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Young ballerz

The story I'm about to tell you is a true story. I'm only going to change the names. It all took place in the city of South Gate! Cuz they is some gay fools up in there too! You just gotta look for them, or they gotta find you!!!

Well anyway, growing up in South Gate, I remember having to go to church every Sunday. My mom was the typical Mexican mom that had to be at church every Sunday morning. Well, I remember that this was around the time I was 18 and we had just changed to another church in South Gate. I used to hate going because all of my homies were at my old church and there was nothing but conceited as mother fuckers in my new church. They were some cute fools, but none that caught my attention like this one boy.

His name was "Manny", he was dis young man with nice, smooth, toned, hairless, dark colored skin with a big oh ghetto booty and thick legs and thighs. This boy was fine like a motha! For a young guy, he was already very tall like around 6' feet tall...almost as tall as I was. I had seen him at the park before when I would ball (play basketball). I mean, this fool played basketball like I did so that’s why he had that bomb ass body!

So anyway, one day after church I went up to him and asked him if he balled. He said, "Yeah I do." He looked all fucken GQ and fine, dressed up in his suit. So I told him that we should play at my house some day and that there was gonna be other fools at my house so we can get a game going. I could see that he got all happy cuz he's the kind of guy that’s always up for a challenge and likes showing off his moves, cuz he is a VERY good basketball player, even better then me. So he said, "Yeah, I'll come over.

“Around what time?"

“Come over around 7 tonight", I said.

That’s when his mom honked and called him over to get in the car. So he smiled and said, "Let’s see who can ball better then me. I'll see you later." Then that’s when he turned around and left. Well, the funny thing is that I did want him to come over to play ball but I lied when I told him that other fools would be there. I just wanted us to be alone.

So he gets to my house that night and he asked me where everyone was at. "Oh, they all bailed out at the last moment. But, we can still on one! Or are you scarred!?!?!?" I said. "I aint scarred of nobody." he said. So we started playing. Dayum he looked soooo good in his Nike shorts and t shirt. You could straight out notice his big ass cuz his t shirt would lay right up on top of his firm ass. I did everything possible to try and rub up on him and feel him on me. So we played a couple of games of ball and I gotta admit he was good cuz I was getting tired...of course, I won the last game.

"Dayum fool, you can ball, huh!" he said to me. "Yeah, but I'm tired dawg, lets go to my room and kick back for a while" I said. So we both go to my room and he right away jumps and lay on my bed and starts talking to me bout his girlfriends and shit, and then I started talking to him bout my girlfriends. I mean, were both really good looking guys so we get a lot of play with the ladies. Well anyway, he starts talking bout sex and how he usually has sex with his lade like every day after school.

"Stupid, no you don’t!" I told him implying that he’s a liar. "Yeah dick, I get it all the time whenever I want it. But today I didn’t have the time to fuck her, cuz I came over here. But I'm all fucken horny and shit." He said. So I was like cool, he’s horny. "Hey, I don’t wanna sound perverted or anything, but, do you have porn in here?" he asked. "Yeah I do, why?" I asked. "Cuz fool, I’m horny. Put the movie on!" he said as he turned on my TV and VCR. So I go to my drawer and get the movie and popped it in. It was a straight porno which I know he would like.

So we sit on the floor next to each other and start watching it and I lock my door cuz I’m young and my parents would trip if they caught us watching porn. So were watching it and I glance over and notice that this fools dick is getting hard, so den mine starts getting hard too. But I didn’t say anything bout it. Then he asks me, "Hey dick, do you mind if I jack off?" I was thinking in my head that this was not real! "Nah fool, go ahead. If you want, I'll step outside." I told him. "Nah, stay in here, cuz then your parents are going to think weird" he said.

So I stay inside and then watch him pull out his fat ass dick. It was pretty nice and smooth, and uncut. So he starts jacking off, and I’m only like a foot away pretending I’m watching the porno. then that’s when he tells me, "hey dick, don’t get mad." when he tells me that, he switches hands to his left hand to jack off and reaches over with his right hand to start grabbing on mine. My mouth opened all wide in shock. He pulls it out and it’s hard and starts jacking me off to. It felt sooo good. Then after a while he asked me if I would ever fuck a guy? "Maybe" I said. "Do you wanna fuck me?" he asked as he got up and pulled down his shorts and boxers. I was like OK".

So I tell him to lie down on his back and open his legs. Then I get my hand cream and rub it all over my hard dick and his asshole, and start pumping da fool. He was in pain but held it in cuz he knew my parents were downstairs. So I start pumpin his ass and while I’m done this, he’s jacking off and watching the porn. I start going faster and faster and when I was about to pull out, he holds me in and tells me in a low voice "nut in me dawg". So, I fucken nutted in his big tight brown ass. I nutted a lot and it felt soooo good too. Then that’s when he started to nut too.

That was the first time I had sex with a guy. So I pull out and we both wash up. And he tells me that he wants to come over and ball more often. Ever since then we played every Sunday after church, he would sometimes sleepover and we would fuck all night long. We did this for like two years just last year 2002. He stopped playing ball and began a life of being a fuck up. The last time we played ball, he told me that he didn’t want me to fuck him. That he had got tired of the whole gay shit. After that, we never talked to each other again.

This story probably wasn’t all dat, but it’s my first of many to come. I just thought I tell my story for all da in da closet masculine boys like myself! All my shit is real too! Nothing is made up; I just change da names to be on da safe side.

submitted by Syrus