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Arab hardcore

I am now 21, but this story happened when i was 17. I had
fucked around with a few girls already, but was ALWAYS interested in
men. I would fantasize about cute friends and jack off to videos and
pictures of men on the Internet.

I am half Mexican and half Arabic. I lllooovvvveee Mexican men.
Especially the tattooed gangsta type. But one day my dad (the Arabic
side) told me an old friend of his is comming to stay with us for about
a week. I didnt really care too much at the time, but when that day
came...... In walked this Tall , Dark , and FINE Arab man. He was the
hottest thing I have ever seen. After seeing him, i willingly offered
him my room, and he accepted.

I always pretended that I needed to get something from my room, just
so I can walk in to see him. I would always happen to go in while he
was changing. After a while he started to notice that I liked seeing
him with his shirt off , and that I wouldnt mind to see him with his
pants off , too.

One night while i was laying on the couch, I went to my room just to
see if he sleeps naked. As I tiptoed in, he seemed to still be awake,
and i saw a large bulge popping out from under the covers. I told him
that I was just getting some sweats because it was too cold to wear
shorts. I could tell he didnt believe then he said, "How about you stop
pretending that you're looking for something. I know why you keep
comming into the room." I just stood there staring at the large shape
being formed by his hard cock under the covers. Then he said, "How
about you stop staring, go lock the door, and come get some of this
juicy Arabic cock." I listened to every word he said. After I locked
the door, He took the covers off himself and out popped this HUGE DARK,
9 inch piece of meat. It was the most perfect cock in the world.

His cock was already hard but when I put it in my mouth It grew
longer and a lot thicker, and I could barely fit it in my mouth, In his deep
r ugged voice he told me to take it all in. He grabbed the back of my
head and thrusted his cock into my mouth, until I started to use my
tongue, then he grabbed the sheets with his rough large hands. "WOW,
this must not be your first time." Then he started to moan right
before he blew his load in my mouth.

He started to rub on my cock from above my shorts. He said he wanted
to suck my dick for the great job I've done. So he set me on my knees
and pulled down my shorts. He had a surprised look on his face when he
saw my throbbing 7.5 inch cock. He got right to it and sucked it like a pro.
He crept his finger into my asshole while he gobbled it down. I came all
over his face, and he licked up every drop.

By this time, his cock was ready to go again, and my asshole was
loosened up. He turned me around and I sat right onto his dick. It hurt
at first but I took it like a man. It felt so good, and telling by the
deep grunts he thought so too. I reached my hand down to the base of
his cock, and started to gently message his balls while his dick fucked
my asshole. I started to grab them roughly then with his final moan, he
splurted into my ass.

I returned to my couch with a smile on my face, and i think he went
to sleep happy, too. The next morning he got on the plane, but told my
dad, that he would return soon!