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Blew my fucking mind

Ok guys, i am back and ready to make you guys wanna jerk off
to my Well, tonight was the best night of my fucking
life, i am not even kidding. Ok, it is February 15, 2004...right now it
is 6:19 in the fuckin morning...and i havent slept one bit. I feel like
a zombie...well, let me get to my story.

Last night, the 14th, i wanted to get really drunk and really fucked up.
Well, i did...but i got no dick...i bought some weed and some beer...
and nothing. No luck anywhere...but it all kinda started when i went to
buy weed with my friend...i saw a guy friend of mine, who is salvadorean
and really really brown, and you guys know me and the brown ones...
i have to have em!

So i was drunk, cause i drank earlier, and i went up to him
following my impulses. I greeted him and asked if he wanted to smoke
some weed...he refused and said maybe next time. So i was like
whatever...the night kept going...ya know? but anyway, to make a long
story short, i was at my friends house getting fucked up some more, and
something told me to not sleep over...i went home. I got home and went
on the computer, and all of a sudden, i hear someone outside throwing
up...badly. i opened my window, cause i can see outside, and i see this
guy throwing up...i then thought to myself "hey, this is my
get some dick!" nasty me!

But anyway, i put on some clothes quick, and went outside to see. i walk
up to the guy...and who is it? the same fucking guy i saw before who
refused to smoke. what a coincidence huh?

So i said to him, "oh hi!" "how are you?"

"Fine" he says, "i am fine..."

I said, "u dont look good man, you want some water? ill get
you some water..."

He stands up, a little dizzy, and looks at me with a smile. i smiled
back, and said, "comon..lets go to my house, i live alone, my mom
aint home, and ill give you some water."

He agreed...we came to my house and i served him. he was happy.
i then decided to walk with him to get some beers, and we came
back to my house to drink...he was drunk to begin with, so its coo.

Now, we were drinking, and in a matter of minutes, i came out with
the question, after he layed back on the bed, telling me (with body
language) he wanted to fuck around...

I said, "you want me to suck your dick?"

And he says, "yeah? you dont mind?"

I said, "not at all..."

So i told him to get comfortable, and to lay back. Now, this is the
fucking body you have to see for yourself, this guys body was so
fucking soft and brown, it was fucking amazing...i am not even fucking kidding.

So i started to suck his sweet smelling dick, cause it smelled really good,
real clean, and he got hard. i kept sucking the brown cock of his, that
salvadorean cock, and asked him to fuck me. at first, he didnt want to,
but then as i kept sucking, he told me that he wanted to fuck. so i listened.

He told me to take off my clothes, and i put some lotion on his dick...cause it
was going to hurt. he didnt want me to put some on it, dont know why,
but i had was fucking like 8 inches! or more! so i lay on my
stomach, and he inserts his huge ass cock into my was like
heaven! he grabbed me by my hands, and started kissing my neck, and
fucking me...oh my god, he was the fucking best.

He then told me to suck his cock, and i went down on him, kissing my way
down his stomach to his cock, i kissed his bellybutton, and he giggled. i was
tickling him. so i sucked and sucked...for at least 35 minutes, and he said he
wanted to fuck i rode him like a horse, and i was looking into his
cute ass fucking face, this guys face was like a baby...sweet, cute, and dark...
his skin, i could have eaten it...

So hes fucking me, and he begins to fall asleep...he begins to doze
as i stopped riding him, i sucked him off for another hour as he slept. Guys,
if a guys sleeps while you are sucking him off, and he is hard, then he is
liking it, dont take offense that he fell asleep!

Anyhow, i sucked him off, then stopped to let him sleep...he slept for
about 45 minutes..when i began to suck him off again, and this time he got
hard. it got real fucking big!! i took off my clothes again (cause i got
dressed) and rode his fucking cock again. WOW!!! this time, he fucking
pushed it alllllllllllllllllllll the way was heaven...i kept moaning and saying,
"oh my god...oh my god..."

He was grabbing my waist with his brown hands, and pushing alll the way
up inside me...he pulled out, and started to jerk off, he wanted to get himself
hard cause he kept going soft i think. so he got fucking huge again, and he stuck it
in...oh my god! the memory. i then lay on my stomach, and he puts into
me again, i told him, "violame...violame...violame!" "rape me! rape me!"

So he started to fuck me really fucking hard, damn, that brown cock can really
do magic! he pulled out, began to jerk off, and as i moaned and said "tan rico
papi..." he kept jerking off, when all of a sudden, he shoots his fucking load all
over my ass. my asshole and buttcheeks were covered in his salvadorean cum..

It was the best fucking night. he got dressed, drank a beer, and asked if i liked
it...i said, "HELL YEA!" and he agreed. he said, "ill see you around..." and i
walked him out the door and he said "ill see you" for the last time.

Last night, was the best fucking night...