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Guerrito part 1

You have to understand, what happened is not exactly my usual m.o. I'm not gay. I guess I'm bisexual, cuz I don't mind lettin one of the boys suck on my dick. Ya I've been around the block and all that, but none of us talk about that shit. Look, I'll level with you. You know those kids you see on the street corners or on the news, the ones you all call gangsters, thugs. Well, that's me.

I'm 23 years old, about 5'6" and 140#. I may not be all that big, but I'm fucking mean so it all works out. To look at me, well I got short black hair, it's all shaved one length and never gets longer that 3/4 of an inch cuz I shave it again. I am clean shaven except for a real small soul patch (that spot above your chin and below your lip). I've got nice dark brown skin cuz I'm all down with my brown pride. Puro Mexicano. I ain't bad looking, I'm in good shape, and my body is hard enough that I can always take care of my own in a fight. People don't mess with me twice. I've got several tattoos, but the only one that you can see when I'm wearing a t-shirt is the cross on my left hand. It is in that part of your hand between the thumb and the index finger. That one was done with a bottle of ink, a couple shots of rum, and a sewing needle. It hurt like a bitch. The rest are all done by artists with tattoo guns.

So, ya, now you know I'm that guy most of you are afraid of. And with good reason, I'm not exactly a totally productive member of society. I'm a drug dealer, nothin major but it brings in the money. And of course, I own a gun (how could I not!). Being as I am, I'm always out cruising, looking for business. And for the record where I come from cruising doesn't have anything to do with fags looking for sex, its taking your homies in your ride just hangin out and bumping your music. It's a great way to look for customers.

Anyway, like I said, I'm out cruising with one of my boys and we stop at the college cuz of the computer labs. They don't say anything when I go in to use their system to check my e-mail. So in I go and I'm doing my thing and minding my own business when I look up and see that this little white boy is looking up at me. So I all mad dog him (stare him down) and he looks down. It fucking pissed me off, some little guerrito fucking looking at me. I assumed he was thinking some stupid racisist thought, and thought I might have to kick his ass.

So when I and my boy get up to go he looks up and follows. I'm say to my boy "Jose, I think this little gavacho is going to come ask us to kick his ass!" Jose just fucking laughs. So out we go, and I turn around and wait in front of the building. Out comes the little white boy.

I finally got a good look at this guerrito. He is about my size, but he has really fucking pale skin. He has pretty bright red hair, and it’s in a pretty normal boys cut. He is dressed in some jeans and a wife beater (those white muscle undershirts) with a blue dress shirt draped over it. Like I said, I don't exactly go chasing after the boys, but he was fucking cute. Nice body from what I could tell, and a nice round ass.

He didn't see me when he first came out, but saw Jose. So I popped up behind him.

"Que pasa vato?" that made him jump.

"Yo, whatz up? I'm just..."

"You looking for somethin little white boy?"

"Well, ya. I feel stupid, but like do you know where I can get the hook up?"

This was not what I was expecting at all

"Cuz, well, I could see your eyes all bloodshot so I knew you guys were stoners."

"Ok guerrito. That's cool. What you want? You smoke?"

"Ya" he said excitedly "that's all I've ever done."

"ok, well fuck, come to the car with me. I'll hook you up."

So he followed us to the car, bought a quarter bag and we all smoked matching (matching joint for joint yo). I dropped him off at his dorm, and he was surprised to find out that we weren't college students.

"Dude, so how can I find you again, cuz like your the only regular people I know out here"

Well, originally I was just goin to drop him my pager number, but he seemed pretty cool. I figured I'd come rescue his ass from the college every now and then. I told him that, and he seemed to like the idea.

My life went on like normal, just a thug life vato. That Friday he paged me in the afternoon. So I called "Yo, you paged?"

"Ya, this is Jesse"

"red, what up ese?"

"I got some money from my folks, I was wondering if you could hook me up?"

"Red, what you doin this weekend?"

"I don't know, nuttin I guess."

"Fucker, you guessed wrong. Get your ass washed and dressed. You like to drink?"

"Fuck ya"

"Alright, I'm commin tonight, late. Do your thing, eat all that. You can even go hang out with your lame ass white college friends. But I'm commin at 10, so you best be ready."

I figured, what the fuck. Why not drag his ass to a real house party. It wasn't goin to hurt anything. He could meet the rest of the gang. I don't know why my heart went out to this little white boy, but when he said we were the only normal people he knew out here, it just touched something with me. I guess I got a strong "big brother" streak in me.

I creeped over to his dorm, only to find out the main doors were locked. All the people in the dorm had keys to get in. Well, I was a little early, but I wasn't going to wait my ass outside. So I went off to one of the side doors, also locked, but I picked the lock. We all have our talents, it's not exactly mine, but I'm good enough at it. I walked around lookin for him, and cornered some kid who was pretty much scared shitless by me. He didn't know Jesse but knew where the room assignment list was and came up with a room number for me. Jesse was pretty surprised when I knocked on his door.

"Whoa, yo how did you get in? I thought I'd have to go down and wait for you by the door!"

"Security is for pussies! I wasn't about to let some silly college security system keep me out. Honestly, if I can pick the lock, the lock ain't worth much."

"Fuck man, your too much. I'te, I've still gotta get dressed. So what are we doin so I know what to wear."

"Just a house party, try to look sexy and maybe you can find yourself a woman."

So he got dressed and we took off to the party. Not much to say about it, it was all good. Lots of drinking and dancing and smoking. What was so weird was this, he wasn't exactly naive. He came from a family with enough money and all that, but he had hung around with kids that were pretty regular, they smoked and all that . So being shipped off to school was a little much for him. He was 18, and knew enough about the world that me and the boys didn't totally freak him out. We just seemed to become kinda close friends. So I drug him to all the parties on the weekends and he hooked up with some girls, as did I. But after a while I figured that it was same to take him to "work" with me.

So I appeared on a Friday and figured I'd ask him.

"Red, I got a question for you"

"What up?"

"You know what I'm doin for money and all that, so I was wonderin if you wanted to come and help me."

"That's cool, what do I have ta do?" he sounded pretty excited about this.

"Well, usually I just got my pager and that's how people get me, but sometimes I go out to some clubs. Stuff moves differently that way, and different drugs sell there. The only thing is I usually go to the same couple of clubs only. Cuz the people know me there, and the owners know me and do mind the business."

"Ok, but how am I going to get into a club? I ain't 21"

"Don't worry about that, they know me so your covered. The deal is where do you want to go? I go to this Latin club, the only deal there is everybody speaks only Spanish for the most part. I also go to this other dance club. The deal there is it is a mixed crowd"

"What do you mean?"

"Mixed like some straight people, some gay people, and some faggots."

"Oh" then he paused. This really wasn't a set up on my part, things just come together sometimes. "Well, what kinda music do they play?"

"The Latin club, only Latin music, the other place a whole mix of dance music."

"Ok, well I'd rather be able to dance, and I can't dance Salsa and shit like that."

"Cool, let me call my girl."

So I went and called my friend Angie to meet us there. Then I explained to Jesse how he would be helping me. I first took him to my house, actually it is one side of a duplex. I explained to him that while the management liked me selling there cuz I kept the people in the club that way, we couldn't exactly just walk in with a backpack full of drugs and set up camp like we were selling lemonade. I showed him how everything was broke down into little baggies and that I kept some shit in my pockets but much was on my body. So I showed him how to tape lines of little baggies to his legs. He had a lot of trouble getting them on at first, so there I was, in my bedroom, with this cute little white boy and his pants are around his ankles. It was a hell of a moment. And it got me thinking, fuck why am I attracted to him? He is just some little white boy, and I'm just some little G, a fuckin thug and I'm thinking shit like "I wonder if he dick is cut or not." and "I wonder what his little pierced tongue would feel like against the head of my dick." Shit, this was not the stuff I was suppose to be thinkin about. I was fucking glad that I had already showed him on my legs, so I wasn't taken my pants down again. And you can't see a hard on with these baggy pants.

We got to the club and I got him in with no problems. I looked good. I had on black dickies, with a Colorado Rockies jersey (CR, Crips for La
Raza!) with my boxers all up, like I know how. He was all cute in his kakies and loose button up shirt. That fucking red hair and pierced tongue, damn I had to get these thoughts out of my head! Right before we got into the club I told him.

"Most of the faggots know better that to fuck with me, but if they give you any trouble just tell them your with me. That should put and end to your grief"

"That's cool, thanks"

Angie and I danced, and he and Angie danced. but most of all, I sold. I sold a whole lot of shit. After a while I told him to come to the bathroom with me.

"Red, I've already emptied out my pockets and have already come in here and cleared off my legs, so we're just down to yours."

"Ok" he said as he reached down to pull down his pants

"Red" I said laughing "you can't just do it here next to the fucking sink, you gotta do it in a stall so no one sees you."

"But there's people in there dude"

"Alright" I don't know what came over me "Stay still and don't panic" With that I moved against him and pressed him against the wall and unbuttoned his pants. I thing lifted his leg with one hand and shoved the other down his pants as I leaned against him for balance. I reached in the undid the first row of baggies and pulled them out and into my pocket. He looked into my eyes. It was an odd moment. I wondered if he was feeling something. He had drank more that a couple of beers, and after all the difference between a straight boy and a bi-curius boy was a six-pack.

"Just hang on, I'll be done in a sec." I said as I looked over my shoulder and noticed more people come into the bathroom. Everybody figured I was just giving him a grope. I kept on thinkin "with my hat on backwards like this I am in the perfect position just to fucking kiss him" of course I didn't. I ain't stupid and I am chicken!!

Soon it was over, and I felt a little strange about it. I think he did to. But he broke the ice.

"Vato, what are those little pills everybody is buyn?"

"X, Red you don't want none of those cuz you've been drinkin" It felt good to be talking again, at least I didn't feel awkward anymore "the alcohol lessens the effect. Tell you want, you and me'll trip X next week, we'll come back cuz you want to be in a dance club for that shit!"

So, we're in my ride and I'm about to drop him off when he tell me it was cool and all except when some big ol'faggot come up to him and tried to hit on him.

"Dude, I said I was with you, and this creepy guys just says `No, don't lie little boy, everybody knows that one is straight, you ain't with him' So I says, I'm with him like he brought me here and if you don't step he'll kick your ass. That got the fucker movin."

I kinda wondered what would happen with him. I was glad he still wanted to come out and play the next weekend. I was also glad that he felt safe around me like that, thinking that I would protect him.

Now, while waiting for the weekend to come, I just went about my regular business. It's not like I was thinking too much about Red. But once the weekend came I had to think fast. Should I just give Red some X, or should I be taken it with him? I figured that I might, against my better judgment, take advantage of him if he was all fucked up and I wasn't. Besides, I wanted to take some X, cuz I hadn't done it in a while.

When I went to go pick him up I explained that Angie and Jose would be there too. We watched TV for a while, and he looked for cloths to wear and shit. We just killed time till it was 11pm.

"Ya, and you don't need to be helpen me with work either. This is a day off just to have some fucking fun! Here" I gave him two hits of X and took the same.

"Get us some water. Now don't drink no alcohol, just water or juice so you can keep the high goin. It should kick in when we're there."

Once again I noticed how fine this little fucker was. He and I were dressed in our typical style, but he was just lookin so fine.

We got there and danced. Angie danced with all of us, and of course it being a dance club, you don't need someone to dance with so we all just danced. You could tell when the X kicked in, cuz Red got that look. He got really into dancin and the bit. After about an hour of drinkin water, dancin and laughin and just havin a good time, they decided to play some Salsa. This was a normal occurrence. But Red didn't know how to dance to this and so was moving towards a wall (he did this last week too). I don't really know what came over me, but I walked up to him, go real close, and then pulled him towards me. I guided his body with my right hand on the small of his back, and took his hand with my left and showed him how to dance. It seemed all about the X. The touch just felt so fucking good. A brief thought crossed my mind "what the fuck does he think about all this?" But I figured he was just as fucked up as I was and just enjoying the feel of another person cuz that is what X does to you.

After that breaking of the ice, we kinda danced close to each other for the rest of the night. At one point I dumped my gun in Angie's purse so I could take off my shirt. Red did the same. So there we dance with my boxers showing and my pants hangin low on my ass (gangster style) and him in his jeans and a wife beater. Pretty soon he start putting his hands on my chest, and rubbing my tattoos. I couldn't help but pull him close and be touching him all night.

The night ended and I got my gun and we got in my ride. We kinda drove in silence. The drugs had been wearing off for a while, and we had redosed once in the club, but we were coming down again. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Already it seems I had fucked up. Later he told me he was really fucking scared cuz here was this gangster doin this shit, but what if I changed my mind as I was coming down and beat the shit out of him? Well, that sure as fuck wasn't on my mind at the moment.

When we got to his dorm I followed him in. Usually I just dropped him off. But I figured I might as well go for broke. Once we got inside his room I stepped up to him, he got a look of panic on his face and jumped back (like I said he thought I was going to hit him). I thought for a brief moment of just leaving. I figured I had fucked up, he was coming down and this had ceased to be fun for him.

So I said "Look, I'm sorry dawg. We don't have to say nothin about this ok."

"Fuck, I'm sorry" he responded. I thought, "what? Sorry? Why are you sorry? What are you thinkin? Why are you actin like this is your fault? Fuck, maybe I was being stupid. I went for broke. I moved towards him and he jumped again, but this time I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him to me and kissed him. He seemed totally shocked, but started kissing back.

We hadn't put our shirts back on from the club, and so he slipped his hand down my baggy pants and grabbed a hold of my ass. I pushed him against the edge of the bed, and then pushed him over. I yanked off his shoes and socks while I used my feet to take off my own shoes and socks (had to use my hands to pull the socks off at the last). I ripped of his wife beater and took in how beautiful this kid was. This fucking little white boy was beautiful. All of his chest was so fucking pale, and it was hard. he was thin, but nice hard body all the same. I returned to kissing him. That fucking stud in his tongue felt fucking great.

He pulled up and ran his tongue across my chest, teasing my nipples. While he continued this I slid my hand down to his zipper on his jeans. When I worked his cock out of his jeans and gave it a stroke (uncut, my favorite) he gasped and said

"I guess this means you ain't pissed at me"

"guerrito, you to fucking fine for me to be mad at you. You didn't know that this is what I wanted to be given you?"

"No man"

"That's all good, you know now"

And with that I went down on him.

Damn that boy had a nice dick. It wasn't too big, and wasn't too small, and a nice amount of foreskin. The kind of foreskin that barely shows the tip of the dick when your hard. Yum!! I kept sucking for a while and worked his pant off him. Pretty soon I flipped his ass over and start munchin on his ass. Did I mention that this kid is naturally a red head? He has a little bush above his cock, and some on his balls (which I happily
licked) and a little around his asshole. He squirmed quite a bit and start moanin my name as I licked his ass.

As soon as I paused, Red moved up and start kissin me again and taking off my pants and boxers. He went down on me while fingerin his ass. Of course he was just asking for it. I waited for a little while and then pushed him on his back and lifted his legs and started eatin his ass again. Then I put a finger in him, and then two. I stopped just long enough to get into my jeans and pull out some KY (small tube) and a condom. (Ok, it's not what you are thinkin. I really planned to find somebody to fuck. I really didn't think that this would happen)

I put some KY on his asshole and put the condom on. Then I start to rub the head of my dick around his hole. He moaned and I stuck it in. When he shouted "oh shit" I knew I better stop.

"You ok?"

"Ya, just wait a second. Damn. I ain't done this before."

"You none of this? Or you've never been fucked"

"I kissed a guy once at a party, on a dare." he answered as he blushed.

I pulled out. "Ok, well if this is your first, you don't want it like this. It hurts to much. Get on your side."

He got on his side and I spooned him and kissed him on the neck and rubbed his chest and then put a couple of fingers in him. "Relax, and remember you can always say slow down or even tell me to stop."

I rubbed the head of my dick around his hole and then got it into position. I took my hand hand jacked him off slowly and began to push.

"I'm going to do this real slow. You relax and push back if you want to, just go slow."

He started to push back,and stopped and then pushed back again a bit slower. Soon I was all the way in.

"Fuck you have big dick"

"Dawg, your fuckin full of it" Ok, so it was a bad pun. But my dick ain't huge. It's big, but not porn star quality (short of a full 7")

"Ok, now close your legs and roll onto your stomach"

He did and I stayed in him

"Now get up on your hands and knees" He did

"See, it hurt less to get it in that way. But now I'm going to fuck you so hard your mama is gonna walk funny tomorrow."

At that I started to fuck him as I jacked him off. I fucked him pretty hard after a while. Red start sayin my name over and over again and then he came. When he came, he came a lot. it got all over his chest and the bottom of his chin and all over the bed. It didn't take me long to cum after that.

As we lay there in the bed together, me lookin at the strange contrast of his so pale skin and my dark brown skin, he said

"Can I ask you a question?"


"Can you stay"

"Ok, what about your roommate?"

"He went home for the weekend"

"Ok, I'll stay"

And I did. All of this was a surprise to me, and it would take a while to process it. But I liked him enough that I wasn't going to up and disappear on his ass. It was going to take time.