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My name is Ricky and I am a Seaman and yeah I do swallow (spare me the
wise cracks). I am in the Navy and I have met some very interesting
people during my service. Well, to tell you about one of them, this
guy named Garcia checked on the boat a while back when the ship was in
Australia during deployment. I always had my eye on him but it wasn't
until recently that we started talking.

Garcia was short, muscular, moreno, and Chicano. He was from LA and
didn't speak Spanish.
Well, we were on the ship, it was dark, quiet and I saw Garcia on the
smoke deck, talking on his cell to his wife or someone.
After he got done, he started smoking a cigarette. I asked him for a
light and then I asked him, What did you do while the boat was in
Went out, got drunk, and let a guy suck my dick," he said.
I was like "What"?
"Yeah," he said.
I wanted to get more into the conversation, but our privacy was invaded
by some other seamen and that was all we said that night. I thought
about why he was so open about what he did. Was he coming on to me or
did he just say that to see what my reaction would be or perhaps he
wanted to scare me off by what he thought would gross me out.

Well, weeks later, I was walking to the ship, and Garcia was on sentry
I stopped to talk to him and learned a lot more that day.
He was telling me that he has weird dreams about having sex with a
transexual and that he needs to release sexual tension a lot lately.
Maybe it was just the tension being deployed. We talked about girls
(God, forgive me but I was just trying to fit in- I didn't want to come
across too interested in his sexual appetite for men) and the ones that
were the biggest hoes.

Well, a later on, and after a short pause, Garcia asks me, "You ever
given a guy head?"
Well I didn't know what to say at first. What if all this was to make
me admit I was gay. Then he'd turn me in and be a hero or what? I
didn't do much thinking because he was so fucking hot and I figured
what the fuck, I am going to tell him the truth.
"Yes." I replied shaking at the thought of what the next few seconds
would hold.
"Would you be down to giving me a blowjob?" he asked.
Fuck yeah! I thought and screamed to myself in delight!
"Sure," I said calmly, but where are we gonna do it? I couldn't believe
my restraint. All that military training finally came in useful eh?

"Meet me in the little fan room on the port (left) side of the ship."
he said quietly.
So after he got off his watch, I met him there. He closed the door and
pulled down his pants and revealed his stiff little "Sailor" which
popped up at Attention. It was thick and cut.

Well you don't have to force me to do anything I don't want. I eagerly
swallowed it and started sucking. I heard him moan long groans of
enjoyment. As I sucked, I started to jack off. We were going at it
really slowly coz noone gets down to the fan room at that time of day.
After maybe twenty minutes, I felt myself no longer able to hold back
the load that was boiling in my nuts, I could feel him close too and his
dick was hard as hell and I knew he would be finishing any second. I
decided to come right then. He saw that and my groaning sent waves of
vibrations into his dick which brought him to the edge. He face fucked
me furiously and came in my mouth. Well, when it hit my mouth, I spat
it out because I was not used to that.
He put his pants on, and straightened his uniform, and told me to wait
10 minutes and he walked out. After a while, I left and I was hoping
Garcia was still there so I could talk to him but he was nowhere to be

That doesn't mean I never saw him again. Far from it. Perhaps I'll
tell you more of my adventures on the sea.