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adventures with david

I am submitting my story for your site. I plan to write about my episodes with David, a class mate, and love of my life. Please don’t publish our e-mail address.

Being gay and going through an all-boy high school had its up and downs. The hardest was trying to fake not being attracted to the boys. There was definitely a lot of eye candy, but there was one guy in specific that rose above the rest. His name was David. His personality was soaked with debonair, and everything he said always came out smooth as if he rehearsed his lines in front of the mirror every morning so that he would always be perfect. I guess one could say I was obsessed with him.

There was one small problem. He was my competition. In the classroom, the football field, on the wrestling mat, and in popularity we were always trying to outdo each other. We played a good game, and neither of us ever went down without a fight.

In our senior year, our wrestling team made it CIF state finals. Call it fate, but he and I got to stay in the same room at the hotel during our stay in sunny San Diego. When we finally settled in the first night, I decided to jump in the shower before I went to bed. He asked me not to lock the door so he could go in and brush his teeth. Only thing was that the shower curtain was transparent, but no big deal, we had seen each other naked a lot of times in the locker room showers.

In the middle of my shower I heard him coming in. Though I had seen him naked time and time again, this time were alone in the same room. He said to me, "Just so u don't freak out, I sleep naked.” At the sound of his words, blood rushed to my head, and I felt my dick begin to get hard. I felt my knees grow weak as I tried very hard to keep them from shaking. Nervousness and excitement mixed inside of me as I struggled to hide my growing dick from his sight.

He was done brushing his teeth, yet he was still standing there, looking into the shower. He said, "Hey, u know what? You have a funny lookin dick. I had never seen a dick that was not circumcised.” I had never imagined he had even paid attention to my dick. I grew harder. I was so excited by now. He told me to turn around, and I did. To my surprise, he was completely naked, and his dick was as hard as mine. He made his way into the shower and whispered into my ear, "Not a word, ok?"

I showed him I agreed by grabbing hold of his hard dick. I felt the veins on his dick pulsating with blood. This was my first time with another guy, and I was very nervous, but I began to jerk him off. He asked me if I had ever given a blow job to a guy before. When I told him I had never done that, he offered to teach me how. He knelt in front of me and grabbed my balls in one hand and put my dick in his mouth with the other. I felt a new sensation I had never felt before.

My dick was throbbing in his mouth. I was holding onto what ever I could. I was feeling my legs tighten at this new sensation. I looked down, and he was looking up at me as water splashed and ran down his face. He came back up and asked me if I had learned. I said that I needed him to teach me some more, and he did. He went back to working on my dick.

After a few minutes of this, he stood back up and held me in his arms. We ended by jacking off. That night I came more than ever in my life and shot so far up it landed on his cheek. We washed off and dried up. We agreed to never share this story. That night he asked me if could sleep in the same bed. We did, but I guess we were just too tired and went to sleep almost immediately. He did not sleep naked that night. The next morning we woke up and he was nicer than ever. We were off to the first matches.

Name and city withheld

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