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my homeboy and his little brother

It all starts back when I was young, I used to hang around a part of town called Pacoima Flats (in the San Fernando Valley). I was one of the main Homies of the projects. Even though I had many homies, I mainly hung out with 3-4 specific ones.

One of them was called Cyclone, he was a crazy ass fool with a reputation of being very hard and he didn't think twice about hurting you if he wanted to. But he always seemed to take care of me and he never let anyone hurt me or bother me (even though my skinny ass could fight pretty good).

One day as I was hanging out with him, he knocked this kid down from his bike and then laughed about it as he told me it was his little brother. I asked him why he was so mean to him and he told me it was his way of keeping his little brother out of the barrio (hood).

As he explained his little brother got up and to my surprise, he was the cutest thing I had seen in years, boyish, but with the beginnings of a rugged cholo in the making. He looked at me and then he said, it's cool, one day I’m going to knock him on his ass. I laughed and with that my homeboy (Cyclone) chased me and tripped me and grabbed my balls. He then said, who you laughing at? I screamed (but hoped he would do it more). He finally let go and he jokingly said, you liked that didn't you? I played it off and changed the subject.

Ever since that day, I could never stop thinking about his little brother, that baby face and ripped boy muscles made me squirm every time I thought of him.

I then started making excuses to find a way to meet my homie at his house for different reasons (what ever it took to see little man what was his name, but he said when he got older, he wanted people to call him Rabbit (???). Of course I was not going to let that remark go by with out a comment. So I said why, because you eat lots of carrots? He smiled and said, yeah a big fat carrot.

As time went by, I would trick my homie and tell him to meet me at places and then not show up or get their very late. I did this so that I could then go to his house and ask little Timmy if his brother was home. He usually said no and then I would just go on my way, but one day after probably drowning in his eyes like a pendejo, he said do you want to kick back and wait for him? I was in the house before he could hear me say YES!!!!!

For some reason this time he looked sad and upset about something, so I asked him what was he upset about. He told me not to bother and I said it was cool. With that I told him that he could always tell me anything and that I would keep it between us. His face suddenly changed and he said, thanks bro, I always felt you were different (I at that time did not know what he meant).

After doing this several times, one time he finally said, hey fool you are always missing my bro, by minutes of him leaving. I got nervous and said, “You know how fast your brother is, he’s always on the go”. At that point I thought what the hell; make a remark to test the waters (I had been waiting to long for some possible action), and I said, plus I rather hang with you, with that he tackled me to the ground and said, you like to wrestle? I said yeah, but be cool, you dads in the room sleeping and we might brake something. He said fuck my jefe (dad), plus no one is home today and I’m the big dick of the house.

I laughed at him and said, “Sure you are, is that why they call you little man?” He then got me into a head lock and repeatedly asked me to scream YOUR MY DADDY! Even though I was a little older and much smaller in frame, I was not going to let him win, I kept trying to get out of the lock, but by this time he had me half way out the back door towards the back yard grass.

At one point I could not take the lock on my throat and I felt as if I was going to faint and I pleaded for mercy. Jokingly he kneed me with his knee and let go. With all that I had watery eyes and I felt like a big bitch (a guy called little man had just got the best of me). But to my joy, he ran back down to me and said he was sorry, I thought he would cry. I took this as my chance to see how far I could work this sorrow and said, your just like your brother and laid their on the grass. He didn't like that and he got on top of me and held my arms down, that was my breaking point. I could feel my Verga (dick) getting hard and my heart was pumping so fast I thought an ambulance would be needed. As he moved down a little he suddenly noticed my hard dick behind his rear as he sat on me. I got scared and said I was sorry and I tried to get up. And this is when it happened, he pushed my arms back down and without a word he pushed his long hot tongue down my throat and his legs slid down to a lock position to mine.

I knew he was young, but he was my dream and there was no stopping me at this point. I rolled him over and within seconds took of his belt, undid his pants and with that a beautiful and very thick Verga came out. I had never in my life years ever seen one like it. I must have swallowed it like choriso with eggs on a Sunday morning).

I must have been there for what seemed an eternity (that I did not want to end) and then he said lets go into the Garage, my dad never goes back their. As we trickled down the grass with both our pants down to our ankles, he took my hand and he said, remember when I told you I knew you were different, this is what I meant. I think love you homie!

With that he threw a blanket on the hard cement floor and we went at it, he sucked my verga like their was no more meat at the butchers counter and he said, you taste so good, I want to take your milk in my mouth (how does it taste he asked) I said I did not know as I had never tried. He then said, if you drink mine I will drink yours. Without a word I got on my knees and sucked and sucked until I could hear moaning, pushing and veins popping. He exploded in my mouth and squeezed my head to a point I thought he would yank my head of my shoulders. He smiled and said, how does it taste. I smiled and said, here let me show you. I sat on his chest and fed him my 7.5 inches of fat burning dick, I must have been so deep into ecstasy that I shot like a cannon. He at first pulled out as if he was going to choke, but he took it like the man he was becoming. It was the best experience of my life (and first). As I left that day, I turned around and said " Hey Conejo (rabbit) I’ll see you tomorrow. He had proven to me t at Rabbitt fit him much better than little man (I never again called him little man again).

We then would always meet at my house or in the bathroom of the Jack in the Box across the street from my house.

Until one day, my homie (his brother Cyclone) seen us walking out of my front door at about 11pm. With a face of what the fuck is going on, he asked me what you doing with my Carnal (brother), remembering his reputation for being a violent person, I thought I would shit my pants, but to my defense Rabbit said, dad is looking for you and I came to see if you were here. Cyclone took the answer, but I knew he was not pleased. A couple of days later Cyclone (Rabbits older brother, my homie) came to my door and said lets go smoke out, I said I was busy, as I just did not trust him as much any more. He pushed and I finally gave in. We went and partied with a couple of other guys from the hood on top of a 5 floor building that we would always use to hide from the Police (Chota). After a while one left and then at one point only he and I remained, we were totally fucked up, he then he started telling me of how cool I was and that he wished I would open up to him more. I got very nervous and told him all was cool. He then asked me why I was spending so much time with his little carnal and I said that he was actually really firme (cool).

With that he started making jokes about how he would always harass his little brother and how he was the man of the house. I told him that it was fucked and that he should stop, with that he slugged me on the chest and said. Hey bro, I know what you fools have been doing, I watched you guys last week through the back house window. I should kill you and then throw you off this building, but instead he said, your now gonna give it to me. I was shocked as he was so rugged and mean, it took a few seconds before I realized that his dick was down my throat and he was pulling my pants of. It was a good and fast experience, but nothing like with my Rabbit. Rabbit and I would always make Love, with Cyclone I always felt like a jail house bitch (even though he was fine).

As the years went by, I lost touch with both of them. But about 5 months ago, I ran into Rabbit at a store here in the San Fernando Valley. He is now 35, a little older and a total man. To my surprise he recognized me immediately, I stuck out my hand and as he shook it, he pulled me in and hugged me with a deep passion. he is now married/well divorced with 3 sons and his older brother Cyclone (my homie) was killed in jail serving a life term for killing a rival gang member.

It may sound violent, but this is a true story of my life. I never forgot Rabbit (CONEJO), he was my first.


He called me a week later, we had dinner and started the romance all over again. XXX

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