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My neighbor


Well it all started when I finally noticed how hot my neighbor was. he was Puerto Rcan, 26yrs old, he was too muscular and well one day I left a note on his car saying that I need him for something. And the next day I went to his house and I asked him if I can interview him for skewl. I made up a cheesy ass excuse I told him I needed to see the human body in a muscular form

At this point he agreed on doing it and took everything off except his underwear and then I told him to describe himself to me. He went on and finally my note book had a wire out and I dropped the note and it was caught on his underwear I was trying to take it off but it was too stuck.

Anyway I ripped his pants or should I say the note book did. And oh my god he was hung like a horse. and well the note book and his undies were at his ankles and me on my knees we were in the best position and his hung cock kept hitting me and I looked up and he was smiling he looked at his cock he had a huge hard on it was about 9 inches. He gave me a sing like he wanted me to suck on it I did! And he loved it he was moaning all loud and shit I knew he was enjoying it!

he asked me if he could fuck me crazy I'm like sure he took off my clothes and spread my ass cheeks stuck his hung cock in me and I have to admit it hurt like a bitch but later on it felt so good! he kept picking up the [pace and felt so damn good every second. he came on my chest and I licked every drop off he sucked my cock until I could cum all over him after all that we took a shower together but that another story.