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My Uncle Chuy

I'm sure everyone out there has an aunt that goes through men like rolls of toilet paper. And most of the guys she's been with have been pretty fuckin hot. She lasted the longest with her second to last husband, my Uncle Chuy. He was a tall, dark, muscular stallion from Sinaloa. Chuy had short black hair, and a black mustache(which he later shaved off). He would always wear tight jeans that exposed his nice bubble butt and his huge package.

One time at a party, he got completely and utterly wasted...he could barely walk! My aunt took him to his/her room so he could pass out safely. I was sitting in the kitchen, and Chuy comes out in these TIGHT, neon-green, lycra bikini underwear!! I almost died when I saw his gigantic cock bulging out of his bikinis. He almost looked as if he had a semi hard-on. But he only came out and went in to the bathroom which was right across his room, so I didn’t get much of a peek. But back then, I was too young...sucking him in his sleep didn’t even cross my mind, although now I regret it.

Two years passed, and my aunt was still married with Chuy...which was a total shock....a good shock. Anyway, one Tuesday I has stayed home from school. I was alone, and there was a knock on our door. When I looked through the window, I saw my uncle Chuy standing there, wearing sunglasses and those tight jeans. I immediately got a boner. I ran and opened the door.

"Y tu mammy, mijo?"(Where’s your mom?) he asked. I told him she worked that day. He walked in and sat on the couch.

"Esque, tu tia me dio un dinero que le devia a tu mama" (I came to pay your mom some money we owed her), he said. I didn’t respond to that, and I served him some soda. I sat next to him and stared blankly at his crotch as he sipped his soda with his keys in his hand.

"Bueno pues, aqui esta el dinero. Daselo cuando venga." (Here’s the money, give it to her when she comes back), he said. I took the money and stuck it in my pocket. As he was getting up to leave, I said in Spanish, "Wait, I wanna show you something.”

And he followed me to my room. "Acuestate si quieres"(Lay down if you want), Isaid, pointing to my bed. And he did. I popped one of my many straight porno movies into the VCR. "It’s a new one," I lied. He just watched and almost drooled with an evil grin on his face.

"Traime mas soda." (Bring me more soda), he said. So I knew he was gonna stay here for a while (YES!!) I poured him some more soda and rushed back to my room. When I got there, he had his hand in his underwear "scratching" his balls...or so he said. He smacked his teeth, smiled at me and said, "No me la estoy jalando."(I’m not jacking off)

"Ay si!"(Yeah, right), I said, "Dejame ver, aver si no la tienes parada." (Let me see to make sure you’re not hard), I said pointing to his huge package. I was so hard already. "Nooo, si te la enseno, te quedas siego, de tan grande que esta!"(It’s so big that if I show it to you, you'll go blind!)

"No mas hablas!"(You’re all talk!), I said, hoping this reverse-psychology bull would actually work on a grown man.

What he did next left me speechless and weak in the knees. He smacked his teeth, undid his jeans and grabbed his HUGE package (still in his underwear) and squeezed it! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream!

"Ves que no la tengo parada..."(See, I don’t have a hard-on) he protested. I nodded weakly with my jaw dragging on the floor. I took a gulp and turned back to watching the movie while he put his monster back in the cage. Some girl was sucking a guy in the porno, and I asked if he's ever had a blow job. He said no because most Mexican women are very old fashioned and wouldn’t ever suck cock.

I asked if he wanted a blow job, and he laughed. "Si, como no!"(of course) he said, not knowing that I meant if he wanted ME to give him a blow job.

"Aver pues, sacatelo..."(Take it out then), I said with a shaky voice. He looked at me with a confused expression and smiled.

"Ah, en serio?"(You’re serious?)he asked. I nodded.

"Apoco te gusta chupar verga?"(So you like to suck cock?) he asked in disbelief.

"No, pero si tu quieres te lo puedo mamar..."(No, but I'll suck yours if you want) I almost died! I couldn’t believe I said that! I turned away and shut my eyes hoping he wouldn’t explode and try to kick my ass.

Then when I was beginning to regret it, I heard him say, "Aver pues, vente, pa ver como se siente."(Alright, come here, let’s see what it feels like) while undoing his jeans once again. I completely froze! I thought I was gonna wake up any time soon. And if I wasn't gonna wake up then one of my ultimate fantasies was gonna come true!!!

"Pero, sierra la puerta"(close the door) he said, ready to whip out his monster cock. I was in awe as I shut and locked my door. My hard-on was throbbing. I laid on my bed between his legs and started grinding my crotch against my bed, massaging my hard cock. Then out of nowhere, he pulled out his HUGE MONSTER COCK! It was the biggest most beautiful thing! It was as long as it was thick! He was probably 9 inches of raw, dark, uncut cock that curved up. And he had huge balls the size of tennis balls just hanging about. His crotch was hairy, but not too much, which made it perfect. I was hypnotized. I couldn't blink or even breathe!

"Chupamelo, pues."(suck it then) he said in a whisper. "Pero no le digua a nadie."(But dont tell anybody. I just shook my head.

I grabbed it by the base and it was SO fucking HOT! I can’t even describe it! I pulled the foreskin all the way back, exposing his big mushroom head. I took a big breath and opened my mouth as much as possible. It completely filled my mouth, stretching it. It tasted sooooo gooood! Almost sweet. When the hot piece of man meat was melting in my mouth, I couldn't help but to drool uncontrollably.

Then I started a rhythm. I would also twirl my tongue around his head, and lick the shaft like a long popsicle. I sucked on the head, and the head only, for a while. I would suck it hard, trying to get some juice out of it. I tried fitting both nuts in my mouth, but they didn’t fit. I sucked his cock greedily like if it was gonna disappear somehow. I was in heaven. It was like a natural high. Uncle Chuy would tilt his head back and moan. I would look up, and he stared blankly into my if he was unconscious.

I started to deep throat him but i would gag.

"Despasio mijo, no te orques"(Slowly, dont choke), he smiled.

I sucked for what seemed an eternity, but in reality it was like 30 minutes, and my neck was very tired.

"Ya me canse."(I’m tired), I said as I popped the meatsicle out of my stretched-out mouth.

"No, usted sigale..."(keep going), he said. So I laid on my back and asked him to get up and fuck my mouth.

He took off his jeans, got in a comfortable position and started to fuck my face. I played with his ass cheeks.

He was doing it very slowly and not deep at all.

"Mas pa dentro"(Deeper) I said. So he did. He fucked me deep throat, and it was sooo fucking good.The expression of pleasure and ecstasy on his face was unbelievable! He started to sweat and a few sweat drops fell from his nose on to my face. His cock was getting waayyy too big for my mouth.

"Me dejas cojer?"(Will you let me fuck?)He asked out of breath. I couldn't believe he had asked me!

I didn't respond. I just got up, opened my drawer and pulled out some lube. And I tossed it to him. He looked at it and said, "Ahora si te voy a cojer vien"(Now I’m gonna fuck you good). I laid in front of him and pulled down my shorts, offering him my young ass. He lubed his huge cock and was gonna penetrate me, but I asked him to wait.

"Me tengo que aflojar"(I gotta get a little loose), I said. I took the lube from him and poured some in my ass and began to finger myself. I looked at my uncle Chuy, and he had this barbaric look on his face. I knew he was gonna tear my ass apart.

But we were both pouring with precum so I knew it wasn't gonna last long.

"Te voy a romper el pinchi culo, mijo...asi que agarrate!"(I’m gonna tear your fuckin’ ass apart, so hold on!)

His dirty talk made me want him even more. Then he began to press his head up my ass slowly. Despasio"(Slowly), I reminded him. As he penetrated my ass, it felt SOOO GOOOD. I wanted to scream!

When he got the head in, he fuckin shoved it in hard! I almost screamed cause it hurt so fucking bad!!

"Ahh! No tan duro!"(Not so hard!) I yelled.

"Te dije que te iva a romper el culo, asi le gusta a los jotos no?"(I told you I was gonna rip your ass. That’s the way fags like it, no?), he asked. I didn’t respond. I just shoved my ass onto his cock, and we went wild!

It felt SO awesome!!! Him thrusting and me shoving my ass back. It was HEAVEN!

It lasted about 10 minutes, then I shot my load! Shortly after, my uncle Chuy's breathing was getting louder and heavier.

"Te--te gustan los mecos?--Ahhhh!! UGH!!"(You like cum?) He almost screamed as he pumped me full of his uncle juice! He came for like 30 seconds, and it felt like a fire hose of cum filling me up! He fell on top of me, and we laid there for a while out of breathe and covered in sweat. He popped his slimy, now-soft, cock out of my wide asshole. I could hear the sticky cum.

He was quiet and didn’t say anything. He pulled his pants on, grabbed his briefs, and went into the bathroom to clean up. I just laid on my bed in disbelief, waiting for the reality to sink in, playing with my cum-covered, wide asshole. When he came out of the bathroom, he went back to my room to get his sun glasses and car keys.

"Me dejaste la verga inchada” (You left my cock swollen), he said laughing while he tucked in his shirt. I just smiled at him.

"Bueno pues, mijo, ya me voy. Gracias por la cojida"(Well, I gotta go. Thanks for the fuck), he said and then left.

Months later, my aunt broke up with him and once again remarried :-( He left, and I haven’t seen him since. But I’m sure he never forgot me. How could he forget? I was the first one to suck him. :-)