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hidden agenda

I'm not a thug Latino, but I'm Mexican nonetheless. I used to work at this one place and there was a guy who I really wanted. His name was Manuel. I had a feeling he was gay, but at the time, I was playing the straight life. Anyway, I ended up getting married (to a woman).

About 3 years later, I've decided it's time to live my life the way I want. I'm still young (25) and know that I'm not happy with my wife. What I want is a man. Anyway, I end up going out to gay clubs and one of the first people I see is Manuel. He looks even better than I remembered. I had seen him a couple of times, but since I no longer worked at the same place, I would only see him if I made a special trip to visit some of the people I was close to.

Back at the club, I'm really lusting after him, but he's not really digging me. Instead, his friend Chris comes up and starts hitting on me. Chris is okay, but Manuel is the one I really want. I play it low-key, but I know that now that Chris is after me, there is no way that Manuel is going to want me, so I go with the flow.

That night, I end up going home with them, since they are roommates. I kick it with Chris, but the whole time, I am thinking about Manuel in the next room and wishing I was in there with him. As Chris kisses me, I think of Manuel. As Chris touches me, I think of Manuel. As Chris enters me for the first time, I think of Manuel.

It has been a little over a month now, and I'm still seeing Chris. But every time I see him, it's Manuel that I think of.

Chris and I fight a lot, but that's because I know he's not going to make me happy. I still want Manuel. The only reason that I stay with Chris is so that I can see Manuel. It kills me every time we all go out together or I see him out at the club talking to other guys. A couple times, I have seen him hook up, and that's the worst.

I've even gone home with Chris and faked being drunk and acting passed out, just so I can listen to Manuel in the next room having sex with his trick. I end up going into the restroom afterwards to jack off and imagine that it was me he was fucking.

One time, when Chris was at work, I made a point of going to their house just so I could run into Manuel. I had a whole seduction scene playing in my mind the entire drive over there.

I imagined him answering the door in some shorts and nothing else. He would smile and let me in, telling me that Chris was at work. I'd tell him that I knew and I had just come by to pick up something I had left in his room the night before. I'd walk in and go into Chris's room. When I came out, he be there waiting for me. We would just stare at each other. I'd tell him that I had wanted him for over four years. I knew the first time that I saw him that I wanted him. He'd tell me that he had wanted me too, but now that I was kicking it with his best friend, there was no way that we could get together.

I would lean in toward him and pull his body toward me. Before I know it, I'd be feeling his moustache lightly on my face as he gently kisses me for the first time. Slowly, our kisses become more passionate. I can feel our cocks growing stiff in our pants as our pelvises are grinding into each other. He leads me to his bedroom, the bedroom I've fantasized about since the first time I came into his house. Slowly he'd lower me onto his bed. We'd make love and it would be a thousand times better than I had imagined. He'd tell me that we would have to keep this a secret and that this could never happen again. I'd tell him that I'm going to stop seeing Chris, that it was never serious with Chris, it was all so I could be close to him. I'd tell him that we could see each other secretly, and that after some time had passed, we could "accidentally" run into each other so that Chris would see we hadn't been in contact with each other. He'd give us the okay to start dating. It might take a while, but I know this is what I want.

Back to reality: I pull up in front of the house. I see Manuel's car there. I know Chris is at work. My mouth feels so dry as I walk up the walkway. I reach for the doorbell and I feel slightly faint. I hear the doorbell ring in the distance. Manuel opens the door and smiles. He tells me that Chris isn't home. I tell him that I just came by to pick up something from the room. He lets me in. I walk in and he goes back to his phone call. He doesn't even acknowledge the looks that I am giving him. As I leave, I wave and he waves back. NOTHING!!

It's not over yet. I will have him. - Sexy Nude Latin Men