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Change for a twenty

It’s me again, Mike. Writing about that young soccer player is bringing back all kinds of great memories of fun I’ve had with young Latino men, but don’t get me wrong; I like older Latino men as well. One incident I will always remember happened in Reno, Nevada about 4 years ago. I went up for a long weekend to do some snowboarding; I got there the day before my friends because I wanted to practice. So after hitting the slopes I went into town, got a hotel, took a shower, dressed and went to the Casino downstairs. I walked up to the first change attendant I saw and held a twenty out and asked for some quarters. I really didn’t even look at this person. The person just stood in front of me doing nothing, so I look into the face and saw it was a short (maybe 5’5” or 5’6”) very cute Mexican/Indian guy in his early twenties with deep brown skin and a beautiful face who was standing there staring at me. Something happened went our eyes met, not love at first sight, but there was definitely a strong connection!

Unfortunately, casinos are full of surveillance cameras and plainclothes security people so I didn’t want to make any kind of pass and maybe cost this guy his job, so I smiled and asked for the quarters again. His name tag said “Adelmo” so after he took my money and gave me two rolls of quarters, I said “Thanks Adelmo. That’s a nice name” and gave him an even bigger smile. He smiled back. I went to play video poker and then to dinner.

After eating, I realized that I’d left the baseball cap I’d been wearing at the video poker machines, so I rushed back and asked a change attendant (A woman this time… where was Adelmo!?) who was in the area if she saw my cap. She told me to wait and stepped away. A few minutes later she returned with Adelmo who had my cap. This was my chance to make some small talk, so as soon as the woman left I found out what time Adelmo was off of work and arranged to meet him nearby.

A few hours later, we met and went to my room. I thought he might be hungry, so I offered to take him for a late supper, but he wasn’t hungry in that way. We began making out as soon as the door to my room closed behind us. Soon we were naked and kissing in the middle of the room with a pile of clothes leading from the door. Our bodies pressed together with our hard dicks between us.

His body was totally smooth and dark brown. His dick was about 7 inches, uncut, and fat, with nice round balls. Me, I’m a 5’7 handsome smooth, muscular (then 37 year old) black guy with an 8 inch cut and thick dick.

Eventually, I pushed him into a chair, knelt on the floor and began to suck his dick. First I pulled back his foreskin and licked the head, and then I swallowed the head of his dick and worked it with my lips and tongue. He was moaning and saying “Yeah. Suck it Papi” as I slowly took more and more of his dick into my mouth. Adelmo thrust his hips forward to give me better access, so I began to suck that fine Mexican dick really good, slurping and licking, deep throating, and twisting my head while moving it up and down on his dick. After a while, he told me he was going to cum and tried to push my head away, but I kept sucking him and let him flood my mouth with cum which I tasted and swallowed. He had a nice thick load of sweet tasting cum.

I rose up and kissed him deeply, letting him taste his own dick and cum in my mouth. Slowly, I moved down to kiss and lick his nipples and pecs and then this semi-soft dick which I gently bathed with my tongue. Now kneeling, I lifted his legs over my shoulder and gently licked and kissed his balls. Raising his legs even higher, I began to lick his tight brown asshole. He loved it all and kept saying things like “Yeah, papi,” “Eat me papi,” and “Make me feel good papi” in his beautiful accent.

Holding his legs apart, I ate his ass and licked his balls. He was getting hard again and tried to stroke his dick, but I’d stop eating his ass long enough to tell him to stop – we had all night.

When I was certain he was fully hard and horny again, I let down his legs and stood up. My dick was raging and hard as steel. We were both breathing heavy and completely turned on. I walked to the middle of the room, stood facing him and told him to come suck my dick. Adelmo was on his knees sucking my dick in about one second. Once he got it nice and wet, I took his head in my hands and fucked his mouth and throat really good. He especially loved it when I would fuck him hard until he was about to choke then pulled out and slapped him with my dick. I’d bend down and kiss him whenever I took my dick out. I loved those beautiful lips.

Well, we spent the rest of the night kissing, sucking, eating ass and fucking. I did all of the fucking that night, he liked being fucked hard and deep doggy-style. I’d fuck him for about 30 minutes, then pull out, remove the condom and we would kiss, cuddle and suck each other before I’d get another condom and fuck him again. He came twice more while I fucked him, but I didn’t come. I love being super horny!

We slept for a few hours and woke up around 7am. We cuddled and played with each other for a bit, and then I went down on his dick and sucked him really good. Then we kissed some more and he asked if he could fuck me. I know I have really nice ass, because men and women often comment on it, but I had only been fucked a few times in my life, so I told him he could try but he might have to stop. He promised I’d enjoy it and, to be honest, I couldn’t say no to this beautiful man. Adelmo had me lie on my stomach with my ass up while he ate and fingered my tight hole. After making sure I was well lubed, he put on a condom and pushed his dick up my ass very slowly. His dick was pretty thick and it hurt quite a bit, but I really wanted to do this with him so I didn’t ask him to stop.

Once his dick was completely inside of my ass, he held it for a few moments, then began to fuck me slowly and talking nasty; “I know you like my dick,” “Your ass is tight, I wanna fuck it good,” “Tell me when you want it hard.” All of the sudden after a few minutes of this all the pain disappeared and I began to love the feeling of his dick in my ass. Without even thinking about it, I blurted out “Fuck my ass hard man. Fuck me hard!” After that he fucked me really hard and even pulled is dick out of my ass and pushed it back in again and again. He eventually pulled out, took off the condom and shot his load on my ass. I rolled over and jacked off while he kissed me and played with my nipples. My cum shot so hard a big gob hit him under the chin while we were kissing and some hit his chest.

I gave Adelmo my home phone and business card and told him to call me, but he never did. He didn’t have a phone at his place, so I couldn’t call him. A few weeks later I returned to Reno and all the change attendants had been laid off and replaced with machines! If you ever meet a really cute little Mexican guy named Adelmo with a fat dick and he’s wearing a dark blue University of California, Berkeley baseball cap, tell him I still think about him.

submitted by Mike

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