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fucking my best-friends' dad

Damn My Best-Friends dad is Fine since the first time I saw him I was like damn I need to have sum of that!! Well let me tell you what he looks like he looks like a hard core gangster he's about 5'11 bald six pack, goatee he just fine!!

Well it all happened One day when I went to my Best Friends house and I walked in and I saw him jackin off he was watchin a porno it was a scene where a girl was gettin up da ass!! Well he saw me and was like you wanna watch? I was like sure where's Jesse he was like he went out.

Well I sat down and he still kept strokin his dick he started gettin closer to and asked me can you stroke it for me I was like sure.

I grabbed his dick and started strokin his dick nice and slow then faster !! Then I got on My knees and Started suckin his gangsta dick I was lickin his mushroom head then I put it all down my throat at first I gagged but then I got used to it.

He then asked me can I fuck you? I was like sure He then Started eatin out my asshole Damn it felt so good He then put the top of his dick in my ass damn it hurt but it felt good at the same time He then turned me around and I was rydin his dick but at the same time I was kissin him damn he was a good kisser he put his hand around my waist and started movin me faster I was rydin his dick fast as a mother fucker!! He then cummed in my culo damn it felt good!

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