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Book store sex

What up I am from Phoenix, AZ well let me get to the story. Yesterday I was upset with my roommate, so I left the apartment and headed for the bookstore because I needed to release some of my frustration and it had been three days since I last shot a load.

So, I arrived at the bookstore and check out the arcade (there is a booth where individuals put a dollar in to watch a movie for about a minute and a half) but it was dead. There are two theaters; one side plays straight movie and the other, gay movies. I paid for the gay theater

I enter and there is this nice looking Hispanic about 20 years old and he is leaning against the wall stroking his uncut cock and as I get closer, this tall white guys comes around the corner and starts playing with the Hispanic's cock and before I know it, he is sucking him.

I was a little upset with that because I do not do white guys for any reasons. The ones here in phoenix are straight tramps I mean the ones that frequent the bookstore. They think they look good and they are just yuk. Anyway, I was there already three hours and still nothing for me yet. I was back and forth from the theater and arcade.

Finally, I see him he is sitting there just stroking the nicest fattest uncut cock. He is a shaved head Hispanic. I enter the booth and he looks up at me and I reach for his cock and start stroking it. Damn it gets harder and fatter. I get on my knees and start licking the head of it. Man he has foreskin and it was nice and soft.

I got in the booth all the way and start sucking that cock deep in my mouth. He loved it and stood up and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees. I am just sucking his cock and his is fucking my mouth now. So I reached up to play and pinch his nipples and it drove him crazy to where he started moaning. He told me to lick his balls, so I did. Licking his balls drove him crazy so he started jacking off.

I stopped and took his cock deep in my mouth and he told me to get ready because he is about to cum. So I sucked him faster and he let out a load in my mouth. It filled my mouth and he pulled out and to my surprise he was still Cuming. So I spat out the cum and stroked the rest out of his cock. He was about 29 years old and cute. So he told me thanks and said he hopes to see me again. I told him I will try because I do not go there too often.

So, I headed back to the theater and nothing was there. I sat there and pulled out my cock. It is 8.5 uncut and started stroking it getting ready to shoot my load but the door opens and in walked this Hispanic guy about 5'10 black hair looking fine. So he stood next to me and then walked away. I got back to stroking my cock because I had a feeling he would be back after walking around.

So I stood up against the wall of the gay side and stroked my cock. He came back to where I was. I looked at him and he was looking at my cock. So I get closer to him and reached over and grabbed his crotch. He got closer to me and I reached under his shirt and played with his nipple. With one hand I played with him and the other hand I unzipped his pants. He undid his belt and top button. I reached inside his boxers and pulled out a nice uncut cock; about 9 inches.

I stroked it and got down on my knees and start sucking it. He pulled down his pants and boxers and to my surprise he had the biggest balls I had seen in a long time. I had to take them in my mouth. So, I licked them and swallowed them in my mouth; he loved it. I got back to sucking his cock and playing with his balls. I ran my finger under his balls to his ass hole. I played with this ass and slowly stick one finger in his ass while I was sucking his cock.

He just moaned and rode my finger, fucking my mouth with his cock. My cock was rock hard and I was stroking it ready to explode. As I am about to explode he shot his load in my mouth moaning in pleasure and then I shot my load. Damn it was nice. We just sat down for about an hour then round two started. The second around, trust me, was great.

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