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the high skewl days

Well it all started when I was moved to the senior hallway (I was a sophomore). I all of the sudden met a guy named Jonathan and well he is black/white but he was the finest guy in skewl or one of the finest. Well he was in football and basketball. So he developed some big muscles.

One day I and he were talking about anything that came up (before any of that he had asked me for my #) and well we got to the subject of sex. He asked me if I ever thought about having sex w/ a guy and I said no! When I really wanted to say yea. Anyways then he admitted to wanting to. and well I admitted to so then he said ''you know well we could experiment'' I responded with and ''okay'' he invited me to his house to ''hang out'' and well his parents weren’t home so we went up to room and just started kissing.

He started taking off his clothes and mine too with his teeth! At this time I had a huge hard on! So I couldn’t hold it in anymore I popped it out and he did the same. He had the biggest dick I ever saw. He was at least 8 inches he said "u wanna get fucked?" and I said "yea". He stuck it in and all I could feel in my tight ass was a huge dick going in but later on he was pleasuring me really good .he banging me so hard against the bed. Oh u can’t understand it was so good! And well he finally came on my chest I knew he enjoyed it he was moaning loud as hell while we were fuckng. but then he sucked me off and I came on his beautiful hard chest and he spread it around we just laid in his bed until we were ready for more we did it two more times and every time was getting better. Having that cock deep inside me oooooo! Now he was a prize. The next day we did it all over again at my house this time by the pool! - Sexy Nude Latin Men