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Tale of the gym bunny

I’m not a big fan of hooking up at the gym. I usually go in, work out, and take a glance here and there. It’s nice eye candy. I hardly ever go to the gym on Sundays. However, this one Sunday I left home before a family birthday party, and I went to go work out at the local Bally's.

When I walked in as usual, I changed into my work out close, looking around for any good looking men. Needles to say there weren't many. After some cardio, I decided to work out on my abs. All the equipment there was being used, so decided to wait. I did notice this cute guy working on his abs, using the same machine I wanted to use. Normally I wouldn’t stare, but he was cute. He was 5'11”, in his mid twenties, Mexican and Italian, about 170 lbs., muscles coming out of everywhere, nice round ass, pelon.

I guess I was staring so much that he said, "Hey bro, do you want to work in with me?"

I looked at him and switched off right away. He kept his distance for a while, stretching but always facing his nice tight ass my way. After a few reps, I decided to move on to other exercises since I was on a rush.

I thanked him and moved on to the rest of my work out, keeping an eye on this cute pelon. While I was benching, I noticed that he had found his way to the free weight area where I had been and was right in front of me. He was on his phone talking. I noticed that he was just sitting there, pawing his crotch.

He left to the rest room and then came back. Then he went to the restroom a second time, but this time I followed him. I took a piss and he walked into my stall. He was very discreet about it, but he kept opening the door to look in at me.I am 22, 165 lbsl, 5'8'', masculine with a fade, and I work out a few times a week.

I left the restroom, not even looking at him. I didn’t know what to do, so I finished up my work out. Right before I finished my work out, I noticed that he walked out very slowly, so I said, Fuck, let’s see if he’s out there.

When I walked out of the gym, I see that he is walking slowly to his car. When he sees me coming out, he walks even slower. That’s when I said to myself, “I’m getting laid.”

I walked to my car and he got into his car. When we both backed up, we both saw each other. I drove over to his car and we began to talk. He told me that he was in from out of town and didn’t know the area. He then asked, "Do you live around here?"

I said yeah. He followed me to my house. I knew there was nobody home so I took him inside.

As soon as we walked in, we began to kiss. I led him to my room. He pulled down my shorts, and began to suck my 7” uncut dick. He moaned and that got me more excited. I didn’t think this guy was gay at all. He even told me later on that he was married

I began undressing this hot ass pelon. He had a nice 7 1/2 inch dick, nice and thick, beautiful thick legs and a great round smooth ass. We took a shower together where I began to play with his ass. He kept moaning, the louder he got the hornier I got. He gave the best head ever.

I turned him around and he said he didn’t do that. I told him it would be ok, and without further resistance I grabbed a condom, soaped up his tight culo, and led my dick into tight asshole. At first he twitched a little. I was grabbing his dick and jacking him off.

He told me that it hurt, and when I was going to pull my dick out, he stopped me. I asked if he wanted to stop, and he said no.

I bent him over, hot water running over our hot worked out bodies. He kept moaning, grabbing my ass, asking me to push it in deeper. By now I knew he had done this before. He asked me to suck him off a little, so I got on my knees and sucked his nice cock. I began to finger his hole again when he lays me down on the tub and began to ride my cock. His round ass is eating my cock up completely. I know he is enjoying it.

All of a sudden, I feel his a hot burst of cum all over my chest. Watching him cum made me blow my load in his ass. I grabbed him by the waist and pushed my dick deeper into his tight ass. With a few thrusts, I filled his culo with all my juices.

We laid there for a second. We finished our shower, got dressed, kissed good bye and exchanged numbers. That was my first gym hook up