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Video store

I'm a pretty boy Latino I have hella nice lips, go-t, and hella bomb eye brows, even st8 guys jock! (I think I look hella good). Well I got hired at a Video store. I was a shift supervisor and one day I was at the store by my self.

This guy came in grey sweats and a grey sweater. He looked hella good. I look at him and at his dick you could see "it" through the sweats. He had a big dick (it was hung) and damn I got hard just looking! Well of course I'm behind the counter so no one can see me hard. I looked until he went all the way through the videos. I just kept checking the videos in.

Some time passed and I swear I saw him on the side. I looked at him (My heart was pounding) He touched his dick and pulled down his sweats. He showed me his dick. I thought "OH my god": My dick was so hard! Well I just looked back; I could not help to look again; so I did. Then he was jackin his verga! It was hella crazy.

Some people came in. He put it back in and turned around. I said to the people that came in "Hi welcome" I didn’t want that guy to leave. I was so hard and horny!!! I waited till my dick got soft and I walked out to look for him in the movie self's! I saw him. He was fine light skin, brown eyes and go-t. He was like 24, I think. I hella jocked him.

Well I told him "meet me in the bathroom! I have keys”. So he went in and I opened the door with the key. He was stroking it. The light was on. His dick was like 6 1/2 (uncut) hella thick. Well we staring kissing. I was all up in his sweats I was jacking him off. It was like a dream. I never thought this would happen. I was jacking him off good. I could feel he was going to cum.

Well I pulled up his pants and walked out back to ring people up I told them I'm sorry about that. I swear I was in a daze. It was hella bomb. Well soon he left and I never saw him again.