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sureno love

It all started when I spend the night at my cousin’s house. He lived in a really bad neighborhood in the city of Aurora. I mean a really bad hood. N-e-wayz, my cousin is a really cool guy. He is good looking and a little chubby. Now when I say chubby I mean mmm...good chubby. He has really nice arms and a nice ass, I mean really nice ass. I don’t know if any of u watch telenovelas, but if you do, his ass is identical to "Gabriel’s", you know the pappy from "Las Villas Del Amor".

Any whom, my cousin one day called me and said to me "Hey, primito.....I really need to talk to you...pronto". So I told him I would meet him after school at his house. Knowing that my primito is gay and a Sureno (SOUTH SIDE LOCOS), I immediately thought that his homeboys had found out his little secret. This scared the shit out of me. So after school I rushed to his house. I noticed that his car wasn’t parked in front of his house. I knocked on his door and there he stood.

To my surprise, he wasn’t dressed up in baggy clothes, but rather preppy. Deep inside me I was like Damn boy u look good mmm. He pulled me in and closed the door behind me. He looked at me as if wanting to cry, I didn’t dare look at him straight in his face. Probably because I have never seen him cry before, since he was the tuff leader of his gang I guess that would embarrass him a lot.

He cleared his throat and said to me,"Hey foo how was school”. “Fine” I told him "hey man look at me when I'm talking to you, that’s disrespect when you look a way" he said in a sweet voice. So I did as I was told and looked up. "Remember the night when you were in the hospital all night looking after my jefe?", "I guess?" I told him. “Well foo, I've been thinking and I don’t see why someone who has been treated like shit by my jefe, would do such thing. Well I just wanted to say that ever since that time I have been having these feelings for you".

I felt confused I didn’t know what to say, so I just stared at him. He pulled me up and wrapped me tight around his arms. I felt very safe and secure in his arms. He brushed his lips against mine. I pulled my head back and he pulled me in closer and tighter. “Why u pull away baby, you know u like it as much as I do". "Hey man, this can never happen...even if we wanted it to foo, it just couldn’t" I told him. "Why not man" "cause were family foo, it’s wrong" I replied.

Still with that said he still had me close to him. He started to kiss my neck and rubbing my ass. At this time I was very enjoying the tender kisses this cholito was giving me. With out letting his lips leave mine, he pushed me towards his room, and laid me on his bed. I was scared, I have never had sex with anyone in my life, and I was barely 21, but I knew about sex from watching pornos.

He lay on top of me with my legs wrapped around him. He was licking my neck, as I kissed and gently bit his ears. I knew this turned him on because his dick began to get hard, pocking my ass through his soft tan docker pants. I then whispered in his ears that I was a virgin and he got up and looked down at me. “In that case I’m gonna make this night very special for u" he said.

He unbuttoned his shirt revealing his rich golden brown skin. He took of his pants and under wear. I felt like backing out once I saw his mocha colored cock. It was big, probably because it was the first dick I have ever seen. He asked me to get undressed and I did very shyly. Once I pulled my pants down (my back facing him) he seemed hypnotized by the size of my round bubbled ass. He said to me " Its gonna be easy to fuck you...Tienes nalgas de vieja...toda redondita y suave".

He kissed me as we fell on his bead, he told me "I'm not gonna make you suck cock this time I just want to make love to you" with that said and done, he put his spit on his cock and my ass as well. Slowly he began pushing his dick in side me. My god it must have been about 8.5 inches long or so. I was sure about one thing though; His dick was thick as hell. I told him it hurt and yelled him to pull it out.

To stop me from screaming, he kissed me for what seemed to be hours. For a long time his palo just stayed in me motionless. Once my ass hole loosened up, he began pumping in and out. I began to cry because it felt so good, and I couldn’t believe it was really happening. He saw me crying and pulled out and said "I didn’t mean to hurt you man I’m really sorry" " I’m crying because I feel it so good that my first time is with some one who I love" I said to him.

He laughed and put his dick inside me. I felt much loved in that one hour of making love with him. His dick felt so good inside me, that it brought out a freaky side of me that I have never seen before. When he was finally about to cum, he asked me if he could cum inside me. I dint answer him, I just kept my legs tightly wrapped around his nice ass. As he moaned and pushed his dick deeper in me he finally came in me. He stayed inside as he rested his head on my chest, slowly falling asleep.

His final words before dowsing off to a deep sleep were “I love you foo". I haven’t had sex with him or any one else after this, you know why ...because this just happened tonight. As I’m writing this for all of you to read, he’s still sleeping. March 18, 2003 is a night I will never forget. I promise that when ever I get to suck him for my 1st time, I will write to u foos a gain. - Sexy Nude Latin Men