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my brothers secret

The story I am about to tell you is true and the only thing changed is the names to protect those homies on the DL and not bustin folks out. First of all let me jus tell you alil bit about myself, My name is Xavier I am Latino 27 yrs old living in the bay Area here in Cali. I have always been coo with my familia and they have been coo with the fact I go both ways weighing more on the homie side of things. I have a 19yr old brother who is Norte..thugged out looking madd phyne with the attitude to go with it; his name is Javier. This is where my story begins.

It all started when my lil bro asked me to take him to the store. I was doing anything and so I said aiight. I drove him down to the food mart in the ghetto where my moms usually does her shopping. When we got to the store ¦there was this young black guy standing out front and he said sup to my lil bro. I then asked my lil bro. dayuum who was dat my lil bro replied jus one of my homies from the way so I looked at my lil bro and with that smirk smile on my face I said watch me get some of that shit and with that my lil bro laughed it on and we went about our way.

About a week later I saw homeboi at my mom’s house when I went over to visit. My bro Javier asked me if they can come chill at my apartment and smoke and drink that night so I was picking them up also. Now my bro and I both drink and do alil bit of that extra party favor shit and my lil bro loves to smoke weed but I do not so the times I do it, I really get fucked up. We get to my apartment and we chill, my bro and his homie start the night off by watchin shit on the big screen and smokin some 420 and we all start drinkin.

As the night gets later we are all pretty fucked up. I look to my lil bro and he is high as fuck. I check out his homie and he is jus about passed out. Now my bro and I have partied together a lot and even tho he is coo with me being bi he has never made me believe in anyway he got down like that. He is phyne with all the pussy he can have and is totally masculine and str8 acting. As we were sitting there jus fucked up like a mother fucka, out of no where my lil bro decides to talk.

Aye bro he says, aye bro keep this on the hood yo don’t evea say nuttin yo and I am like aiight what u talkin about my bro looked at me and said lemme suck your dick dayuum I thought to myself, what the fuck was this shit. what the fuck u mean I asked him, knowing in my mind and my heart I could chill with my bro if it came down to it, he replied, Let me suck your dick I got up to go to the bathroom and said, man jito we can’t be doin that actyin as if I didn’t want too, and then he got on his knees and just undid my pants and took my dick out.

My mouth dropped to the floor, I could not believe this thugged out homie , my lil bro was suckin my dick. Lets go to the bedroom I said, we got up and walked into the bedroom and he laid on my bed and pulled me to him, our lips met for the very first time and it was like heaven, feeling the one person who I loved so much touch me in that way, as we kissed he whispered in my ear, suck my dick for me?

And I eagerly replied by taking his dick out of his boxers and sliding the head of it in my mouth. I sucked him for about 10 minutes when he asked me to take of my clothes and we both got undressed, lay on the side of me like this he says as he put me into the 69 position. Then we both started giving each other head like we had always been doin it, it felt right for some reason. As we lay there sucking on each others dick, my lil bro turns me over and slides his dick between my legs asking for my azz, and I give it to him knowing he will be coo and not hurt me, He puts the tip of his dick against my hole and I can feel the heat from his body on my back, he leans down with some spit on his hand and rubs the head of his dick with one hand and gently pushes it into my ass, oooh dayuum take it slow, I say as he pushes another inch by inch in to get me used to it.

Once he is all the way in he wraps his arms around my waist and just pumps me like he has neva had azz before and it was the best thing in the world for him, he slides his dick in and out of my azz as he pushes me on my stomach and does push ups into me. I can hear his balls slappin on my azz as he thrusts in and out of me. After fucking for about 45mins like that he pulls out of me and say; I want to see how it feels… fuck me now.

This was way shock to me but I did not hesitate to give him what he wanted, how do you want to do it I asked, giving him the option making him feel like he is in control, I want to try riding it, he replies so I lay down and he puts some lotion on my dick and his azz and he slowly starts to sit on my dick, with my dick only going in up to the head, he jumped realizing much pain comes with bustin a virgin azz , sorry I don want to hurt you I tell him, and he reply dayuum how do u get fucked when it hurts like that as I laughed I turned around to suck his dick so he would forget the moment we just had and he says I want to taste your nut.

So he lays down and I straddle his chest so he can suck my dick and when I am about to nut, he lays there with his mouth open and I nut all on his lips and in his mouth. I never thought I would ever see my thugged out bro looking like that. I get off his chest and slide down to his dick to suck him off some more awwwww shit yo , I am about to cum he says as I suck harder and harder making sure I keep up the rhythm he has come to love so quickly.

Awwww dayuum bro he says awwwww shit, as he pumps what felt like a gallon of nut down my throat. It was unbelievable as we lay there side by side with each other, not realizing that we had been fucking and sucking dick all night cus it was 5am when we finished. As I lay there wondering what the hell just happened, we both drift off to sleep, awakening later that day without a mention of the night before, but somehow someway as weird as it seemed, we were closer, you could feel it.

I will never forget the 1st night my thugged out bro and I fucked for the very first time, and most definitely it was not the last, also realized how many norteno homies were willing to let a homie blow them when they needed it, all that on the next story and also how my 19yr old cousin and I fucked for the 1st time also, dayuum, the shit that goes on the DL.