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Encounter with the police

I am a 19 year old male. I'm Puerto Rican 5'11 160lbs. This all
happened one day. I was in the park past the curfew time for the park.
This very sexy black officer- He was about 5'10 looked to weigh about
140lbs. He had thuggish looking Hazel eyes and a very nice build.

I was in the back of the park smoking weed by myself just relaxin when
this fine negro officer with his golden complexion shined his flash
light on me and told me to leave the park it was after hours. I looked
at him in the eyes (at this time I was high as a kite from the Chronic I
was smoking) and all I could think about was damn I want to suck this chulos

I then asked him to help me up I felt dizzy. He just looked down
at me with those sexy hazel eyes and told me to get up and leave the
park. I went to get up off the ground and grabbed for this golden
chulos hand and purposely grabbed his dick instead. I then saw the
reaction on his face he seemed to like the brush I had with his dick.
So I stood up I then moved close to him and began to rub his crotch.

This officer looked so good and it seemed to me that he was really
feeling me. He had kind of a confused look on his face and asked me
what I was doing. I then told him I wanted to make him feel good. He
just tilted his head back and took off his hat. He had to be the
sexiest black guy I ever saw his skin complexions was lighter than mine
and looking at his hair he had waves going from the front to the back
but any way I stopped admiring him enough to unzip his pants.

His dick felt limp but I knew I could work on that so I pulled his dick out of
his uniform. I then began to kiss the head of it. His dick was about 9
1/2" and golden color like his body. I began to take the head of this
chulos dick in my mouth just kissing it and lightly sucking on the head.
This seemed to be driving him crazy. When I heard him moaning I gently
went deeper on his dick now trying to take his entire dick in my mouth -
This chulos dick got about an inch bigger and he was really feeling the
head I was giving him because he was getting weak in the knees. I just
continued to gulp as much as this negro dick I can take util he undid
his pants and pulled them down.

He then laid on the grass and I continued to massage his dick with
my tongue and mouth. I was enjoying this massive dick so much I
started to suck on the chulos balls-He started moaning really loud and
holding my head. I then lifted his legs and began to explore his tight ass
with my tonge. His ass almost tasted as good as that hot dick of his I
had in my mouth.

Licking and sucking on his ass really drove him crazy he kept shouting "oh shit Oh
shit I'm gonna cumm" as soon as I heard him say that I quickly went
back to sucking on his dick. He held my head firmly and exploded in my
mouth. He gushed out like an oil well-This chulo came so much I began
to choke but I made sure I swallowed every drop. I then cleaned him off
with my tonge. He then got up pulled up his pants and fastened his
Police belt. I laid on the ground with my hand behind my head and asked
him if he wanted to fuck me I really was feeling him he then said "Naw
that's ok I'm not gay but thanks for the banging ass head" I asked him
if we could do this again he said he didn't know but to my surprise we
did have another encounter but that's another story I have to tell you

Submitted by Eric