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rusty the jock

Aight, it started one day when I was out wit my big bro, and we went to his friend Warren's house just to chill for the hell of it. Warren had like 4 other friends over along with his lil bro Rusty and his son Daren (who was still a baby).

It was the first time I ever met any of them. Well that night we knew it was gonna rain, but we thought we would be home before it started to storm. Well, my mom called my brother's cell and told him to see if we could stay the night at Warren's house because she didn't want him driving during the storm.

It was getting a little past the midnight curfew our city had on top of that. So Warren's mom told us we could stay the night, and we watched movies all night. After Warren put the baby to bed, my bro and Warren and Warren's friend Tony went to bed.

The other 3 lived pretty close so they went home. Warren's brother Rusty was up watching the movie "Valentine" with me. (If u haven't seen it, it's pretty scary). So me and Rusty got close to each other on the couch, and his leg was touching mine. There was a part in the movie that scared the shit out of Rusty, and he started to lean on me.

After a while I dozed off, and Rusty woke me up because he didn't want to watch the movie by himself. So we cleaned up the living room and went into Rusty's room. Rusty had a big king sized bed, and he gave me some pillows. I was gettin happy cuz I got to sleep in the bed with Rusty, and he was like 5’11” with a caramel skin tone. Hee played football, basketball, and ran track so he had a sexy body.

He had pink lips, brown eyes, and he had cornrolls like me, but I just took mine out, so my hair was curly now. I'm short 5’6” and brown skin, with dark brown eyes and nice lips, but no facial hair except for side-burns and eye-brows.

Anyway Rusty turned the light out, and I wasn't sleepy anymore. So like 10 minutes later Rusty asked me if I was sleep, and I said, "No.” He said, "Me neither".

Then I said "So.”

He said,”Hold on.”

He turned on the light and went in the kitchen and got 2 sodas. Then he came back and said, "Truth or dare?”

I said "Dare,” and he said, "I dare you to take your shirt off.”

So I did that and I said, “Okay.” Then I asked him, "Truth or dare?"

He said, "Truth.”

So I said, "Is it true that you have a birth mark somewhere that you wouldn't show me?"

He said, "Yeah, on my ass. You wanna see it?"

I said, "Yeah," and he got up and locked his door, then he pulled off his basketball shorts. He wasn't wearing any chonies, and he got closer and showed me his birth mark.

It was so beautiful. He had a little almost-heart-shaped birth mark on his left ass cheek. So then he said, “My turn.”

He never put his shorts back on, and his dick was hard. He had the same sized dick as me, 5 inches.

So he asked me, “Truth or dare?”

I went for the dare as usual. He said, “I dare you to let me kiss you.”

I said, “Ok, and he leaned in for the kiss, and he is such a good kisser. We kissed for a while, then he went down my boxers. I said, “Are you sure you wanna do this?"

He said, "Hell, yeah," so I took my boxers off, and my dick was already hard, so he started to play with it. He jerked me for a while then we started to kiss again. Then we were just dry humping for a while because I didn't want to give up my ass and neither did he.

We did that for a while, then I started jerkin him, and he jerked me at the same time. I came first, and when I cleaned up I finished jerkin him. He cleaned himself up. Afterwards, he gave me a pair of shorts to wear. We stayed up til quarter to 5 a.m talking. He told me that he was bi, and he said he has a girlfriend and whatever.

Then he asked me what I was, and I didn't know because I like girls, but I just got freaky with a guy. So I said I was bi. I gave him my number, and he gave me his (although we didn’t need to because our brothers had each other's number).

We talk and we're good friends now. At football camp he had my back being that we were on the same team. He looked out for me and made sure nobody treated me like shit or anything. It was hard taking a shower with him in the locker room cuz he was so god damn cute, and Rusty always has boner in the shower, and that just turns me on a lot.

All this happened in like the last week or so, so I can't really tell what happens next because it hasn't happened yet. Me and Rusty do kiss when were alone, and we play with each other’s dicks, but that's about it.

I’m not quite ready to fully give up my virginity to him yet, but trust me Rusty will be the first one I let in me (if you know what I mean). - Sexy Nude Latin Men