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TDc story

If any of you locos has been in the pinta, you know that it's not the place to be openly gay. This story happened the 1st time I went to TDC. I got sent to Darrington Unit, it's a maximum security unit, I was 21, a tough hard head, cabron. I have always liked to look at naked batos, and man , you know that in the joint, you get naked all the time. Anyways, my first 2 years were spent squabbling every day, catching the square with some pendejo , sometimes I won, sometime I got beat, but I never got knocked down!

After about 3 years I got a job in the laundry folding boxers and towels, as batos come out of the showers I throw em a pair of boxers and a towel. I started noticing this Chicano who I felt a connection with. His name was Martinez. He was 26, had been locked up since he was 14. He was a slim, toned up, brown bato, he wore heavy framed glasses, and slicked back hair. Serious looking bato, nobody to mess with in a fight. We took a liking to each other as camaradas. After we had become camaradas for about 4 months he asked me if i wanted to be his cellie, I told him sure, since my cellie at that time was this goofy smelly white boy from Houston.

He must have been pretty heavyweight with the building major, cause that evening after chow, the boss man came and called me out to move, I really felt my heart get happy when I transferred to the wing where Martinez was. So now that Martinez and I were cellies, we did everything together. Got to where we would think the same thoughts. I guess I should tell you that Martinez was the most tremendously hung bato I have ever seen in the 10 years I was locked up. Limp his swing verga was like 9" long and fat. Erect it was like 12" long and uncut. I loved to shower with him so i could spy him washing that fucking vergota snake. Although we had never talked about it, I was lusting for him.

One Friday night after lights out, he and I were in the cell drinking chauk (homemade prison beer), I loved him, and made every effort not to let him know it though. We were having a good time tirando rollo, and drinking. Martinez got up and started to piss in the toilet. I spied his giant verga and must have lost my mind, cause the nex thing I notice is that, he's not pissing no more and his verga is just hanging in front of my face. I look up to see Martinez face and He's smiling at me. BUSTED! Oh shit! I jumped up and challenged him, "What the fucks up ese, I aint no punk!" He calmed me down, and told me to sit on the bottom rack.

He started to explain to me that he felt love for me, and wanted us to be lovers. I almost cried in relife. He asked me if I would like to make love with him. Of course I said hell yeah. We were both in our boxers, and he reached in mine and started to play with my picha. It was so exciting, I kept jiggers though, didn’t want no bossman to bust us. Now Martinez is a straight up bato with heart, and I really knew he was telling me the truth that he felt for me cause he was jacking me soooooooo fine. I told him that just between the 2 of us I would be the woman and he could do what he wanted to me, but that, out in the population we need to show each other respect, keep this shit on the sly. He said that’s exactly what he wanted also.

That night, I felt the mans verga for the first time in my life. It was soft like jello and flopped around so much. I sucked it the best way i could, and he started to get bigger and rock hard. "Fuck you got such a big vergota ese."

"It's all yours loco" he responded.

I sucked him for 2 hours that night. He came like an explosion. Over the next 8 years we were lovers on the sly. In population we were normal batos like everyone, but by ourselves, we were in a little piece of heaven, in the middle of hell. I learned how to take all of him up my culo. He was a brutal fucker, and I bled many times, but he took care of me, and I took care of him. He was like my husband, and I was his wife. We fought other dude, together, we did time together, He was my first and only man in the pinta, and I still love him. He's doin a life sentance, I got out on parole after 10 years. We cut each other loose, so it would be easier for him to do his time, I sure he has another lover by now, and I'm happy for him if he get pleasure. I been out here in the world now for 11 years, I know I'm a gay bato, I'm a man, and I'm living a good life. Lots of other batos and adventures out here too.