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playing with dick

Many times when I see a fine ass guy I look them up and down and wonder how big they are, do they wear boxers, boxer briefs, or briefs, (I prefer boxer briefs) top or bottom or just to find out if there even gay, well one day I went to a near by mall and saw an old friend and we started to talk.

The friend that she had next to her was a fine tall 6'2 Hispanic Cholo and he was fine as hell, I noticed to he would be looking at my ass every time I would walk in front of me and I caught him a few times staring till one time I caught him and he smiled.

We wound up all going to my house just to hang out and kick back, everyone had left the room and I was in there with that fine ass guy, he wasn't afraid to do anything so he approached me and started touching my glory hole through my pants, and he really did know what he was doing, as he started to kiss me I grabbed that beautiful long verga that kept growing I couldn't wait to get it inside of my tight ass, since I hadn't had sex in like a year, and he was nice and uncut.

So I began to pull of his pants to reveal a nice huge bulge with in his boxer briefs, which turned me on even more as I pulled it out and started to suck on his fat 9 inch dick I told him you better fuck me now and hard so as he got some lube stuck some in my ass and put some around his power tool he began to drill and I’ll admit it fuckin hurt but I loved it and wanted more, he kept on going faster and faster until he came all inside my ass and we fell asleep like that and when I woke up I gave the best blow-job and he came like a fountain, that woke him the fuck up, then later to have some more good sex.