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that's not toothpaste

This is a long story so I need to set it up, but it gets real good. Two weeks ago out of nowhere, I get this toothache. The first day was ok. I just took some Tylenol, but fuck on the second day, it hurt like hell. Since I moved to LA only 5 months ago, I didn't what to do. So I call my friend Oscar and asked him if he knew a dentist. He said he didn't have one, but suggested I look through Frontiers magazine. So I flip pages and all these guys are in Beverly Hills, and I ain't got feria like that. Plus being a joto and HIV+, I didn't want the drama of a straight dental office. So then I flip thru Adelente magazine, and find nothing until like the last page, and cool he's in LA, so I call.

This guy with a high voice answers the phone, so I 'm thinking "queen,” so I tell him what's going on ...blah blah blah, and he tells me to come in around 4... I get to the office and the guy at the desk is cute, thuggish. Pelon, stache, goatee, big shoulders, good build and looks like he could kick shit out of any one. He says "hello" and it's the guy from the phone, and I just kinda look startled. He realizes I am reacting to his voice, and he said "Yeah, I know, family curse with the voice.”

So I fill out forms, and he takes me to the room and we chat, waiting for the dentist. I'm trying to flirt without trying to flirt which means I am being way obvious. Then I see the dentist who tells me my tooth is infected and I need to take antibiotics for a week and then come back.

So a week passes, and I show up for my appointment. The guy tells me I'm way early so just sit and read a magazine. So I try flirting again, and he's just nodding, so I ask him what he's doing and he tells me he's picking teams for some basketball thing. So I go back to reading magazines. Next thing you know I gotta pee, so I ask where the bathroom is and he just buzzes me in and points.

When I come out of the bathroom, he jokes, "Did ya wash your hands?", I lied. He puts his hand on my shoulder and leads me back to the waiting room. Just before we get to the door, he stops and pushes me against the wall and we just start makcin. I'm like oh fuck pa. He's working me real good, tongue down my throat, biting my lips, and then he goes for my neck...I'm dead. He's licking it, sucking on it, and I’m feeling like some chola bitch who can't get enough. "No hickies,” I tell him. “Too late,” he says back, and I'm like fuck.

He turns me around, pins my face and hands on the wall and just starts working my neck. All I can think is fuck he's raw, aggressive and hungry. Real man sex. He stops and pulls me into the back room and shuts the door. Stupid me asks if it’s safe, and he says, “Do you really care?" Again I'm against a wall, and he just pulls off my shirt and pinches my nipples. He puts his mouth on one nipple and starts kissing it, flicking it lightly with his tongue, getting them it hard. His tongue starts to circle it, licking it, sucking on it hard and then bites the tip, making me moan cuz it hurts in a good way.

He takes off his shirt and pushes my head on his nipple, and tells me to lick it. "Bite it! Harder! Harder! You lil fuck,” and he slaps my face, “That's it, man! Chew on it.”

He steps back and pushes me down to my knees and shoves my head against his pants, rubbing my face against his dick as it grows. He pushes me back, drops his pants, takes out his meat and slaps my face with it until it’s solid. "Suck it,” he orders. I start licking the tip. "Suck it,” he repeats angrily. So I wrap my lips around it and start to slowly move down. "Suck it, puto,” he shouts and shoves it in hard. He's holding my head as he keeps pumping my face. I can feel those sex tears dropping from my eyes cuz he's just ramming me.

He pulls out, and tells me to get up and sit in the chair. He takes my shoes off, unbuckles my pants and rips ‘em off. He turns around to get something, and then turns off the lights. He grabs my hand and straps it down to the arm of the chair. He does the same with the other. He comes around and tells me to open my mouth. Next thing I know, he's got a gag in my mouth and ties my head to the chair. He tilts the chair back, and leaves the room. I’m alone in the room, naked, just wearing socks, tied down to a dental chair. Two minutes later, he comes back in, stands above me and takes a fucking picture.

He turns the lights back on, and puts himself between my legs. His mouth is on my knee and his tongue starts moving up the inside of my legs slowly, licking in little circles. Fuck he's torturing me. He gets to my nuts, licks them and takes one in his mouth and rolls it around. Then he takes the other one too, and begins to pull, stretching out my nut sac. He lets them go and places his tongue on the base of my dick and leaves it there. His hands start moving up my sides slow and light, driving me crazy. When his hands reach my nipples, he rubs the tips as his tongue moves up my 7 inches.

He gets to the tip and plays with my foreskin which is wet with pre cum. He places his goatee at the tip of my dick and starts kissing my stomach. He starts licking everywhere, until his tongue gets to my sides, and I start squirming cuz I’m ticklish, and I hear him chuckle. He tilts me back up so I can see what he's doing now as he circles around my throbbing bone. He grabs my balls, tugs them away and wraps his fingers around them. He places his lips on the tip of my pinga, and looks up at me, smiles, then swallows it whole.

He's all the way down on my pinga, and his tongue is licking my base. He starts to blow me real good, slow then fast. He pulls back my foreskin and starts to work the head, tongue flicking it, circling it, making it harder than it has ever been and I know this load is going to fly. He tilts me back again, and then starts to lick my balls again. Then he starts licking between my nuts and legs, and I’m trying to buck him off cuz it feels too fucking good and I'm about to shoot.

He grabs my legs and pushes them over my head, and he starts licking my hole, teasing it. He's licking faster and faster, then starts probing it with his tongue, getting it to open up more and more, until I feel his tongue deep in me and his goatee on my ass. He wets his finger and starts rubbing my hole, and slowly moves it in, and leaving it there. He lets my legs down, but his finger is still in my ass. He sucks my cock while finger fucking me. He stops and undoes my gag. His dick is rock hard and he starts fucking my face again.

He stands above me and leans down to my dick so now we’re 69ing. We're both slurping away. He sticks his finger in my ass, and I know I'm about to shoot. He takes his mouth off my pinga, but he still fucks my face. This load fucking pumps 5 streams of jizz all over my chest for like 30 seconds. He takes his hand, wipes some of the cum off my chest and uses it as lube. I'm licking his balls as he jacks, waiting for his load. "Where do you want it?" he asks me. "All over, pa. C’mon give it to me,” I answer him. He starts shooting, a load bigger then mine on my stomach, chest, throat and one hot stream on my face.

After we clean up and get dressed, we start to kiss again. A minute later we hear the dentist coming in. The dentist does his job, and tells me there's a few more fillings needed, so I have to make 3 more visits. Damn!

Salvador, Los Angeles

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