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white boy meets chicano

It was about 90 degrees outside as I walked home from school that day. It was the summer after I turned 17, and I was a junior in high school. I had a cute girlfriend and we had sex almost everyday, but I had been feeling different lately.

I would get eager in gym class to get to the locker room to check out the vatos in their boxers. I was very slick about it, terrified that someone would notice, but they never did. Only today I didn't have gym class, it was summer school. I had to retake my English class due to the fact I was always up all night with the vatos in the neighborhood and would go to school late everyday. Little did I know that day as I walked home from school it would be a day I would never forget.

I still had another mile to go when I saw Sal Vega cruising his Cadillac low rider. He never really payed much attention to me at parties being that I was younger and white, or so I thought. He passed by and nodded "what's up" before he slowed down to ask me if I needed a ride.

I slid my bandana off and dabbed the sweat from my forehead to appear so fresh and so clean for this papi. He told me he liked my jersey so I reached in my book bag, proudly threw on a matching baseball hat and kicked it slightly to one side. I doubled checked myself in the mirror and was pleased with my blue eyes reflecting nicely from my sun tan. My teeth gleamed white in the sunshine. Bass vibrated the seats as we cruised slowly down the street.

He was a little bit older than me, maybe 21, but none the less, one of the finest vatos in my neighborhood. He was a little taller than me standing at about 6'0 and had a very nice body. I almost got hard just looking at him walking into the liquor store in his wife beater and dickies.

He smiled at me so sexy when he came out of the store holding a 12 pack of beer. We ended up finishing that off and another 6 pack at the beach where we chilled in his car. It was late and everyone had left already except us two.

We were having fun, just chilling and talking....talking about cars, music, girls and then sex. I felt drunk while I looked at him, but he appeared sober. He told me how his girlfriend was mad at him so she wouldn't give it up and we laughed for a while. I started to feel sleepy and without fault I knodded off to sleep.

A fresh summer breeze swept through the car, and I opened my eyes to discover Sal was staring at me. Our eyes met and we quickly looked away from each other. He looked so good, I couldn't help myself. I glanced at him and our eyes met again, but this time I didn't look away and neither did he.

As I was contemplating on what to do next (being that I had never done anything with a guy before), he reached over and took my hat off. I couldn't take the pressure of looking at him anymore so I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face closer to mine and we started kissing.

It felt so good and I was so excited I thought I would bust right there without even touching myself. His kissing grew more deep and passionate as I rubbed my hand around the muscles on his chest and down his stomach. I worked my way down to his dick and massaged it on the outside of his pants. His breathing got heavier as I kissed him back even deeper and worked my hand into his pants.

I couldn't believe this was happening, I never felt like this before! It felt much better than when I fucked my girlfriend! I pulled out his 8.5 inch, fat, uncut Chicano dick and started to jack him off. I started very slowly, pulling his foreskin all the way down and then up. It was driving him wild and I loved it!

He licked, kissed and bit my neck as I jacked that dick a little faster and with a little bit more rhythm. He moved his hips around and massaged my ass as he pushed my face to his cock. I sucked and licked as he pushed my head down and then pulled it up again. His dick was sliding in and out of my mouth growing even harder now. He held me by my hair and my ass now as he began fucking my mouth.

His chest heaved when I began to gently jack him off while I massaged the head of his dick with my tongue. He stopped me before he propped up the steering wheel and reclined the leather seat. He rushed as he ripped my pants down so I did the same. He seemed almost amazed when he saw my naked body, and I loved his muscular thighs and ass.

He propped me doggystyle in the driver seat and slowly ran his tongue against my asshole. He looked at me so seductively, he knew I liked it. And I did! I loved it! I wanted more and he gave it to me. He started to masturbate as he slid his tongue in and out of my virgin ass. He beat his dick more intensely and then pulled out a small bottle of hand lotion from the center console of the car and continued to fuck me with his tongue. I never felt anything like that before.

My ass was wet now, and he was stroking his dick wet with lotion. He rubbed his hard uncut cock up and down my ass before he gently slid the head in. It hurt so bad, but I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me with it. He slid the rest of his dick in very slowly until I felt his thighs against my ass. He hunched over, grabbed me tightly and started to suck on my neck as he slid his dick out very slowly....and then back in.

It hurt so much, but I wanted even more. Then he began to thrust inward with more force now, and his breathing grew harder. I gasped as I felt his thighs beating against my ass now. He was running out of breath now. He grabbed my ass and started pulling me into his thrusts fucking me even harder and faster. He was almost like a machine fucking me so fast and sweating.

I turned my head to look and see his brown thighs pounding into my white ass. I felt his cock grow harder inside of me and he kept fucking me so hard. It hurt, but I loved it, I didn't want him to stop. He grunted as he pounded that Chicano dick into my white, virgin ass so fast and so hard. Sweat poured down his chest when he stopped to turn me around.

He slid me down in the seat and pinned my thighs down. This time his dick slid right in, and he continued to fuck me as violently as he was before. Now he started to kiss me and my dick was so hard rubbing against his sweaty body. I felt pain, but I was in ecstasy with my thighs pinned down feeling him pounding into me. He started thrusting strong and hard and he it to me harder and harder.

I felt his muscles clench and his body became tense. He was fucking me so hard I loved it. I wanted to come so bad. He pumped his cock into me four long and hard times while exploding inside of me. His muscles tensed, and he held me tight while he busted deep in my ass. I felt it, so warm....his chest was rubbing against my dick...I couldn't hold it in anymore....My orgasm was so intense I couldn't breath and then I came all over my chest....loads and loads erupted as he excitedly fucked it out of me.

Then his body grew limp and he collapsed on top of me. He laid there with his dick still inside of me until it went soft 15 minutes later. I didn't have a clue what happened, but I knew I wanted to do it again!

Afterwards, we were silent, but laughed as we headed to the beach bathrooms to wash up. It used to turn me on when we went out with our girlfriends together, and then he would take me back to his house and we would get busy. We became really close friends the next two years after that. I didn't realize that I fell in love with him until the day he was shot and killed at that same beach where it all started. R.I.P. Salvador Vega. - Sexy Nude Latin Men