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the pelon medical assistant

It was an unusual warm Monday in May. I decided to go to the doctor's office cuz' all weekend I felt like shit because of my head cold. So I got up, got dressed, and went to the doctor's office by 9:30am. It was the second time in a week that I had been to the doctor and I still hadn't been cured from my head cold, so I decided to go back for another shot, to see if I get well the second time around. I waited and waited in the waiting room for about half an hour. The whole time I was hoping that I would get my name called by the new FINE AZZ PAPI medical assistant that had called me up and took my vitals last week.

He was about 5'5" about 160 lbs, light tan skin, and a Fine Azz shaved head. The last time I saw him he sort of made a pass at me or at least tried to, but he didn't cuz' I had my little sister with me. But, this time I was alone, and all I could think of were the possibilities. Then, with that thought in mind, I heard my name called by that hot "Cholito" voice. I got up only to see that fine azz papi standing by the door.

I got up out of my seat and walked towards him. He looked at me with his cute brown eyes and said "Hi" so I said "Hi" Back. He showed me the way to the examining room, so as I walked behind him, I checked out his fine ass. When we got to the examining room, he closed the door behind him. He asked me medical questions as required, took my temperature, and took my blood pressure. Then I got on the scale to check my weight but almost tripped while getting on the scale. The Papi said "Watch your step!" and he helped me up by putting his two Papi hands on my waist.

To feel him touch me gave me a hard-on right away. Then he checked my weight, and I sat back down on the examining table. As he wrote everything down, I stood there sitting and watching the Papi's crotch. He then looked up at me and caught me; he smiled, got up, and left the room. I felt so embarrassed! I thought he would never want to deal with me again! Then I heard a knock on the door, it was the doctor, "Come in!" I said. he came in, examined me for about 10 minutes and told me I would require a shot, this excited me cuz' I hoped that the Papi would come back to give the shot to me instead of one of the other nurses.

3 minutes later, the fine azz Papi came walking in the room, he closed the door behind him and locked it which was unusual. He asked me “Please pull your pants down and bend over, so I could give you the injection." I did what I was told with no problem! He then rubbed some alcohol on my smooth ass, he squeezed my ass cheek, and injected me, while he injected me, he put his hand between my legs and started to fondled my balls and squeeze my dick. Then, He ran his finger from my nut sack and along my ass crack.

He removed the shot, I pulled up my pants, and, He asked me, "Hey... Umm.... Do you have anything you need to do around 12:30?" I said, “No I called in sick today, so I don't have to go to work", He said "Coo, you want to wait for me or come back for me on my lunch break?" I said, "Sure, I'll pick you up at 12:30 out front, I'll be in a red Mercedes CLK430, convertible, Red." He said " Tienes la feria guey!” I just smiled at him and said "See you then! Oh! I Almost forgot, what's ur' name?" he said, "It's Rick!" I then said "Okay Rick, I'll see you at lunch!” He walked out the door, and the doctor came in and told me I was done, and he said "Get well".

As I walked out I saw Rick, He said "Bye Larry hope you feel better!” I Said "Bye" and I walked out of the office. I got in my car and drove around Anaheim waiting for the time to pass. I went cruising all morning long! Then finally the time came. I decided to go back to pick up Rick. When I got there, I waited for Rick to come out. While I waited, I put the top down on the car, and sprayed some good cologne to impress him. Then the fine Papi came out, he spotted me and said "Damn! Foo! That's a nice ass ride you got there!" I said "Thanks!" He got in and said, "Is your dad like a drug dealer or something?" I replied "No, he's a Chief of complicated surgery, that's why I have nice things, so in a way I guess you could say "que' si tengo la feria", he just laughed.

He told me to go to his house which was in the ghetto part of Anaheim, not that far from the doctor's office. I pulled into his driveway, there were hommies all around, and they looked at me then looked at my car as if they had never seen a Benz before. We got out I put the top up and I locked the car. This guy who was leaning on this old brown car parked in front of mine and he told Rick, "Hey Carnal! Who's this?" Rick said, "This is my hommie, Larry" The unattractive pelon shook my hand. We went inside Rick's house which was full of homeboys.

We went into Rick's room, which was rather small. Rick said, "Go ahead and have a seat on my bed" So I sat down. Rick stood up at his night stand, took off his watch, and badge. He the told me "lie down and open ur' legs" His dirty talk turned me on! SO I did as I was asked to, Rick came between my legs, laid down which his stomach pressing on my cock. He lifted my shirt, and started to kiss my stomach and rub my chest. He went up and kissed me while he dry humped me.

I wrapped my arms around him and we started to undress each other. Then I got on top of him and started to suck his dick! It was about 8 inches dark uncut surrounded by black soft hair. I sucked him for awhile as I build up a rhythm, he closed his eyes a moaned in pure please and ecstasy! He said "AHH! AYYY! Fuck that feels good foo!". He then asked “Me dejas a cojer (Will you let me fuck you?). I said, "Si como no!" (Sure, why not). So I turned around and let him start.

I told him to go in easy cuz' I’ve' never got fucked in the ass before. So he put some spit on his dick, and he went in my ass slowly. "AYY PAPI!" I said. He trusted up and down caressing his warm body against mine. "AYY PAPI" I repeated "Coja' me mas fuerte'!" (Fuck me harder!) I felt him sweating as he went faster, he fucked me harder with each thrust! Then he said "AHH! FUUUCCKK! I’m' gonna come!" I said "Come in my ass papi chulo!". Then I felt a hot sticky gewey "leche" enter my ass.

He collapsed on my back hugging me and caressing me with his sexy, sweaty Latino body. About 15 minutes later, he hot up and jumped into the shower, I went into the bathroom also to clean up. After we got ready, we went outside his hommie asked me "Have fun?" as I entered my car, I replied “You wouldn't begin to imagine!". We got into my red Benz and we went back to the doctor’s office. When we got there, He told me "Hey you know... I’ve' had a lot of fun with you today, You seem like a pretty good person, will you be with me?" I thought about it for a second and replied " Mejo' I think you're fine, and your sweet and kind too, so, yeah' I'll be with you!”

He smiled, looked at me, and gave me a hot kiss while he also caressed my dick with the palm of his hand. Then, He got a post-it I had on the dashboard of my car, wrote his number, and address, and he said, "I got to go back to work babe, I love you!” Then I waited until he got into the doctor's office and took off. On my drive home I had a big smile on my face! What could I say, other then I Have A Man Now!

Larry Huntington Beach, CA