middle school and broke my arm."

"Think of it this way, it gives me an excuse to touch you."

We didn't fuck around the shower. I just took a real quick shower and then slowly washed him. Once we were out and dry I pushed him on the bed, got up and turned off the light and got into bed.

"Now Red, if you wake me up before noon, I'll have to kick your ass."

And then I simply took him in my arms and went to sleep. Still not sure what all this means, but fuck it means something. It means somethin.


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