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mexican gangsters

I once went to the F-street porn shop down in San Diego, and well lots of cholo papiz go there as well as the ones from Escondido and Vista. Well, I was a gangster there too.
I'm looking around, and I spotted these four hot ass sexy cholos looking around and grabbin their pre cumming cocks as they became hot looking at all the flesh.

Well, I just knew they would let me suck their cock. I went over and I could see them still grabbin their huge cocks. Next they went into the video arcades where they began unzipping their pants and pulling out their 7- 8 inches of cock. I leaned over to watch them, and my dick got huge.

I was so horny. I was exited to see four sexy cholos jacking off in front of each other. I went over and asked one if I could suck them. He said yes, and I went at it so quick! I was then jackin off two and suckin one. They were so good that I had to eat their cum!

I began pulling down one of their pants down and feeling their nice ass and grabbing their balls as I licked them up and down.

We went to one of their pads and they fucked me through the ass and through the mouth. They were completely naked, and I was so happy to have 4 sexy cholos with me at the same night! They are the best! They came all over me, and I was the happiest I've ever been!

We fuck here and there, but some cant cause they now have kids or girl friends, and well I still like their cocks juicing my mouth!

F-street Escondido
F-street San Diego
Best cholo action ever!

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