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verga vaction

Sup everybody? I just want to tell you about a vacation I took about two years ago, to Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.

I went with a few friends who are hell fine, but they don't know what's up so I keep it coo. Anyways we went out to the ranch were they live. It was coo, but I got bored and asked them to take me to Morelia. I rented a room near the Cathedral.

That night I went out to hook up with some vato, I came across a porn theater and went in. I went up to the upper area of the theater, and, fuck, there was some fine fools fucking around. There was no gangsters (which are my favorite), but these vatos were masculine and fine.

I sat in a row where there was vatos getting blow jobs. Since nobody knew me there, I said fuck it! This one vato about 20 was massaging his verga through his pants, so I reached out and started to grab it for him. I unbuckled his pants and pulled out a thick eight inch uncut verga, so I started to suck on it, and he let out a moan. Nobody gave a shit cause everybody up there were sucking a verga.

I sucked him for about 20 minutes, then he came in my mouth. I cleaned him up, then I went to the restroom to clean up. Inside the restroom, there were these 2 fine ass fools jacking off at the stand up urinals, so I went over and grabbed both their dicks and started to jack them off.

Then I got on my knees and started to suck on their cocks. One was about seven inches thick, and the other about eight inches and as thick as a beer can (fuck does everybody from Michoacan have big dicks?).

Anyways, vatos kept coming in. I didn't give a fuck. It must have seemed curada (tripped people out) seeing a masculine cholo vato going down on two vatos.

Next thing I know there's about four more vatos wanting to get their dicks sucked, so I said fuck it, the more the better.

After having sucked all that cock, I went back to the movie theater, and believe me I had a following, so when I got back to the top some chalino-looking vato (what we call the vaqueros) sat next to me. He was about eighteen years old, and he just grabbed at my dick and pulled out my seven and a half inch verga out and started to suck on it.

Then some other vato sat on the other side of me and pulled out a thick seven inch uncut cock, and I started to suck on it. After about fifteen minutes, I came in this homie's mouth, then the other vato came in mine. Fuck, it was hot!

Then I buckled up and left. What was most coo about this place was there was no old vatos or any queens and, when you were getting busy people didn't come and fuck with you, they just let you get your shit on.

Anyways I stayed in Morelia the rest of my vacation and didn't bother to see any other sites. Next time I'll tell you when my fine friend got drunk, and I sucked him and then he fucked me, until then take care I'm out.

Name and city withheld

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