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winter storms

My home was severely damaged by a recent storm. The structure stood up to the wind very well; however the twenty-eight foot plus tidal surge pushed about two feet of water throughout the home. I moved into a FEMA trailer in my driveway, but since I work at home, I decided that the space was just too small for me to spend twenty-four hours a day in. So, after gutting and preparing the house for repairs, I set up a small computer desk in the room formerly used as my office so that I could get some work done while electrical contractors and insulation installers worked around me to get my house back in shape. Last week, a guy showed up to hang the drywall. Pedro was nineteen and had come from Mexico after the hurricane to find work.
He would go from job to job and bunk with different people every week or so. The first day, we made small talk here and there. He would tell me about his family, whom he was sending money to every week. I would tell him little things about my life, but all that was going through my head was how much I'd like to bend him over and fuck the hell out of him. Pedro was gorgeous. He stood about five feet and had caramel skin and a slim muscular body. He had black hair, brown eyes, the start of a goatee and a tattoo on his left bicep of an extremely busty woman. Every day, he wore a "wife beater" and blue jeans sagging halfway down his ass revealing multi-colored boxer shorts and I spent an awful lot of time trying to imagine what he looked like beneath those boxers. Nice patch of black pubic hair surrounding a thick uncut cock was what was going through my mind. It was almost too much to take.

I headed for the FEMA trailer and proceeded to pound my dick like there was no tomorrow. All the while, thoughts of Pedro and that great body filled my head. As I once again began to imagine what his nineteen year old Mexican dick must look like, I shot my load all over my stomach. The second day, I situated my desk so that I could watch him work. As the sweat started pouring off of him, my cock started to stir and when he took his shirt off and started wiping the sweat off himself with it, I was full on hard. His chest was smooth except for the small line of fine hair that led from his belly button into his pants and a few hairs growing out around each protruding nipple. I started rubbing myself through my jeans. Softly at first, then with more force. I wanted to retire to my trailer to relieve myself, but I couldn't walk past him with my pants tented out. I decided to take care of it right there. After all, I was sitting behind my desk, so as long as I didn't get crazy, he would never know what was going on. I quietly pulled down my zipper and freed my rock hard eight inch cock. Opening my bottom desk drawer, I removed my small bottle of liquid lube. I poured a small amount of lube in my hand and began rubbing the slick wetness all over my dick, all the time watching Pedro, shirtless and sagging, hang my drywall.

After stroking slowly for a few minutes, I picked up the pace. I squeezed up and down the length of my shaft with my right hand while tugging on my scrotum with my left. My eyes would drift in between Pedro's sweat soaked body and my own wet throbbing package. I then realized that I was squeezing and pulling my cock so hard that I thought it might come off. When I looked up again from my own adventures, Pedro bent over to pick up his hammer. That's when I caught a glimpse of the top of his tight young ass crack and I lost control. I immediately exploded into orgasm. I had to fight to control my breathing and silence the moans that were desperately trying to come out of my mouth. My eyes felt as if they were rolling back in my head as surge after surge of thick white cum shot out of my dick and onto my legs. I pumped and pumped until the feeling became unbearable and my body shook as the results of my work dripped of the head of my cock and ran down the inside of my thighs. As I tried to catch my breath, I reached into the desk drawer and pulled out my handy towel and began wiping all of the fluids from my crotch and thighs. I looked up to take another look at the object of my fantasies and quietly pulled up my pants and zipped up. That was when Pedro turned around casually, smiled and winked at me.

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