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three amigos

Near my apartment there is a house that's being refurbished. There are these three Latin guys that have stripped the facade and are rebuilding parts of the house's structure before they put up the new exterior. Now the parking in my neighborhood is pretty bad, as it is in the rest of Los Angeles, so I usually have to walk past this house every time I'm going to or coming from my car. When I pass by I always try to butch it up, do the straight guy nod, and say "whassup" in my best barrio intonation possible. Now I'm not effeminate, but I am a white boy from the Midwest with a pretty face and most people who see me can figure out what's up.

The whole ghetto image just doesn't fit me, although sometimes I try to pull it off just to get by. So one afternoon about four o'clock I'm coming home from work early and these three guys are just finishing up for the day. I do my usual nod and they reciprocate, but this time I sense a hint of a smile from them, and then they shot each other a knowing glance, like something was up. I didn't really notice until I thought about it all later.

So I go on into my apartment and start to change out of my work clothes, when I hear this knock at the door. I open the door, but am hiding behind it at the same time because all I'm wearing at this point is a pair of boxer brief Papi's. So the three guys are standing there right outside my door, and I think "that's strange," and the one guy says, "you mind if we come inside?"

I was pretty nervous so I asked what they wanted and the same guy says, "We wanna talk to you." Of course I ask what they wanna talk about but one of the other guys at this point just pushes the door open the rest of the way and they come into my apartment. I thought for sure they were gonna kick my ass or kill me or rob me or something, but the three of them just kinda hover around me and the leader says "we think you gay." I didn't say anything because now I know they're gonna bash me and that I'll be dead on the front page of tomorrow's paper, but instead he just smiles and continues, "we watch you look at us everyday..."

Suddenly I felt one of the guys behind me on my right start to rub my shoulders a little bit, and I figured out what was getting ready to happen. One of my fantasies was about to come true. I was in heaven, but I wanted to play it cool, 'cause I didn't wanna make it too easy for them. I know you Latin guys, and I know that you guys don't want it unless you gotta work for it a little. So I copped an attitude and tried to act all tough again. "So what if I was, what do you guys care?"

"We think you want somethin'“The leader says again. He starts grabbing his crotch and smiling real sexy like. The other two guys are on either side of me rubbing my shoulder with one hand and grabbing me by the arm on the other. "What makes you think I want anything from you guys" I said in my best tough guy voice, but the two guys just pushed me to my knees, gently but firmly, while the other guy started unzipping his pants.

He pulls out a beautiful brown uncut half erect dick and starts to move it across my face as it hardens. I continue to resist somewhat, but the guys know I'm not really resisting, because it wasn't like I was fighting back or anything. Finally his cock is hard and pointing at my mouth and one of the guys behind me pushes my head forward while the other puts his thumb on my chin and "forces" my mouth open. The leader, who I found out later was named Jorge, put his hand on the top of my head as he gently moved his dick in and out of my mouth. By this time I was sick as hell of pretending that I wasn't enjoying this, and so I started giving him some damn good head.

I noticed too that the other two guys, who turned out to be Alejandro and Luis, had their dicks out and loved the show. One of them said something in Spanish about the fact that I seemed to know what I was doing. (I know some Spanish and can understand quite a bit, but I couldn't quote what he said here without embarrassing myself, so I won't even try. Suffice it to say, hearing Spanish while having sex really turns me on.) I could tell that Alex and Luis wanted their turn so for the next ten minutes or so, I alternated between the three of them, sucking their beautiful brown uncut vergas, licking their juevos, or my favorite trick is to pull the skin up over the head and then roll the tip of my tongue around the head under the skin. It drives men wild. (I taught that little trick to a straight girl I worked with once. Her boyfriend liked it so much he put a new CD player in her car. I told her that should've been my CD player!)

Now I should tell you, these three guys are just regular Latin guys. They don't work out in the gym, but they have really nice bodies from working and lifting. They're in their 30s, probably are married, probably have kids and aren't at all unattractive, but are just kinda average. They all had medium brown skin which was partially from being out in the sun, and that was a real turn on for me, and their dicks were nice sized, but not like porn star quality or anything like that. But there was just something really hot about it though, that these just kinda regular, masculine dudes, half covered in sweat and saw dust, were getting off because they knew I wanted them and were willing to take it to the next level.

While I'm sucking these guys, we gradually are taking off shirts, belts, jeans, workboots... You know how it it. All those clothes in the way, but you've already started something good and you don't wanna stop so you gotta try and do two things at once. Alex was the first to blow, but my mouth was on Jorge's dick at the time, so he shot all over my cheek and shoulders and down the left side of my chest. Well when Jorge saw that he just lost it inside my mouth and his warm leche filled my mouth. I swallowed it in time to move onto finish off Luis so I wouldn't lose a drop of his venga either. Of course I couldn't hold off any longer either and shot all over the carpet and Jorge's feet. The four of us laughed as they all fell onto my couch and I got up to get a towel. I brought them each a beer and flipped on the television so they could watch the news or whatever, and handed Luis the remote and told them to make themselves at home while I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up a bit.

After I had taken a shower I came back out and saw that they had pushed the PLAY button on the remote, which started the video in the VCR. Of course it was a Kristen Bjorn flick, and the three men stared at it intently while they stroked their half limp dicks. They almost didn't see me come back into the room. Luis saw me first and motioned for me to come over and get on my knees in from of him. His dick was the most erect of the three, so I started sucking him again, but after a few minutes he stood up and pulled me to my feet and guided me to the side of the couch. As it happens the arms on my couch are just the right height for me to bend over, and I knew what Luis wanted. Before I knew it though, I felt Luis' tongue on my crack and he proceeded to lick and eat my ass better than any gay man ever has.

Apparently he had learned quickly from the example set in the Kristen Bjorn movie, and after loosening up my hole with his tongue, his finger and some spit, he spit on his dick to add to the saliva I had left there, and then started to gently open my hole with his hot prick. The attention of the other two men had been split between the video and the live action going on in front of them, and by now they too were fully erect and ready to join in.

Alex got on his knees on the couch in front of me and guided his verga into my eager mouth, while Jorge just poked around as if he wanted to see everything that was going on from every angle. First he got down behind Luis' legs, so he could get a close-up of Luis' verga pounding my hole. Then he came over and watched me suck Alex for a few minutes. While my mouth worked on Alejandro’s dick, Jorge massaged my back a little, and then nudged Alex aside so he could have his turn in my mouth. Alex moved around behind me and convinced Luis to let him sample the inside of my tight warm ass. It continued like this for a few minutes, and then they flipped me over on my back on the coffee table. Jorge climbed on top of me with my legs over his shoulders, and Luis leaned my head backwards over the edge of the coffee table so he could deep throat me.

Jorge only lasted a few minutes before he started moaning and began thrusting his cock into my ass. "Ay,... ay,... ay!" He said between thrusts and I felt his warm wetness fill the inside of my guts. As he stepped back and dropped onto the couch, Alex climbed on top of me and started fucking me without missing a beat. About this time Luis slipped his dick out of my mouth and jerked it as he moaned. He shot ribbons of come all over my face and in my mouth, while Alex continued plowing my ass. In a few more minutes Alejandro's breathing started getting faster and harder. Jorge and Luis began cheering him on from the couch. "Give that guerito your leche, Alex!" With a long loud groan, Alex made one last thrust inside me, his come comingling with Jorge's. I shot my load onto my stomach just as Alex finished up, his body going limp on top of me as he sighed. I wrapped my legs around his waist, his partially erect verga still inside me, and all four of us just layed there in each others sweat and come. Jorge and Luis laying on the couch, Alex on top of and inside of me, all of us exhausted, yet satisfied.

After we regained our composure, they thanked me, I thanked them, and I told them they could come by anytime, either together or alone. They said thanks, but that they had finished working on the house down the street and they wouldn't be in my neighborhood anymore. Still, every time I walk past that house, I can't help but smile and remember my three amigos.


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