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A special friendship

Every one has that best friend in their life that they would do
anything with because they feel like siblings. In most cases, good
looking were friends with the good looking and ugly were friends
with the ugly. My case was a little different.

When I first met James Jackson, I was in the 4th grade. He
lived across the street and has been ever since 2nd grade but I have
never talked to him. Well, that Christmas I got a dog and I promised
my parents I would walk him everyday, which meant that exact day.

While I was walking Simba, James was outside playing basketball. I
waved and he waved. Then he yelled, "Did you get him for Christmas."
I stopped and said, yeah. He then tucked the ball under his arms and
started to run towards me.

"What's his name," he asked.
"Simba," I said.
"Like the Lion King guy?"
"Yeah, sort of."
"That's a tight gift."
"What did you get?"
"I don't celebrate Christmas, my family's Hebrew."

I was shocked. He laughed and petted the dog. At that time I
didn't even know his name or anything except the fact he's been my
neighbor for years.

"My names James."
"I'm Jerone."

From then on we were considered as friends. We did a lot of
things together, but at that age, we couldn't do much. We were both
short, "cute", and caramel. But we were boys. Which made a
difference. We both had sisters who were two years older than us, so
we made them become friends (now they are inseparable, like us), it
wasn't easy either.

As the years pass, we both physically changed. He grew very
little, grew his hair out, stayed muscularly skinny, and grew a
peach fuss. I changed for the worse. I was also still short, but I
gained a lot of pounds, still recovering from chicken pox, began to
wear glasses and of course the geeky braces. Basically, I became
ugly. This was middle school. Our friendship never decreased, but we
became what seemed like opposites, physically. James would always
get the girls, and I would get the grades. He would get the party
invitations, and I would be the "guest". But I could sing and he
could dance. (I had no rhythm) Opposite right? He seemed to get
everything I wanted. Why he was still my friend, I had no clue. But
we were inseperable.

Then came 8th grade, I wanted to change my appearance. I had
this real pretty sister (really pretty) so I thought I had to have
some of her genes. I played basketball with James all year almost
everyday. I told him about my wanting to loose weight, and he said
he would "train" me. I got my braces off that year, but still had to
wear retainers till summer. I began to dress a lot better (thanks to
my sister) and my voice changed. By summer, I changed completely. My
fat was turned to muscles and my retainers were gone. My teeth were
perfectly white and straight. I bought a chain and grew waves in my
hair. I grew a lot that year and went from 5'4" to 5'11". I had a
major growths berg.

I still had the talent of singing and became everything I
wanted to be. I might have been sort of vain the first months of my
change, because I couldn't stop looking in the mirror and smiling.
My face remained its perfect complexion and I looked sexy as hell in
my clothes. I had this blingin chain with a matching watch. I looked
like 16 when I was 13. I was also nice as hell. I had the "good
hair" as people told me because my waves we perfectly grew. High
school was gonna be great. Girls on the street were already wanting
my number and they actually talked to me rather than James when we
were at the mall. James didn't turn ugly or anything, but he was
still short and girls usually wanted someone tall rather short. I
wasn't skinny or anything, but buff.

I remember this one time when I was singing at the mall with my CD
player, I was being followed my this group of girls and they soon
stopped me and three of the five asked for my number. I really
didn't know how to respond to the attention since I was usually
ignored all my life. But I got so much attention. Girls were calling
my phone all the time and sending my freaky e-mails. But the point
is, my life changed. It seems like, everything that happened to me
when I was young, was preparing me for high school.

Me and James' friendship didn't change, now we could talk about
girls and other sexual things without me feeling left out. If
anything, our friendship grew stronger. We went out of town
together, dances, award shows, his games, my performances, malls,
movies or just over eachother's house. We were even thinking about
going to college together. But the problem with that was that I
usually got straight A's and he got B's and couple of C's. I would
tutor him a lot. Teachers think its weird that we are best friends,
because we are intellectually different. Even though he isn't book
smart like me, he is smart in so many other ways. He has a lot of
common sense, whereas I am more immature than him. He likes to write
creative stories and always gives me a copy of each of his stories.
He always gets a high A in literature class, always higher than mine.
High School wasn't really different. We got all the same classes
because we were enrolled the same day and got in the same exact
classes. Only thing different was our 5th period (which effected
lunch) and Homeroom. He said he would try to do honor classes
because he wants to go to the college I am going to. I told him I
would probably go to an ivy league school, or something close to it
like Stanford. His athletic ability could get him in those schools

I remember when I got my first car, I was a junior in high school.
He was more happy than me. That was his ticket to places. He
failed his drivers license test whereas I passed. His parents told
him he could get a car if he passed his test (yet I had to beg my
parents) I soon taught him how to drive like me and he passed his
drivers test. And yes, he got a car by the summer. But there was
never a time when both our cars were out at the same time. There was
no need, we were probably going the same places (except on like
dates). It was amazing on how much things we did together. We got our
first cell phones together, worked at the same job with same hours
(McDonalds) and went to school in each others car; we never drove to
school separate.

At graduation, I was asked to sing the class song. I practiced every
night for it, and James was my critic, telling me everything I
needed to do to make it sound better. Soon, he said it was perfect.
I don't think I could've done it without him.

Then there was the time for college. I was accepted into Harvard,
Yale, and other schools, but I was offered a full scholarship to
Stanford. So I decided to go there. James' case was different. He
came out of high school with an 85 average, but the top basketball
player. It was hard for him to be accepted into Stanford. But with a
lot of interviews, long essays and frequent visits to the school, he
was accepted in there. But he had no kind of scholarship. That
wasn't his concern though, his parents were banked.

When we started college, we were of course roommates. But had
completely different classes. I am majoring in pre-med and he is
majoring in creative writing. We knew college was going to be
different and even though we have different classes, we are gonna be
together everyday.

Then I realized that James was acting different, he didn't speak to
me like he used to. It's like he was holding back when talking to
me. Our conversations became emptier than high school's. And we were
so busy studying, we couldn't do as much. I didn't want to loose my
scholarship and he didn't want to get kicked out. We remained
focused on our studies rather than being free. We were used to be
free all the time in high school, so this was no different except we
didn't have jobs to go to.

Soon James stop talking to me completely. He would say, "wazz up,"
every now and then, but it wasn't the same. We didn't talk about
girls, sports, movies or listen to music together. We didn't do
anything. He stopped looking at me when he spoke and never wanted
to be in the same room as me. Soon, he began to stutter when he said
hi. Finally I couldn't handle it anymore. It was Thanksgiving break
and I asked him if he was going home for the holiday. He told me he
couldn't, he had work to do. I told him I'd stay too. He looked up
quickly and he began to sweat, then let out a weak smile. I called
my parents to tell them I couldn't make it because of the work I had
to do, they said ok and that was that. I thought to myself, I'm
gonna see whats up with James this weekend.

On Wednesday night, James was sitting down watching a DVD on his
laptop (our parents got us matching computers). I grabbed a chair
and sat next to him. He slightly moved away, trying not to make it

"Sup with you J?"
"What do you mean," he asked, not taking his eyes off the screen.
"I'm talking that. You wont even look at me and you talk anymore."
Then he looked at me and said, "This better."
"For real man, what's wrong with you. You know you can tell me
"Just got a lot on my mind."
"Nothing man, personal issues."
"It can't be that personal that you can't tell me. What? You got
"Look Jerone, It's nothing, I'm just trying to get over it."
"You been trying to do that for months now."
"What do you want from me!"
"For you to talk!"
"You ain't making this easier, why can't you shut up and let me deal
with this. God damn, you act like you gotta know everything about
me. Why can't you just leave me alone. I can deal with stuff by
myself you know!"
"Fine, fuck it. I don't give a damn about what you're goin through.
You actin like a damn pussy with yo change man. I've left you alone
for a semester and you aint done shit about it. So fuck you, and
your fuckin problem, I'm out. I'm going to my parents for the

I got up and left the dorm and ran downstairs. I got in my car and
drove off. I went to the movies really and then went back to the
dorm to pack. When I got back to the dorm, James was sitting right
next to the door. I didn't look at him and kept walking. He called
my name, and I said, "What." Not loud, not soft, but normal.

"I'm sorry, aight?"
"Aight," I continued to pack.
"Man, why you actin?"
"The fuck? Nig, think bout it for a second to see whose actin."
"Aight, but will you hear me out." I then paused and sat on the bed
looking at him. "Fine, whats up."

He looked at me and then turned away with a disgusting look on his
face. "See?" I said. "I know man, but you don't understand," he
said. I walked to him and said, "How can I?" He then stood up and
then I sat down because I was over towering him. Next thing I knew,
his lips were on mine. I quickly pulled back and said, "THE FUCK?" I
wiped my mouth. "You see, that's whats been bothering me."

"What? You wondered how my lips tasted," I said with a disgusting
look on my face.
"No, the fact that I am in love with you."
"What are you talking about man, you're not gay."
"I hope not, but I keep getting these gay images in my head and they
can't stay out."
"You know, every guy goes through that phase, it'll pass. It's
called puberty."
"Don't you think I'm a little old for puberty? Plus it's been on for
years now."
"Are you sure man, some people mature late."
"Yeah, these images are getting more mature everyday. The only way I
can masturbate is if I think about guys. I've even tried having sex
with a girl, but I couldn't shoot. Soon, I became disgusted with the
girl and ran out `unorgasmized',"
"Dang man, maybe you are gay."
"But the problem is, the gay image I see is only of you."
I became real disgusted. "Why me?"
"I don't know, maybe cuz you're like perfect. Perfect body,
personality, and voice and we do everything together." Finally I ran
out of the dorm, back into my car.

I needed time to think, I didn't know what to do. I drove and kept
driving. Soon it was night time and I went back to the dorm. I don't
know but I think maybe I should give James a chance. College is the
time to experiment. He is my best friend, so I gotta give him a

When I walked into the room, James was sitting at the table with a
bottle of asprin, he had a glass of water.

"Got a headache?"
"Yeah, and its about to go away forever."
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm talking me." He grabbed a hand full of asprin.
"Come on James! What are you doing! Stop it man!"
"I can't live like this Jerone! If you, my best friend, can't except
me then how will society. I can't have kids, or marriage, or be
"I do accept you James, it's just weird. I needed time to think, but
its cool with me." I walk towards him and grabbed his hand.
"But that doesn't change my feelings. I will never get to have sex,
too embarrassed to show my true self."
"It will be ok. Think about what you're doing."
"I saw the look on your face. I saw it. You hated me."

Then I did something that surprised me. I kissed him. I don't know
why, but I dove in and kiss him. Maybe my conscience did it to save
his life, or I did it because I felt the same way, and it was
hiding. I backed off the kiss and back up. He dropped the pills and
let out a weak smile. His eyebrows crinched up and he asked, "Why'd
you do that?"

"I dunno, i….i dunno."

He came to me and kissed me again, this time I returned it. My heart
was pounding, but I didn't stop. We began to walk, still kissing,
and fell onto the bed. He was on top of me and his was kissing me
passionately. I felt his hard dick on my thigh and my dick shot rock
hard. I was scared on what was gonna happen.

He began to undress me by taking the shirt off my back. I just laid
there, not knowing what was gonna happen next. Obvisously I have
never done that before so I just stayed still, no expression on my
face. I didn't even know why I was letting him do this to me. It's
like he is controlling my mind.

He got me in my underwear and asked me if I was ok. I began to tense
up when I felt his hand on my chest. Here I am with the guy I called
my brother about to fuck like some faggots. I nodded and he smiled.
He turned around and began to undress. When he turned back around,
he was butt naked and his dick was pointing at me. That did it for
me, I got up from my position and was about to leave when I felt his
hand holding me. "Don't go, it will be fun. Please," he whispered in
my ear. I stopped restraining and relaxed, he got on his knees and
pulled my bowers down my legs. My dick went soft and I couldn't
think of anything to get it hard again, I was disgusted and scared.
He got up and pulled me back to the bed. I followed him back like a
small puppy. He looked at me and lightly pushed me on the bed. He
laid my head back and I closed my eyes. I felt this warm, wet
surrounding covering my dick and I let out a smile. The suction from
his mouth soon created a hard dick in his mouth. His strong jaws
covered my entire dick and one ball. While sucking, his tongue
tickled my dickhead and he started to twist my pubic hair with his
fingers. Soon he moved his hands up to my chest and I grabbed them
with mine, very lightly. He moaned and I let out a grunt while
skrinching my eyebrows. When my torso began to levitate, he knew I
was about to shoot and stopped sucking.

He pushed my body so that I was completely on the bed and left the
room. When he came back he had some lotion. My eyes looked at his
and I didn't let out a smile. He came towards me and kissed
me .using his tongue to explore my mouth. I looked away when he
stopped and he climbed on top of the bed. He sat on my stomach and
asked, "Do you want to do this?" I looked at him and said, "Do what
you want man. I don't care," I sounded so dry that it was obvious I
was scared.

He put lotion on my dick and began to finger his ass with his moist
hands. He then rose and placed my dick on his butt hole. He let out
a soft groan when my dick began to really enter.his ass. After two
tear drops and loud moaning, he sat back on me and my dick was in
him. I then realized how plump his ass was and how perfectly shaped
it looked. I placed my hands on his ass and began to squeeze. I let
out a big smile and he blushed, kind of. As he went up and down on
my dick, I couldn't let go of his ass. With his lean body, he had
his fat ass that I couldn't stop looking at or holding. I never
noticed it before. He groaned and I moaned, he began to softly
say, "Shit," and "Goddamn." He smiled every now and then and a tear
fell from his left eye.

He soon got tired and stopped. "Wanna do it doggystyle," I asked
with a smile. His ass got me hype. He smiled and said, "Fa sho!" We
positioned ourselves to where he was on all fours on the bed and I
was on my knees. I slowly pushed my dick in his ass and he groaned.
I started to caress his back to make him more comfortable and his
ass stopped tensing around my dick making a clear path for my dick
to go in. He began to yell and grunt as did I. Finally I told him I
had to shoot. "Do it in my ass." I smiled and obeyed. Soon his ass
was filled with 5 shots of semen.

He still hasn't cummed so I turned him around and grabbed hold of
his dick. I dove on it with my mouth, shocking him. His body was
moving everywhere and his eyes stayed close. He put his hands in
my "hair" and I sucked harder and deep throated his cock. He softly
said my name and "yes" the same time. I continued to have my hands
on his ass and fingered his hole. He told me he was gonna shoot, but
I kept sucking. Soon this huge amount of liquid was shot in my
mouth. It was warm and slimy. But I surprisingly swallowed it making
him laugh his laugh of relaxation.

We stayed still for a while and then he told me, "Thanks for doing
that man, I know you didn't want to. But why did you do it?"
"If I knew that, I would've told you already." He kissed me. "You
know, you got the best ass I have ever seen. I mean goddamn. How
come I didn't see it before. It's so fuckin plump and smooth and
clean and tanned. GODDAMN!" He laughed and said, "It can't be that
good man." I then kissed him for about 5 minutes and he grabbed hold
of my again hard dick and ass. Of course I touched his ass again.

"So what does this mean man," he asked me.
"Dunno. I just don't want to affect our friendship."
"How bout we just stay friends and when you ever wanna do this
again, just holla."
"Aight, and you can't tell nobody."
"Nig, I can't even tell myself about me yet."