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tuesday night gangbang

It all started one night, I was bored as hell, I was at home laying on the couch watching TV, and of course, there was nothing on, besides, I was horny as hell. So I decided to shave, hop in the shower and get dressed, and go out for a while to a little hole in the wall country and western bar, where there were usually a lot of rough rednecks and thug type Latino guys, which is what I’m attracted to.

But since it was a Tuesday night, I really didn't think that anything would be going on, or, that there would be very many people at the bar. And I was right, there wasn't. There were just a few older men and women and that was about it. But none of them were to my liking. So I decided to have a couple of buds before I left.

As I was sitting there drinking them, this women was hitting on me and trying to get me to go home with her, and I had to be rude, and tell her to leave me alone. Besides, I wasn't in the mood for women that night, I wanted some dick. But before I was ready to go, I went to the pisser, and decided to take a leak. After I was through pissing, I washed my hands, and went out and jumped in my SUV and pulled out onto the road. I was coming up on a stop light.

As I came to a stop, I noticed that there was this Latino thug sitting on the ground just below the light pole. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. But what he did next, surprised the shit out of me, he got up, unzipped his britches, pulled his dick out, and started to take a piss right there. Well, my big dick immediately jumped to attention. Damn I thought, I wonder if he wants a ride.

Well the light turns green, but I didn't care, there was no one behind me anyway. All I wanted to do was watch this dude take a piss. The longer that I watched him, the harder my dick got. I love watching a fine looking thug, and a fine looking redneck take a piss. So I thought what the hell, I rolled my window down, pulled closer up next to him and asked him if he wanted a ride. He looked up at me and said yea, hang on, let me get through pissing.

So he got through pissing, put his dick back in his britches, came over to the window, and asked me where I was going. Naturally I told him anywhere that he wanted me to. So he said good, and hopped in my SUV. But as he hopped in my SUV, I turned the inside light on, so that I could get a better look at him. I noticed he was very good looking, he had dark hair, brown eyes, dark skin, and tats covered a large percentage of his body. He was a slender dude, about 6', and probably about 170lbs. The perfect thug. And of course, I was checking his crotch out. He caught me looking down there a few times, but I didn't give a damn.

So I asked him where he wanted me to take him, and he asked me if I could take him home, and of course, I said yes. He lived in the exact opposite direction that I lived. I live way out in the country, and he lives in town. The guy wasn't much on talk, but I didn't care, I was just happy that I had this fine as dude in my SUV. We finally made it to his house, and as we pulled up into his driveway, he asked me if I wanted to come in for a few beers. But I noticed that there were a lot of cars out in front of his house which made me kinda leery, but I thought about it and told him that I would take him up on his offer. I just decided that I would be on guard just in case.

So we got out of my SUV, and started walking up to his house, I reckon he noticed that I was kind of uncomfortable, because he told me that I didn't have to stay if I didn't want to. But I told him I was fine with it. So we went on in to his house, and as we went through the front door, I noticed that there were about 20 or so dudes and they were all thugs standing around talking, drinking, and shooting the shit.

Well when I saw that, I felt my dick in my britches starting to come to attention again. I naturally tried to hide it so that the dudes would not see it. But I’m very well hung, and it's hard to hide what I have in my britches. Especially when you have britches on as tight as mine were that night. I noticed a chair right beside me, so I sat down quickly, so hopefully as not to be noticed. To be continued.