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My first experience with a peruano

My name is Peter,im 18 and im an adopted PeRuaNo,i have always had bisexual fantasies. When i was very young my parents were helping a Peruvian couple to get in the USA. They needed a place to sleep and stay for a while till they found out what they could do here.They didnt know how to speak english but my parents knew how to speak spanish so it was ok.

They had a son his name was Mauricio and when i first saw him he wasa really cute lookin PeRuaNo and after that i just couldnt stop thinkin and dreamin about him. Few days later, i was just hangin out and bored in my home and his parents went out to do something. I asked him if he wanted to just play with me for a while, he said yea and so we went to my room and just talked and hung out.

We started talkin and i just couldnt stop staring at him because of how cute he was so i finally had the guts to tell him if he wanted to come in bed with me,he said yea ok i was so shocked when he said it, at that point my heart was beating so fast. before we got in bed i told him to take his clothes off and i did too. He was probably really scared to do this with me because it was both our first time but i really wanted it to happen and i never thought it would because he was so cute.

We both got under the covers and we started to feel each other i told him to rub his dick on my body and he did and it felt so good. I started rubbin my dick on him and started to touch his dick and feeling his warm body next to mine i told him i loved it and so did he. after a while i told him i loved him and so did he, he started to feel my chest and then i put my arms around him and i kissed him and thats somethin i will never forget.

We started doin things like this more often until one day they had to leave because they were finally learning english and had started to get some money to live somewhere else. He left with his family and i never saw him again its been 10 years since i havent seen him and i always think of him and everything that has happened and i wonder if he's thinkin the same. I have a relative who's getting married this summer and they are invited.

Its been such a long time and i just can't wait to find out what he's like and what his feelings will be towards me. I just hope he hasn't forgotten about these days where we both had fun together and will see what happens. For now i'm living a normal bisexual hidden kind of life and i haven't hooked up since and i hope to find someone out there who is special to me and a definitely Cute LAtino vato.