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get the lotion - part 2: Sucking cock

(Here’s the part about sucking my cousin's cock for the first time.)

One of the many times Erick and I fucked, I tried to jack him off while I was inside him, but he wouldn’t let me! He would keep his hand wrapped tightly around his cock, leaving nothing for me to grab. I knew it was because he felt intimidated by my dick size.

He was 14 so he hadn’t developed yet, and I at 15 pretty close to 16, and was developing nicely. I wanted to grab it so much! I didn’t care if it wasn’t big!

One night he was in the bathroom, and he was moaning (joking) loudly for me to hear. I was waiting for him because we were going to hang out outside with his neighbor, since there was nothing else to do.

"Hurry up! Cum and get out already!" I said as I knocked on the door. When he came out, he was wearing these thin basketball shorts and had a HUGE boner! I couldn’t believe it...even though we were regular fuck buds, I've never seen his cock in the light.

He walked out of the bathroom, proudly with a smile on his face.

"Fuck, youre big!" I whispered. I tried to grab it, but he just pulled away and laughed. He didn’t say anything. We just walked and sat outside.

"You didn’t cum, huh?" I asked, trying to get him to talk about it.

"Nah, that’s why it’s still so hard, " he replied. His neighbor George popped out of nowhere.

"Sup, dude?" George said in a sexy voice. George was a HOT, smooth, white boy. He was about 18. He had bleached, spiky hair, and dressed with a muscle shirt and long shorts. He had a beautiful six pack and he proudly displayed every chance he got. He was also high. We chilled for a while then we went into Erick's room.

Erick was laying on his bed, i was on a chair, and George was on the floor just relaxing. I stared at his perfection, but it was bitter-sweet because I knew what a dick he was. He was pretty immature for his age. He lifted his muscle shirt and tightened his abs.

"Look, dude. Girls love to rub this while they ride me..." He said in a dumb/high voice.

Then out of nowhere, Erick said, "Hey, George, you want ‘J’ to suck your dick?"

I looked at George, and there was no reaction. Erick turned the lights off for me to go over and suck George. I was very nervous. I crawled over and got between his legs. I licked his six-pack a little, but then as much as I wanted to swallow him whole, I backed away. I didnt want to risk George telling on me...he was stupid like that. "Nah, never mind." I said as I got up to turn on the light. I could tell this turned Erick on a lot. After a while George crawled into the hall way and passed out.

I was on the floor and Erick was on his bed just stroking. "George, com 'ere, bitch! Don’t go to sleep yet," Erick called. After a long pause, he whispered in the most nervous voice ever, "'J', suck my dick." I couldn’t believe that he finally decided to let me!

"Ok," I said in my most shaky voice. I searched for it like crazy (it was dark). "Where is it?" I said in a shaky whisper. He pushed my head and led me to it, "Right here, bitch!"

As soon as I felt his warm, hard, smooth head against my lips, I thought I was going to die! I opened up and started to suck! My heart my beating 100 miles per minute! And I could almost heard Erick's heart beating just as fast!

Mmm mm mmmm! I savored the boy’s cock like it was candy! I pulled his skin back and sucked and licked the bare head. It was NICE ...not too big or small...just perfect and very thick. He was nervous and afraid of getting caught so he pushed my head off his cock.

"George, come here bitch..." Erick called once again to make sure that George wasn’t awake. I continued to suck while he said "...Alright bitch, be like that,” as if nothing was happening.

He leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "Lick my balls..." in the softest voice. I did as I was told. I fit his nice balls in my mouth and sucked. I lifted his cock and licked his ball sack wet. I was going crazy, breathing heavily and making lots of noises with my wet mouth.

"Shhh!" he hissed. He was still very nervous. He got up, opened the door and laid in the doorway, making sure he kept an eye on George so he wouldn’t wake up. I got between his legs, and he once again unzipped.

I again swallowed him. He then said, "Let's go to my sister's room" (his sister had moved out and her room was empty at the time). He zipped up, and I followed him down the dark hallway.

We went in the empty room and locked the door. He sat down, and I resumed my sucking. After a while, he wanted to go back to his room! I was kind of annoying, but I didn’t care. It was great. I tried deep throat, but I gagged. He sat up and locked his door.

"Sit on it," he whispered. He was sitting down so I got on his cock and rode him.

I laid on my back, and he threw my legs over his shoulders and tried to stick it in but it was way too dry. He searched through his drawers for some lotion like crazy. I heard him knocking down all the empty bottles to get to a drop of a lotion. He tried ‘em all but there was none! We had finished it all! : )

He quickly threw my legs over his shoulders once again, and he spat on his cock. It turned me on even more! To my surprise, it worked nicely as lube. He fucked me savagely. Soon, I came all over my chest, and he blew another load deeeeep inside me! He pulled out and my legs dropped. He was breathless and sweating as we put his swollen cock against my lips, wanting me to lick it clean. I wasn’t in the mood. I was tired, so I just licked it a little.

After that time, I would ALWAYS suck his cock before we fucked. Soon he became more, and more open about showing his cock and letting me do things to it.

One time as I sucked him, he asked, "You want me to do it to you? You wanna know how it feels?" I couldn’t believe this straight fucker wanted to suck my cock! Of course, I said yes. But it wasn’t all that great. He wouldn’t blow like I did.

We don’t fuck as much as before, but every chance we have, you know he asks me to 'Get the lotion.’

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