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gettting off over the phone

I have a friend known as Wito, he lives in Puerto Rico. I live in
California and we talk often.

Well, Wito has this very weird turn on: Getting off by listening to
other people do it. He once told me about this weird thing when we
were talking over the phone. He wanted to hear me having sex with
another guy.

I thought it was ridiculous, but I soon realized he was serious when
he brought it up consatantly. So needless to say it took a while before
I finally found a partner. Some white boy named Justin. Jus had called
me and said he wanted to come over and see me. So I said why not?

I called Wito and I told him what was up and he got very excited and
said he would stay up and listen. So when Justin got here I was ready.
I laid my cell on my bed and left it on so Wito could listen.

Justin and I had some small talk and went into my bedroom. We started
kissing. We laid on my bed together. I bottomed and he topped me. He put
on the condom and he started to penetrate me slowly and I breathed hard
until I was calm and relaxed.

Then Justin started thrusting his hips back and forth. MAN it felt
so good. He leaned over to me and we started kissing.
I knew Wito was sitting there and listening to it all and getting
off, I was breathing hard and moaning loud. In a way, I felt like I was
even performing for Wito, it got kinda hot knowing that he knew and I
knew but Justin didn't.

Several times Justin's dick flopped out of my hungry ass and we had
to insert it in again but it felt so good when Justin was in me. It
wasn't passion, but definitely pleasure. I mean, Justin was cool but I
felt this was a planned sex scene and there was just no way that I
could see him in a romantic way and I knew I had ruined it. But for
the time being, I was enjoying it.

I took the condom off and cleaned off his dick with some kleenex and
started sucking and he moaned with pleasure and delight.
At the end, me and Justin sat down and started jacking each other

Later we just jacked off together side by side until I cummed over my
stomach. I told him to stand up and started to suck him off while he jacked
off. I deep throated his cut dick and tea bagged his balls. When he
got to his peak, I put my mouth around the head of his dick, and
swallowed his hot juicy cum.

Well, after we finished, Justin got in the shower and cleaned up. I
couldn't wait to see if Wito was still on the line. I picked up my cell
and sure enough, Wito was there.

"What did you think?" I asked

"Man, papi, he said, "That was hot!"

"Indeed," I said smiling.

Submitted by Ricky