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south beach pounding

I was house-sitting for some friends in Miami for the week. I was supposed to leave back for L.A. after my week vacation. One night I decided to take a drive down to South Beach which is where a lot of the action is at 2 am.

There's someone for everyone down there at South Beach. Lots of homies from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina, etc. The area I went to use to be da bomb at the beach.... the location is on the beach around 21st and Collins.

This was the place to hang out if you wanted to cruise or hook up. I was sitting in my car when this 6 ft. 2 in. Jamaican guy was riding his bike through the cruise area. He had dreds and a "hella" body. He was very thin, but with ripped muscles in all the right places. He had a huge cock that kept fallin out of his shorts, and he kept adjusting himself while his ass was on that little bike seat. He apparently was a cyclist due to his slender build and his huge calves.

He came over to the car and asked for the time. He saw me smokin' and told me I shouldn't be smokin' cuz, it wasn't good for my health. I asked him how did he know what was good for me. He said, “I don't know, but I got somethin’ to give you a power boost.” I just knew it was my lucky night.

Time past and we continued to talk. We spent about 45 minutes getting to know each other and definitely having good conversation. I invited him back to the house I was sitting. He came in, and we got busy.

He put my hand down on his nice throbbing/growing cock, and I continued to stroke it until it reached 10 1/2 uncut inches of man meat. We continued to passionately kiss to the point where the next thing I knew was we were both on the floor in the living room. That boy had me on my back with my 8 inch uncut hard on waiting for me to explode.

He slowly stuck that Jamaican tubesteak in my ass to the point where I felt no pain. He penetrated my ass as if he was promised that he’d live life eternally if he fucked me good.

We went for about 1hr and 15 mins. until I finally released my creamy load all over my friend’s floor. (I didn't mention that we both came 2 times before, and he still wanted more.)

We fell asleep for an hour and started up for a 4th and final time. First he slowly pounded my ass and then made sure I never forgot the gifts of South Miami.

By this time I was supposed to catch a plane back to L.A. He had me goin' for 4 hrs. I missed my flight because I overslept. I'll never forget that. The moral of the story is "give the brotha's" a chance, you might like it.

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