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best friends

Damn, it still feels like it could have been yesterday when it all went down...

Back in the day, when I still had my real friends, my guys who I could through down with and hang out with down ass chicks, has all left...who would have thought college would do this shit to you?

Anyway, the story goes back to my boy Mingo. This kid had been my best friend since like 4th grade, we born and raise in the hood. Well, Mingo and I kept it tight, always together, always kicking it...till finally Junior High came around.

As boys were becoming men, Mingo became grown. This boy was a dark Latino, fine smile, nice cock, and a gangsta...damn I love me a gangsta. As for myself, well, I'm not all that dark, 5'10", and just a smart kid.

Being young all we did was hang out, steal porn from my brother, and jack off to it together. Nothing major, in fact, we didn't even look at what each of us was packing.

Well, one day as we were jacking off, he took matters into his own hands, literally, and that is when things began. Mingo reached for my cock and lightly began to stroke it...damn, it felt good...I could feel fever all through my body as this fine ass Latino played with my cock.

Lightly he continued stroking it...from base to tip and vice versa...I then had the courage to reach for his and I felt his warm, wet, 6" cock in my hands...damn...felt though I've been wanting it forever.

What happened next really took me by surprise, the boy asked me to stand up as he got down on his knees...then I felt it, the warmth of his mouth engulfing my cock...damn I could have nutted that instance, but it felt so good that I just let him get to work.

The boy could sure work his mouth...he worked it to the base, licking, sucking, and cuffing my nuts. Damn, this boy had me horny...uhhh, uhhh, shit, I started to nut and I couldn't believe the boy was swallowing my seed...every last drop...licked it from the tip.

Wow, I was so out of it. "Can you fuck me...I want to feel you cock in me, banging me?" Hell fucking yeah, the boy dropped me on my back, slipped a jimmy on my cock, and proceeded to guide his ass on my cock. The warmth of his ass, the tightness of his ass, had me asking for more.

He gently took my cock in his ass, just saying, "Yeah", "more", "fuck me...please". I was on cloud 9...this being my first piece of ass and all. The boy worked his ass on my cock...boy took it like a pro, like he knew his ass my cock were meant for one another.

I could feel his sweat; I reached up for his chest and guided my hands all over his firm ass body. The boy worked it hard, made me feel my cock all in him...slow at first, up and down, and then he picked up the pace and starting taking me in...deeper.

Fuck this boy sure knew how to work a cock. Finally I felt my seed coming I began to nut, Mingo slid off and took my condom off and went back to licking my seed up.

Well, needless to say Mingo and I did this for a few years on and off, girlfriend or no girl, we still get down. - Sexy Nude Latin Men

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