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the school janitor

Wuz up Homiez! Well, here is a true story that happened to me just before I graduated from High School. It’s pretty interesting, so listen up. I’m an 18-year-old High School Graduate who is gay but pretends to be str8 just to avoid problems with the str8 vatos. I would usually kick it in our school gazebo during class time because I only had 3 classes instead of 6 for about 2 months. In these 2 months I got really attracted to this janitor whom I would always see cleaning around the school and I knew I was attracted to him because whenever he got close to the gazebo where my friends and I me were, I would get the mere intention of jumping on him and kissing him LOL. He was about 6 feet tall, slim (about 145lbs), shaved head, juicy lips, dark eyes, some facial hair, and the part that appealed to me the most was that he was African American mixed with Puerto Rican blood. (MMMMMMM).

It was the last week of school for us seniors and we had one last project to do. It was a rainy Saturday morning when we all met at my school to start and finish our work. I arrived late as usual, and I couldn’t find my group. I walked around the whole school and found no one... but to my surprise, I saw my janitor picking up some flyers that were spread all around the ground. I got a hard on as soon as I pass by him. I mean, diz fool is FINE to da bone and his body is just an immediate aphrodisiac. I stared at him as he bent over to pick up those papers, exposing his nice butt and his short-sleeve shirt added to the excitement cuz it was tight to his muscles. DAMN! I looked at him in the eye and realized I kinda intimidated him because he looked at me and with a shy gesture, looked down again. I gave myself the idea that diz foo wasn’t gonna react to anything I did, so I just began the search for my friends once again.

I found my friends, like 2 hours before we were leaving, and they immediately put me to work. After like half an hour, I wanted to go to the bathroom cuz u know, emergencies can’t wait. I left to the restroom, and found it LOCKED! Damn, my luck! I started looking for an opened restroom and got mad cuz they were all in the same conditions. Darn It lol. I was about to go behind a tree to do my business when I saw the Janitor opening the other doors in the building... so...this gave me an idea... ;). I ran to him and asked him if I could use one of the restrooms cuz I really had to go and I didn’t want to go out in the rain. He said that he couldn’t let anyone use them during that time but that it wuz cool and he went and opened the door for me.

I ran inside the restroom and noticed that the janitor stood outside; waiting for me to leave so he could close the door again. I stood inside the stall for a while, just to see if he would come inside and check on me. He wasn’t entering the bathroom and I decided it was time to make a move, at least to see if anything could come about from it. I called him over with the excuse that I thought I saw some mouse inside the restroom. He came in with this bottle and began to spread it underneath the toilets, jejeje. He stood up and just looked at me and kinda turned around.

“Do you stay here all day?” I asked him, just to get a conversation started with diz fine daddy.

“Yeah, well, not really all day, just like till 6 or 7 o’clock”

I liked his voice... and it gave me an immediate hard on. I began to tell him that I would see strange guys doing strange stuff in the restroom, and he would just giggle at what I would tell him. I told him that one day some guys were showing their dicks to each other cuz they wanted to know who had the longest one. With diz, I would know how he felt about 2 guys seeing their dicks, and maybe if he would get a hard-on (hopefully). I told him that I would hear these guyz talking about their g/f’s giving them head and stuff like that... and I just couldn’t resist in asking him...

“Does your g/f give u head man?”

“I don’t even have a g/f anymore, and the last one I had just lasted 3 weeks. It’s b.s. foo.”

I told him that my g/f gave me head every 2 days, (which is a lie cuz all I get is head from other guyz) and he said it wuz cool, and dat I wuz lucky. I asked him if he would ever take head from someone. He said “From girls you mean? hell yeah!” and diz kinda got me down cuz I didn’t want to continue with my interrogation. So I asked him if he ever did anything like the other guyz in school, like show how big they were to other guyz. He said that he did, and dat he would always win cuz he said he was “over the size”.

“Yeah foo, whatever” I said. DAMN, I finally found a way to get diz foo to show me his dick... I wuz happy as hell man.

“Naw seriously, all the other foo’s would laugh at me cuz I had it bigger than them but they would still give me props, it wuz all good.”

“DAMN, well, how big do u really have it then?” I asked...jejeje

“I don’t really know but, shit, its big.”

“Lemme see and I’ll help you calculate the size.” by this time I was super hard and I really didn’t want this dream to end. Diz foo was tempting me and I couldn’t let him get away.

“U serious foo? u really wanna see it? watch, you’re gonna go blind” and he undid his pants and took out diz HUGE monster cock... and it wuz still SOFT!!! I zipped up my pants and went over to him and he looked at my eyes with a big smile. He obviously didn’t suspect what my real intentions where.. or did he? I leaned toward him and I asked him if I could grab it. He said that I should be able to see that he had it big, but he didn’t say no. ;). I grabbed his dick and it felt warm. I told him that I had to check how long it was when it is HARD and he said that it was a little bigger... so I went on my knees and blew softly on it, making diz homeboy moan a little and this made him pull back toward the door. I stood up and saw him hold his dick to hide it... but he just went to the door to close it! I knew that diz wasn’t the end. He came toward me once again and said “So how big do u think it is when its hard?”

I went down on him once again, and his dick was about 10 inches big!!! I grabbed it and put it in my mouth... sucking on the head for a while and stroking on the rest of the man pole. I looked up at him and he had his head tilted to the back and saying “oh yeah man.” it wuz hot! His voice made me suck him a little faster, and I began to play with his big balls. I pulled down his pants and boxers, and licked his crotch, with my hand still stroking his dick. He had his heavy hands on my head, just holding it and rubbing it as if it where a basketball. He would push my head toward his dick with every suck I performed. It wuz heaven. I looked up at him once again, and he wuz just looking at me straight in the eyes and a few sweat drops from his nose feel on my forehead. I sucked his pole for about 30 minutes and he had me by the ears without letting me go. He then pulled me up and just grabbed my waist and began to unzip my pants. I looked at him in the eyes, and he just kissed my neck for a long time. I figured he didn’t wanna kiss my lips cuz I had been sucking him, but it still felt good. My pants fell to the floor and he just turned me around and bent me over. He spit on his hands and rubbed it in my tight asshole... I definitely knew wut was coming next. I began to feel the head of his dick pressing up on my ass slowly, and then it began to go in inch after inch. His muscular hands held my waist tight so he had better control of the situation. He fucked me for about 15 mins before he shot his long load on me. It felt great to have gotten my fantasy with this Fine Azz Janitor come true. He cleaned himself and said that he wished to see me again sometime out of school cuz he would get in trouble if we got caught on school grounds. I said that it would be a pleasure... but I didn’t give him my real phone # and I knew I probably won’t see him again... maybe if I find him cleaning the school when we have our 10 year reunion..... lol.


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