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mi cuñadito (my brother in law)

The story I´m about to tell is true, and hopefully I'll have more to contar in the future.

My wife, daughter and I decided to take a ski trip in January of this year. Since we were driving, we invited one of her brothers to come along for free. Carlitos has only been in the states for about a year, since coming here from South America to study. He's 19 years old, & has a very hot swimmer's build.

To give a little background, there have been a few hints of flirting between the two of us for a few months. He often invites me to meet him at the local university to go swimming---with the mandatory shower afterwards. His long, uncut cock always drives me wild, and I have to force myself not to stare too much!

We've had some wrestle play, which would eventually result in one of us (usually me!) grabbing at the other’s cock. One night, as I was in bed, he came upstairs (my wife was still down) and laid down beside me---we started talking and the phone rang.

I reached over, started talking, but kinda braced my elbow on top of him, making sure it was in the right vicinity of where his cock should be. Did I feel a hard-on? I wasn't quite sure.

Another night, he spent the night & was going to sleep in our 3 year old's bed. As I put our son down in the bed--I have to lay with him till he goes to sleep, Carlos & I had some foot play & his knee brushed up against my crotch, which was fully aroused. Nothing else happened.

Now on to the ski trip--with those past hints, I felt that possibly something might happen. On the way to Colorado, we had to spend one night in a hotel before getting there. Since it was a room with 2 double beds, my wife & daughter stayed in one, & me and Carlos in the other.

I couldn't wait to get in bed! I kept telling myself "just go to sleep, your wife is in the other bed,” but my mind was racing 100 miles/minute. One curious note, every time in the past if I'd be putting my son down to sleep & Carlos was staying in that bed, he'd always be facing me—tonight, he turned around the other way—was that because my wife (his sister) was in the same room & he didn't want to appear in the least interested?

Finally, after having driven for almost 10 hours that day, I drifted off to sleep.....around 1 or 2 in the morning, I awoke to find Carlos practically laying on me. Was he just tossing and turning? Or was he trying to get me to wake up?

I couldn't stand it anymore. I decided to roll over on my side to be facing him. That way the next time he rolled over in my direction, I'd make sure my cock was strategically placed next to his leg. Sure enough, in about a minute's time, he rolled back over. My cock immediately started to get hard up against the side of his leg.

He was now laying flat on his back. God, how I wanted to reach my hand over & feel that cock. Should I dare? I decided I'd do it, as if asleep. I slowly put my hand over to his crotch—it brushed up against a raging hard cock! Was it one of those sleep hard-ons, or could it be more?

I decided to get a little braver. I placed my hand firmly around the base & just held it there. He immediately started the "bump & grind" motion! I was now a dog in heat!

This had all been through the underwear. But with his homie boxers, it was easy to unbutton & let his hot Latin cock get out & get some air. I put a little spit on my hand & started working that hot tool up & down.

I would start feeling guilty and turn over—then about a minute later, I'd be back. Finally, we were both face-to-face on our sides. It was obvious he was awake. We couldn't pretend any longer. I grabbed his hand & pulled it down to my raging cock. He started stroking it like the expert pajero he must be!

The only problem—how can we come without making a mess & my wife noticing? Well, since that old noisy hotel air conditioner was covering up any sounds we might be making, I took the plunge & started deep-throating that beautiful uncut cock. In about 30 seconds, he shot his sweet leche in my mouth!

Nothing else happened during that trip, for that matter, nothing else except some horseplay has happened since. I know he wants it, but he is too macho to admit it & being married to his sister has made it extremely hard, literally!

No veo la hora hasta que estemos solos de nuevo. (I can’t wait for the hour until we are alone again.) - Sexy Nude Latin Men