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The beauty of Adrian is that everything and anything is beautiful about him. He's sweet, funny, and an all around great person. He makes me enjoy his company very much. We were both in high school when we met, and at the same time we were both battling the truth about our sexual orientations. We are both 19 now.

I met him at a friend’s quinceanera. I barely knew him and yet something about him attracted me to him. I knew him for awhile, as he was in a few of my classes at school. I always thought he was cute but never looked at him as anything more than a friend. He was very cute though. He was very clean, and a nice dresser. He wasn’t much of a cholo pero he wasn’t much of a prep. He wasn’t aggressive nor did he give off the typical cholo attitude. It was like, he was masculine, but in a sweet, kind and caring way. Once I got to know him, though, my feelings for him began to change. He’s the type of person you know would take care of you. I remember getting butterflies when I was around him. I would feel nervous when I was around him, pero lonely when he left. I am very thankful that I met him. The time I have known him, I greatly appreciate. This is my story of a friendship that meant the world to me and helped me through the roughest times of my teens.

It all started at my friend, Selenas’ quinceanera. He and I took turns dancing with my friend. Then, the time came when we had to go home. I was waiting outside for my ride when I saw him. He was sitting on a bench outside the hall. I approached him and complimented the way he danced his cumbias, salsas, bachatas etc. Then we just stared an ordinary conversation. He said he lived with his mom and brothers and that it was a miracle he was actually able to come to the quinceanera. We had a lot of time to talk because the hall was thirty minutes away from my house, so I was waiting for my Tia to come get me. I asked him how he was getting home and he said he was going to take the bus. I asked if he wanted a ride, at first he refused pero I coerced him into coming along.

So we drove him to his house and his mom was waiting outside. "Quien es tu amigo (who is your friend?) she asked. "This is Javier, a friend from school", Adrian answered. His mother asked if I wanted to sleep over and my mother said it was ok so I did (keep in mind we are both 15). Nothing happened. However, after that night I made a friend. I ended up sleeping over at his house numerous times. Before we went to bed we had lengthily conversations about stupid stuff, life, and our families. They'd last until we just didn't feel like talking anymore.

One particular night, I jokingly told him I was gay. I did this for two reasons. One: I wanted to see his reaction. Two: I have suspected for sometime he was gay and wanted to see if he'd say he was. He just said that it didn't bother him and he still thought I was cool. I wanted to know if he was gay. So I figured, fuck it, and I asked him. He said he there was always that curiosity pero he was more straight. I figured since I told him I was gay and he was ok with it, I'd leave it like that.

Later that night we started talking. We were telling each other secrets as we usually did. Then something happened. Something snapped inside and I leaned in and kissed Adrian on the lips. He didn't push away or get into it. He just let it happen. I pulled away and looked at him. I didn't know if I should kiss him again or leave. It was a terrible feeling. Then he just leaned in and kissed me back.

As soon as our lips met there was no separating them. We kissed for what seemed like hours. I started rubbing his body and kissing his neck. I lifted his shirt off revealing his brown, toned, chest. I began to rub it up and down while he ran his fingers through my hair. I sucked on his dark-brown nipples and stroked his chiseled chest. He was smooth and muscular.

Then with his shirt open and mine off, he laid on top of me and kissed me. Our muscled stomachs were smooth and softly rubbing against the others. We kissed passionately and began to undress each other. I pulled his unbuttoned shirt off and he lifted mine over my head. He began to kiss down my chest. I lifted his head up to mine and kissed him. I then laid him on his stomach. I remember staring at him and feeling a deep love for him. I kissed him on his forehead and work my way slowly down to the little hairs under his belly button.

I looked up at his face to make sure that he wanted to do this as much as I did and he just grinned. He had a beautiful smile. So I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. I then began to suck his dick through his boxers. He moaned a little and began to rub my head. He then said in a calm voice, “If you want my boxers, you can have them”.

At that I pulled them down and began sucking his erect cock. I licked his head and played with his loose ball sac. His cock must have been 7”, thick and uncut. I could barely fit his head in my mouth. I began to deep-throat him and he moaned. He had his hands on the back of my ears as I bobbed my head up and down his smooth shaft. I stopped and licked the inside of his foreskin, swirling my tongue around. As I did this his body shivered a little.

I then worked my way down to his balls, sucking each one individually and gliding my tongue over his sac. His sac was so loose and his balls were so big I loved sucking them. I went back to sucking his head. As I was doing this I would massage his thin, muscular, brown chest. His Pre-cum oozed into my mouth and only made me suck faster. Just then, he stopped me. He said he wanted to return the favor so he got up.

I laid at the foot of the bed, resting on my elbows. He kneeled in front of the bed and slid my pants and boxers off slowly. I told him he didn’t have to pero he insisted, and really, who am I to argue ;). So he leaned in and kissed the head of my rock-hard cock. He began licking the side of my shaft up and down for a few minutes and then turned his attention to the entire shaft. I put my hand on the back of his head as his mouth engulfed my entire 7”, thick, cut cock.

He deep-throated my dick and it drove me crazy. He then looked up at me and gave me that smile. He told me to lay back on the bed and we went into the 69 position. I sucked his dick as his balls bounced lightly up and down on my face. He was very clean and he smelled very sweet. He sucked me faster and faster and I was returning the favor. I didn’t want it to stop like that though. So I stopped him. Our eyes met and we both smiled. This was all new to us, so I was embarrassed by asking him to fuck me. However, he let out a laugh.

I turned over as he slowly entered me. He slid it in slowly and carefully. In a few thrusts he had it all the way in. This hurt, but I wanted it. He asked me if I wanted to stop. I told him no. He continued pero a little bit faster. As he did this it began feeling better. I moaned in ecstasy as he held my ass in his hands. He moaned and began stroking my muscular stomach and stroking my cock.

He continued this for awhile and I never knew that I could feel that good. I didn’t want it to stop. He pulled out and we began kissing. I pulled his condom off and began stroking his cock. He laid back and closed his eyes. I took it in my mouth and this time I didn’t stop. I sucked slow to fast and licked his uncut head. Massaging his balls while making him feel good. We then went back into the 69 position. We sucked long and hard. He began sucking my balls and I went crazy.

Suddenly I felt his body stiffen and his load burst into my mouth. I swallowed it all. It kept cumming but I just kept swallowing. As soon as he cam I began to cum. I came so much it slid out of his mouth and down his face. We started kissing and soon after that we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day we didn’t mention anything about the night before. Since then we have remained friends pero I sometimes get the feeling it has tainted our relationship. I did grow to like him as more than a friend after our experience pero I know he didn’t feel the same. I wish he felt the same, pero even if he did, I don’t think I would want to put our friendship in jeopardy if it didn’t work out.

Although he hasn’t confirmed it, I believe he is either gay or bi. I do know that he would go with another man because we have talked about the peeps that we like. It’s been four years since we did what we did. I don’t even think about it when I’m with him anymore. We’re good friends and if he ever needed anything I’d be there. Through triumphs and trials we’ve been there for each other and I will continue to be his friend. I hope you enjoyed my story about my friend. El tiene mi corazon...

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